STOP! Be Careful What You Purchase

STOP! YES YOU! If you are thinking about purchasing something, first read this before you make that purchase! I’m not doing the main walkthrough so I have no reason to rush through the quests. However, our good friend and reader of TopiX, letsplaynintendoita, told me that there are certain things you should not purchase since you have a chance of winning them in the main quest.


So what can you earn as a prize that is up for purchase as a premium item?:


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What are the odds for getting prizes from the Easter boxes?

The currency used in the Easter event is eggs! Every 500 eggs of a specific color you collect or earn you can exchange for an Easter prize box of that color. There are three different prize boxes, blue, pink or gold.

Everyone is divided into primarily a blue egg earner or a pink egg earner. (Which one you are is based off of your game’s mayhem ID, a unique identifier used by TSTO. An even numbered mayhem ID means you’re a blue egg earner and odd numbered a pink egg earner.) Why is this important? It affects the percentages of winning items from the blue or pink boxes. The gold boxes have the same percentages for everyone.

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Mmmm… Chocolate Bunnies in Krustyland

Howdy My Easter Tappers!

So we didn’t get any new content for our Krustyland which was a shame! However EA has shown us that they have not forgotten about Krustyland as when you enter you will see chocolate bunnies hopping around your theme park!


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Crazy Cat Lady Walkthrough: Look What the Cat Dragged In

Hello My Easter Tappers!

The Easter event has arrived and it has brought the most wanted character for the past couple of months. The Crazy Cat Lady. She was the most wanted character in our character poll along with many rumors and speculations posted about the character. Flinster42 is currently writing up her Premium Guide along with a ‘What have you done with the Crazy Cat Lady’s house’. This may be posted before or after these posts have been posted.

Screenshot_2014-04-15-18-11-02 (1)

So lets get on with the Walkthrough. Lisa welcomes the Crazy Cat Lady with open arms however we can’t say the same for the Crazy Cat Lady herself:

1. Look What the Cat Dragged In Pt. 1:


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What Changed with the Easter 2014 update?

In addition to new items added with the Easter update, there were a few other changes to the game:

  • Graywolf1410 reports that any friend action done in your town will now earn Friendship Points. I’ve verified this is true. Thanks Graywolf1410!
  • Some of the trees, shrubs and hedges have festive bunting. The wooden fence has flowers.
  • Tasks in process in the task bar now list when they’ll be ready.
  • The number of donuts needed to rush certain multiple-character tasks were doubled. For example the Interrogate Flanders, Carry Bart, Go For a Romantic Stroll, Run Away From Kang, Exercise for Mr Burns, Interrogate a Squealer tasks all doubled.

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The Easter 2014 Guide!

Hello Hoppers!

The Easter event has arrived and so far it looks impressive. Once you have completed your three character 24 hour task the Easter event will open for business! This post will talk you through the guide on the Easter event and how to obtain all the prizes that are up for grabs.


As soon as you’ve finished the tasks for Homer, Apu and Willie, the Easter event will officially start. You’ll start to notice Bunnies hopping around your town and this year these bunnies have replaced the Whacking Day snakes. Every time you tap a bunny you will earn either a blue egg or a pink egg.


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The Easter Event Is Here!

Hello Tappers!

The Easter Event has arrived and it has hit our app stores. If you are on an Android device then you may be expecting the update a little later than iOS, usually an hour later. The first dialogues comes up automatically, you don’t need any characters free. Homer, Apu and Willie get the first tasks.


TSTO TopiX will keep you updated on the event and we will try and get posts out as soon as possible. Happy Hopping, Nathan.