Level 48 – Kwik-Tap Guide

As the great, well not so great, Blue-haired Lawyer says, “Jezz, I take a nap and look what happens!”, once again our beloved games have updated while I slept. The downside to working graveyard shift I guess, but thanks to Emma, who might I add, has been absolutely terrific with helping to keep Topix afloat during this time. A HUGE thanks to her and her dedication, I really don’t know what I’d do without her.

Level 48 has arrived and right smack in the heart of the Christmas/Winter event so I’m sure many of you are in “panic mode” right about now. I had considered doing my usual Overview post but Emma has covered the update brilliantly enough just with her announcement post. In a nutshell, Level 48 isn’t much more than that. You can check that out here to find out what came. So I’m here to bring you the Kwik-Tap Guide to help you at least be aware of the bare necessities to navigate through the update if you choose.

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Fed button

Hi Y’all!

We got many questions about the Fed button. Here are some answers.

Sending Feds

To use the Fed button you have to complete pt 9 of Jingle Bell Wreck and start the Pixi Plight.

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Jingle Bell Wreck – Kwik Tap Guide

Jingle Bell Wreck is the main quest of the Christmas/Winter 2014 event. Most of you are already well into this so most of this will be null for you but we’re here to help everyone at all levels and stages. Plus this will be the whole quest line and not just up to a certain point even though it will be released in two stages. If you haven’t already reached it, until December 23, the farthest you can go is to Jingle Bell Wreck Pt. 12. Part 13 will release after that. Here we go!



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Santa’s List – Daily Tunnel Tasks: Complete Guide

Hi Y’all!
This is a loooong post, containing all of the info about all of the daily Tunnel tasks.
A new Tunnel opens each day at 8 am GMT / 3 am EST.
The Tunnels are located in the Elves Cave.
Once the Elves Cave is placed, two characters can make toys.
Homer 4 hours – 2 Presents
Lisa 4 hours – 2 Presents
More characters will get Toy-making tasks that earns presents. They will unlock in the Tunnels.

You access the Tunnels by tapping on the top-right icon or on the Cave itself.


INFO on the current Cave problem.

Many are having issues accessing the Cave.
First try re-synching the game by visiting friends or go to Krustyland.
This usually works.
Hard close app.
Clear cache.
Shut off and restart device.
Next step is a chore so I hope you won’t need it.
Delete/reinstall – do not do this if you play Anonymously, connect your game to Origin first.
Still no access to the cave? Only one option left.
Contact EA directly http://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/new/ and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game.

Back to the Tunnels and tasks.

The Bonus timer does not start until you start the first of the three tasks for each Tunnel. If you complete the Tunnel within 24 hours you get a bonus: 100 presents. Even if you miss the bonus timer you will still get an Elf and the prize.
Unlocking Toymaking tasks are connected to specific Tunnels but the Tunnels do not have to be done in order, you can wait a few days and do the next Tunnel first.

Facade prizes will not be put in your inventory but directly on the building in question. To see Facades tap the building and slide. If the house menu is compacted and not showing Facades, tap “+” top-right.

Character Groups used for Tunnel Tasks

Kook ~ Apu, Cletus, Krusty, Willie, Sea Captain, Ralph, Herman, Rod, Todd ::: Frink, Disco Stu, Crazy Cat Lady, Bumblebeeman, Moleman, Otto, Chester Lampwick /Brandine, Kang, Kodos, Yes Guy, Hugs Bunny, Shari Bobbins

Dimwit ~ Homer, Cletus, Sea Captain, Wiggum, Abe, Ralph, Lenny, Wolfcastle ::: Duffman, Otto, Dr. Nick, Barney, Chester /Barbarian

Youngster ~ Bart, Database, Dolph, Greta Wolfcastle, Hugo, Jimbo, Kearney, Lisa, Martin, Milhouse, Nelson, Ralph, Rod, Shauna, Sherri & Terri, Squeaky Voice Teen, Todd, Uter

Saint ~ Ned, Lovejoy, Rod, Todd /Maude, Father Sean

Glutton ~ Homer, CBGuy, Wiggum, Quimby ::: Barney /Space Mutant

High Roller ~ Burns, Quimby, Brockman, Fat Tony, Wolfcastle, Bernice, Roger Myers Jr ::: Hank Scorpio, Rich Texan /Mr. Costington

Brainiac ~ Lisa, Skinner, Martin, CBG, Hibbert, Database ::: Frink, Hank Scorpio, Sideshow Mel, Crazy Cat Lady

Springfielders ~ should be most playable characters.

For those who do not like spoilers and want to figure out who is needed when, on their own – wink, wink Darlin’ – stop scrolling when you get to todays Tunnel :)
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Server Issues

Seems many of you are having issues with the Origin servers again. I just went into my game, at work on a 4G signal and went in fine but I have no doubt there either was an issue that’s been fixed or the issue is just scattered amongst players, locations, servers, etc.
Hopefully those of yo who are still having issues will soon be able to access your games again. Stay tuned for more info.


What Changed with the December 9th In-Game Update?

Hey folks, I want to start by sending my sincerest apologies to all of you for the complete lack of posts or coverage of the Christmas 2014 event. December is a difficult time of year for many with the holidays, jobs, families, etc. We’ve also lost a few of our beloved writers due to their lives progressing to the point that they can no longer commit to either the game, the site or both. For whatever reason, they will be and so much are missed. Topix, however, is still here albeit a little behind but it’s okay, it’s just a game.

Anyhow, let’s get back to the point, there was an in-game update on Tuesday that I’d like to cover before I get caught up, or try to, with the Christmas posts. I’m here to note the changes that the update has brought.

Christmas 2014 Splash Screen


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