What Changed with the Level 48 update?

Along with the new characters, buildings, and decorations which arrived with the level 48 in-game update, there were a few additional changes worked into the game:

  • A 12 hour task at the Open Air Stage was added for Lurleen (if you have her). The Lurleen’s Country Music Show costs $150 to start and pays $800 and 200 XP. It uses the same audio as the Skinner Sisters when you start the task.
  • Sideshow Opera’s payout at the Open Air Stage was changed from $990 and 220 XP to $900 and 150 XP. This puts the task in a more logical place for earnings, but it does decrease the advantage of keeping Mel singing.
  • Janey was added to the list of kids who can be bounced at the Moonbounce. Code was also added to fix the issue with Willie’s task at the Moonbounce not being enabled.

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The Different Welcome Screens

Hi Y’all!

This is just for fun and has no real relevance to the gameplay (so stop reading if this bothers you) but I find it interesting. It started on TOuk when someone asked about the old elf, Moldy, on the splashscreen and confusion arised. Not everyone had Moldy on their screen.

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How Do the Christmas 2014 Phase 1 Items Affect the Conform-O-Meter?

I know we skipped over a few updates regarding the Conform-O-Meter items but I fully intend on getting all of the C-O-M posts up to date within the next few days. I chose the first phase of the Christmas items because phase 2 will start in just a few days and many of the items are limited time. In order to help those make any last minute decisions I made a strategic choice. What follows is how all of the Christmas items of Phase 1 affect your game’s Conform-O-Meter.

Many players do not follow the Conform-O-Meter and that’s perfectly fine but actually paying attention to it adds a little extra to your game play as well as your daily income from building’s incomes to character’s task payouts. If you do not have an endless supply of cash or donuts, having the insight that buying Item A will in turn give you more daily income than Item B may help you buy a little quicker and smarter so that you are not wasting your hard earned….., wait for it, …….DOUGH!!

Sm Present 2Sm Present 2Sm Present 2Sm Present 2

For a complete guide on what the Conform-O-Meter is, what it does and for many articles on various updates and how they affect the meter, please go to our S-Files page located in the top menu or by clicking here.

Follow me to see the breakdown of the Christmas 2014 Phase 1 items!

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Level 48 – Kwik-Tap Guide

As the great, well not so great, Blue-haired Lawyer says, “Jezz, I take a nap and look what happens!”, once again our beloved games have updated while I slept. The downside to working graveyard shift I guess, but thanks to Emma, who might I add, has been absolutely terrific with helping to keep Topix afloat during this time. A HUGE thanks to her and her dedication, I really don’t know what I’d do without her.

Level 48 has arrived and right smack in the heart of the Christmas/Winter event so I’m sure many of you are in “panic mode” right about now. I had considered doing my usual Overview post but Emma has covered the update brilliantly enough just with her announcement post. In a nutshell, Level 48 isn’t much more than that. You can check that out here to find out what came. So I’m here to bring you the Kwik-Tap Guide to help you at least be aware of the bare necessities to navigate through the update if you choose.

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Fed button

Hi Y’all!

We got many questions about the Fed button. Here are some answers.

Sending Feds

To use the Fed button you have to complete pt 9 of Jingle Bell Wreck and start the Pixi Plight.

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Jingle Bell Wreck – Kwik Tap Guide

Jingle Bell Wreck is the main quest of the Christmas/Winter 2014 event. Most of you are already well into this so most of this will be null for you but we’re here to help everyone at all levels and stages. Plus this will be the whole quest line and not just up to a certain point even though it will be released in two stages. If you haven’t already reached it, until December 23, the farthest you can go is to Jingle Bell Wreck Pt. 12. Part 13 will release after that. Here we go!



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