Bluestacks Update: Tapped Out Does NOT Work!

The other day our site’s Twitter feed received an interesting question from follower Medros, “Are you guys working on anything related to the issues Bluestacks users are having?”

For starters neither myself nor anyone on my staff were aware of any issues with Bluestacks as I don’t know any of them besides myself that actually has Bluestacks. Because of this question and because of a few other points I want to make regarding our Bluestacks posts here at Topix I want to get out this to all of you and hopefully clear some things up.

images (1)

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Happy Easter From TopiX!

Hello Tappers!

So today is Easter and TopiX want to wish you a Happy Easter! Many of the TopiX writers are celebrating Easter with their families and I just wanted to pop on with a quick post to wish you a happy Easter, and I think I speak for every TopiX writer when I say have a wonderful Easter we wouldn’t be here without you all. Happy Easter!


Nathan, Mike, Em, Mrfy, Mickus, Rcsprinter, Jason and Flinster42.

Eggs, Baskets and Friends – The Exchange Guide

Hey howdy-doodly-hi-dee (oh you get the point) tappers! How are all of my fellow rabbit slayers? This is my first proper post in quite a while as I have recently rejoined the workforce, hopefully this time for good, so I haven’t had much time to get anything. Thanks to the glorious creators of “the weekend”, I am now able to catch up with all of my special folk – you.

Today I want to talk about a hot topic with the inaugural Easter 2014 event for Tapped Out, the Egg Exchange process. Also since this “exchange” option has been added for the event your reward and actions for visiting friends has changed drastically and are now almost forced to exchange eggs. But I will get to that after I break down the entire process.

PinkBasket BlueBasketPinkBasket BlueBasket

Before we begin any discussion of exchanging eggs it is vital that you know what color egg “earner” you are. Thanks to my good friend and all-knowing Tapped Out wizard, mrfy, we have this post here to read up on and discover what color egg you are predisposed to collect more of.  Once you have found out the necessary information follow me to the land of the Egg Exchange……….

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The BIG Easter Show-Off!

Hello Easter Tappers!

Welcome to the return of ‘The BIG Show-Off’! Only this time it’s ‘The BIG Easter Show-Off’. Get ready to show off you Easter towns as TSTO TopiX has a BIG Easter competition. The Easter update has truly got everyone designing the perfect bunny paradise with Easter parks, parades and much more! If you are either a reader of TSTO TopiX, a member of Tapped-Out and watcher of ‘TheAdiposeTV, we have a competition for YOU!


So this is now the 3rd ‘BIG show-off’ competition we have posted on TSTO TopiX and we have made a few more changes with it being much bigger and better! This post will give you the complete guide on the competition, so read carefully:

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Happy Birthday The Simpsons!

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to The Simpsons. Happy Birthday to you!

The Simpsons is celebrating their birthday as they have reached the age of 27 since their first appearance as small sketches on The Tracy Ullman Show. The show made its first appearance on The Tracy Ullman Show on April 19, 1987. 

Here is how the Simpsons looked in 1987:


And here is how they look now in 2014:


The Simpsons has reached its 25th season which some people think they are 25 years old however this is not counting the two years as sketches as a animation short for The Tracy Ullman Show. Happy Birthday to The Simpsons! 

Shary Bobbins Walkthrough: A Spoonful Of Bitter

Hello Tappers!


So the Easter update has brought us Shary Bobbins! Shary Bobbins was my last character to collect in the Easter boxes and I finally got her and was so glad when I did. This is the complete walk-through for Shary Bobbins that you will get once you have unlocked her as a prize! If you have no idea who Shary Bobbins is then not to worry as her history files will be up shortly along with some game information! So lets get started with ‘A Spoonful of Bitter’.

A Spoonful Of Bitter Pt. 1:


Ned: Homer, I was thinking my boys might benefit from having a woman in the house.

Homer: I get it — you want my advice on how to meet women.

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What have you done with Easter?

Hello My Easter Tappers!

So I know the title of this post may be a little bit odd however I want to know what have you done with Easter? Now with every event I have seen players use the new decorations to create a small parade or a town square to celebrate the event.



So since some of you are still collecting buildings from the Easter boxes I thought I would start with a more simple ‘What have you done with’ that everyone can get involved in.

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