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Today started Fxx’s 522 episode Simpsons marathon and we want to chat with you all about the episodes!   We have set up a chat room that you can access by clicking here and we will pop in from time to time to discuss the current episode.  Simply pick your own username and use the password tstotopix to join!
If you are on a mobile device make sure to select mobile before signing in

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How do the Clash of Clones items affect the Conform-o-meter?

The Clash of Clones Event added several new buildings and decorations. This post is about how they affect the Conform-o-meter. (For more information about the Conform-o-meter, see here. For more information about the other Conform-o-meter ratings and other technical details in the game, see here.)

New buildings which were added:

Building Rating Points
Barbarian Castle
Obedience 10
Castle Recycle
Indolence 10
Boxingham Palace
Indolence 10

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What Changed with the August 21st Update?

Today’s in-game update changed quite a bit with the game scripts. Here’s what I’ve found:

  • Everything from the Clash of Clones Event in the build menu should now be marked as limited-time.
  • In order to build Boxingham Palace, it now requires the quest Boxed In Part 1 instead of The Prince and the Premise Part 9. Castle Recycle (referred to in the game files as Betterham Palace) requires Eco Castle Part 1 to start instead of The Prince and the Premise Part 9.
  • Both Boxingham Palace and Castle Recycle now give 10 points of Indolence each, they were marked as Obedience before. The Barbarian Castle (aka Burns Castle) still gives 10 points of Obedience.
  • All of the castle improvements may now be placed on grass, pavement, and the beach. Before, some of them were only marked as grass and pavement.

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Walkthrough: Clash of Clones, Part 2

There are a ton of new quests and gameplay with this last update so here are all of the side quests and event-based walkthrough. To help navigate these quests I have broken this up into several sections.

1. Castle Upgrades

2. Attack/Defend Tasks (Defend, Repair, Revenge)

3. Event Character Quests(Archer Lisa, Goblin Bart, Wizard Marge)

4. Personal Prizes

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What Changed with the Clash of Clones Event Update?

In addition to the new items added with the Medieval Times Event update, there were a few other changes to the game (note: I’m only looking at already existing items, items specific to the Event will be covered elsewhere):

  • Superintendent Chalmers’ 8-hour task to Catch Some Dinnerrrr and Judge Snyder’s 24-hour task to Take A 24 Hour Vacation are now marked so they can’t use the Minnow Pond if it is occupied.
  • The character group KrustylandGoers has been removed from characters descriptions. It wasn’t used in level 43.
  • Eddie and Lou no longer have 4-hour tasks in Krustyland to Ride The Viking Boat.

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