Should I Buy…….The Unoriginal Log Ride? – Premium Guide

Hey folks! Level 43 is now upon us and has brought us the first ever Krustyland-only level update. It came in near perfect timing too as the one year anniversary of Krustyland’s release is one week away, July 31st. Finally after nearly 12 months of little to no additions to our theme parks EA breathes new life into our all but forgotten lands. There are a few premium offerings with Level 43, the one I’m going to cover is Krusty’s Unoriginal Log Ride. Hopefully, by the time you’ve finished reading this post I would have helped to answer the question, Should I Buy the Unoriginal Log Ride?



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Premium Guide: Yard Sale 2014, Whacking Day Costumes

Hello Tappers!

There is only a couple more days until the Yard Sale 2014 ends, so as we took a break from the Yard Sale 2014 guides due to the level 43 update I will be posting the final posts during the next couple of days. We have 7 days left till we reach the end of the Yard Sale 2014 with only three posts left to cover. In post one out of three we will be looking at the Whacking Day costumes that have returned for the 2014 Yard Sale.


So the returning Whacking Day costumes consist of Ninja Homer and Bare Chested Willie. This will be like a normal premium guide however you are getting two premium guides in the price of one. Lets get started on the ‘Premium Guide: Yard Sale 2014, Whacking Day Costumes’:

Bare Chested Willie

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Outsiders’ Musings XLV: No picnics!

Well, I’d like to start off by saying this is my 50th post on TopiX, as well as my 45th Outsiders’ Musings (including at Tips), and only a few weeks before the year anniversary of this site. Thank you to all my loyal readers who take a look every weekend.

Also, thanks for the huge reaction to my post about hacks last week. I think we certainly debated it well.

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The Simpsons Comic Con 2014 (Part Two)

Hello Tappers!

The Simpsons Comic Con 2014 happened yesterday and in a brief post I talked about what happened, which can be found here. In this post ‘The Simpsons Comic Con 2014 (Part Two)’ we will be looking at some extra clips from Comic Con along with an exclusive clip from the Season 26 premiere ‘Clown in the Dumps’.


I’m also currently trying to get up a clip from the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover however Animation Domination has not uploaded that yet but will update the post once it has arrived! So our first clip comes from the episode ‘Clown in the Dumps’ and who will die in the season 26 premiere?:

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The Simpsons Comic Con 2014

Hello Tappers!

Comic-Con is celebrating a very important anniversary today – 25 years of The Simpsons! Today in the famous Ballroom 20, The Simpsons panel featuring Matt Groening, Al Jean, Mike Anderson and David Silverman arrived at Comic Con to speak about The Simpsons! In this post we will be looking at The Simpsons Comic Con 2014 and what happened. The time was 10am PT and The Simpsons panelists arrived!:

10:01 - Here we go! Time to kick off this panel – here come the panelists Mike Anderson, David Silverman, Al Jean and Matt Groening of course!

10:02 - So first thing’s first – er, what’s coming up? Well Mike tells us the animation for the crossover with Futurama is “awesome” and “really hot”.


10:02 - Matt tells us there will be “a little Ralph Wiggum” this season… but we’re getting clips now!10:05 - We got an amazing trailer for FXX’s marathon of every episode ever (it was an apocalyptic wasteland while everyone watched), a sneak at the opening to the Futurama crossover – with Homer singing to the theme tune! – and a clip of Lisa worrying about Homer’s health as he struggles with a sleep mask. Don’t worry – he’s not going to be the one that dies! We’ve been promised! That video can be found here.

10:06 - Mike tells us The Simpsons will age – but only by one day!

10:06 - We’re on to fan questions – this viewer wants to know about the timing of Treehouse of Horror. It’s normally pre-empted by the World Series, but it’s going to be on October 19 this year – before Halloween!

 10:07 - Al jokes that as well as the Family Guy and Futurama crossovers and the death episode – we’ll get a Scooby Doo crossover! “One of those isn’t true,” he jokes.

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Premium Guide: One Plate Maximum Buffet

Hello Tappers!

Mike is currently writing the premium guide for the ‘Unoriginal Log Ride’ so I thought I would take the other premium item of the level 43 update, the ‘One Plate Maximum Buffet’. So this premium guide will work as usual and will have everything you need to know about the One Plate Maximum Buffet. Hopefully by the end of this post you will have come to a decision on if to buy or not to buy the ‘One Plate Maximum Buffet’.



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Premium Guide: Yard Sale 2014, Father Sean

Hello Tappers!

Now there may be the latest arrival of level 43, however we still haven’t forgotten about the Yard Sale that is still under way until it reaches its climax in August. In this post we will be taking a look at the return of Father Sean and to help you decide if to buy or not to buy Father Sean.

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