What Have You Done With the Crazy Cat House?

Whilst I begin to bring out posts again (sorry about my absence for a little bit), I have decided to start off with one that while it is being used, I can write other posts. These WHYDW’s are perfect as I don’t have to write much straight up, so I can get other posts done. They’re also great as they give you the chance to design like crazy!

I want to see your designs, your creativity and your decorating skills. So I ask:

What Have You Done With the

Crazy Cat House


You can check out the premium guide and walkthrough for CCL and her house through the links provided.

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The TopiX Pre-Opinion: Your Thoughts

Hello tappers, hope you are all enjoying the Easter update!

Oh, wait, some of you aren’t enjoying the update? But some of you are? Some of you feel in the middle about it??? Luckily you have all come to the right placet.

We need your help on this matter. If you’re interested please read on!



You’re probably thinking that you’ve seen a similarly titled series of posts before, well you have, but here is the difference!

The TopiX Opinion started a while back and was the writers way to let you know their views on an event that has just passed. It was usual to post it at the end of the event  and the readers would sound off their views in the comments.

This is our way of, instead of reading our thoughts after the fact, letting you all sound off on the event. Why? So you and your opinion can be featured on our Opinion Post. We want to give people things to think about, stuff they might not have previously considered. That is why we are asking for your help!

How it will work:

There will be two ways for you to help us:

1. In the comments write your view on the event. Let us know what was good, what was bad, how you felt, if you got all the prizes, if the prizes were good, if it exceeded your explanations, bla bla bla. I think you get the point. Try to keep this option to about 50 words or less, if you go a little over we won’t mind but it becomes a bit tiresome to read 40 200 word essays (even though Mickus and I do it for a living).

2. Answer the poll below. This is just a way to get pure statistics as the options are a bit limited but every vote counts. This will help us show how many of you liked it or didn’t.

Here’s the poll: (As you can see, you can vote for more than one option)


Please help us as much as you can so that we can gather a full opinion post when the event is over. You have until about May 10th (a rough estimate) to get your opinions in as the event ends May 13th.


Caption This Contest Winner & Shout Out Reminder

Mike S.:

Don’t have the time right now to make a proper post but this is the cross-blog monthly contest we are holding with TSTO Addicts and TSTO Game. Enjoy and Happy Tapping!
Mike S.

Originally posted on The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts:

Hey there Hoppereenos, Bunny here bouncing in to announce the winner of our spur of the moment contest .

It was not an easy decision and we went back and forth many times. So many silly and great humorous captions. We finally widdled it down to one…

Congrats goes out to Cybersilly. His responses to the pics made all 3 of us (Bunny, Wookiee, Alissa) giggle. 


Here is what he came up with for each one…

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Outsiders’ Musings XXXVII: slower tapping & freeway madness

Humblest apologies for being inconsistent with these posts, I do try to do one every week.

OK, order of business: rant, then observations. Like usual, you see?

First I wanted to talk about the people, such as myself, who don’t rush ahead with the game. I don’t even mean rushing with donuts, but logging into the game many times during the day to progress with the quests as fast as possible. I am one of those who are more laid back and treat the game as a once-or-twice-per-day hobby to check up on occasionally, but still live life. This difference between the two groups of tappers becomes more apparent when we are having an event, particularly at the beginning of one, such as right now. You know, Easter.

It’s when everybody on the forums and blogs is talking about the new content, and it’s all irrelevant to me because I’m not up to that point yet. To use myself as an example, the quest before the event got started, with the Whacking Day preparation tasks for Apu and Homer and Willie. Due to me still being behind on the Days of Future Future promotional, Apu was doing a long Kwik-E-Mart shift, so that put me back a day, and Willie was doing one of the spontaneous 1-part quests (Is It Even Autumn?, Rake Leaves) that had popped up just before the Four-Day Weekend For Our Sins Pt. 1, so that put me another 12 hours back. Continue reading

Bluestacks Update: Tapped Out Does NOT Work!

The other day our site’s Twitter feed received an interesting question from follower Medros, “Are you guys working on anything related to the issues Bluestacks users are having?”

For starters neither myself nor anyone on my staff were aware of any issues with Bluestacks as I don’t know any of them besides myself that actually has Bluestacks. Because of this question and because of a few other points I want to make regarding our Bluestacks posts here at Topix I want to get out this to all of you and hopefully clear some things up.

images (1)

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Happy Easter From TopiX!

Hello Tappers!

So today is Easter and TopiX want to wish you a Happy Easter! Many of the TopiX writers are celebrating Easter with their families and I just wanted to pop on with a quick post to wish you a happy Easter, and I think I speak for every TopiX writer when I say have a wonderful Easter we wouldn’t be here without you all. Happy Easter!


Nathan, Mike, Em, mrfy, Mickus, Rcsprinter, Jason and Flinster42.

Eggs, Baskets and Friends – The Exchange Guide

Hey howdy-doodly-hi-dee (oh you get the point) tappers! How are all of my fellow rabbit slayers? This is my first proper post in quite a while as I have recently rejoined the workforce, hopefully this time for good, so I haven’t had much time to get anything. Thanks to the glorious creators of “the weekend”, I am now able to catch up with all of my special folk – you.

Today I want to talk about a hot topic with the inaugural Easter 2014 event for Tapped Out, the Egg Exchange process. Also since this “exchange” option has been added for the event your reward and actions for visiting friends has changed drastically and are now almost forced to exchange eggs. But I will get to that after I break down the entire process.

PinkBasket BlueBasketPinkBasket BlueBasket

Before we begin any discussion of exchanging eggs it is vital that you know what color egg “earner” you are. Thanks to my good friend and all-knowing Tapped Out wizard, mrfy, we have this post here to read up on and discover what color egg you are predisposed to collect more of.  Once you have found out the necessary information follow me to the land of the Egg Exchange……….

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