How to play Tapped Out on your PC?

UPDATED POST: You can also try out our updated post here.

Disclaimer: Along with our updated post using the link above it is important to note that we are NOT Bluestacks, are not affiliated with them and cannot help with individual technical issues you may experienced throughout the process. We are simply passing along instructions that we have either found or created ourselves from doing it ourselves. Please do NOT ask us any questions regarding graphics cards, drivers, etc. Bluestacks does have a terrific help forum that answers pretty much all technical questions here or at least direct you where you need to go.

Hello everyone!

A lot of people have been asking me “How do I play Tapped Out on my PC?” Well apart from playing it on your IOS and Android device you can also play Tapped Out on your computer! TheAdiposeTV explains how to play your favorite game on your Mac/PC, check the video below:

The link to Bluestacks can be found here. I hope that this has helped those of you who have been wanting to play Tapped Out on your PC or Mac, Thanks to “TheAdiposeTV” for another informative video.

Thanks again,


169 thoughts on “How to play Tapped Out on your PC?

  1. wont work cuz i have bitdefender :( bitdefender is a antivirus??? so maybe bluestacks is a virus

    • There’s a known compatibility issue with BitDefender. I think you’d need to disable or uninstall BitDefender to have Bluestacks working properly. Can also try getting another android emulator, like Andy emulator.

  2. Can someone please help me????
    I can’t even star the game. It apears the “sinchronizing” parte, than the “tap to continue” and after that it stops running. I’ve tried on IOS/Android/bluestacks, nothing work. Please, HELP ME!

    • There was an outage yesterday for a while and many people couldn’t get into the game, try again today, it should work.

  3. I had kept on trying to download it and it went past the fox and Gracie and EA page but then came as a black page please help!!

  4. Your video was very helpful and got my daughter as tapped out downloaded and installed very quickly. However, when it asks for ‘your age’ and to ‘tick’ and accept the terms & conditions it doesn’t let me enter in any details for the age, nor does it let me tick the acceptance for the terms and conditions…… any advise would be grateful….. thank you…

    • i got it to work!!!! it happen to me.. but i keep trying , and realized that you have to click under the box where you put the number age… and that’s going to aloud you.. to enter the age… also on the click box to agree the terms…..hope this works for you… :-)

  5. i get an error on the end of the installation so i can’t install even tho i used admin .

  6. I have succesfully installed the program on my computer. But i can’t find Simpsons tapped out?
    Anyone know why that is?

      • i got it to work!!!! it happen to me.. but i keep trying , and realized that you have to click under the box where you put the number age… and that’s going to aloud you.. to enter the age… also on the click box to agree the terms…..hope this works for you… :-)

        • i got it to work!!!! it happen to me.. but i keep trying , and realized that you have to click under the box where you put the number age… and that’s going to aloud you.. to enter the age… also on the click box to agree the terms…..hope this works for you… :-)

    • I had the same problem! You need to click a tiny bit lower than the box actually is. It’s a common thing that your cursor acts a bit displaced using bluestacks.
      I hope I helped you all. Got so frustrated, I tried everything until I found the solution. ;)

      Enjoy the game! :)

  7. Seemed like a good idea until I read the TOS

    A few selected gems:

    1. Consent to Use of Data.
      B. Text Messages. By providing us with your mobile telephone number You consent to our use of that number to send You text or SMS messages with details of offers, our services and other advertising, until You tell us to stop. You can direct us to stop such text or SMS messages by sending a text message with the subject line STOP to +1 408 377 1488.

    2. Subscription Terms and Payments
      Cancellation and Renewal. Your subscription will renew automatically, unless it is cancelled in accordance with this section.

    3. Contacting Us; Notices.
      You agree to receive notices by email, text message, notification via any Software or by regular mail at our discretion.

  8. I go to download the game comes up withe ERROR ( Error while retrieving information from server ( RPC:S-3)

    • We are not able to assist in technical questions as Bluestacks is not our program. There are many reasons why the program and/or game will not work for you such as computer capacity, performance, etc and how you downloaded Bluestacks, if it is the legit version, if it’s not, if it is other issues, installation issue, etc. You’re better off going to and searching for the support link and asking your questions there. This is just an announcement post and brief instructional of how I did but will not guarantee that everyone will have the same outcome.

    • Your game is saved on an external EA server, meaning you can sign into it on multiple devices and whatever you do to your town on one device will show on another.

  9. hi any ideas on the HD-Frontend.exe it keeps crashing the tapped out game thanks
    your video was a great help

    • I dont even have a computer so I have no idea! Mike uninstalled blustacks and the others dont play on BS either.
      This is a common question though, so I suggest you scroll down the comments on this post and see what others have to say about it. Yes, I know there are over 100 comments to go through but it is the best advice I can give right now.

    • people are saying that it doesnt work for them either recently and that there is no known solution so maybe u might have to play it just off the actual app on phones/taplets until it is fixed hope this helped

    • i hear that is also happening to many others recently aswell so i would just wait until it is fixed and back working again and for now just play on the phone/tablet if u have one otherwise u have to just wait Hope this helped :-)

  10. awe, I have the same issue with the screen being blank, but its green and I can hear the sound! any suggestions would be great

  11. hello i only have a 1g little note book isnt there a way that i can get a program to run simpsons tap out on this notebook of a lap top i have

    • Is it an app running tablet? Android? If it doesn’t have either iTunes or Google Play store on it then you’ll need to use Bluestacks.

  12. When I try to launch TSTO I also get the black screen. How do I fix this? The help link you posted is no longer good. Also, I need help finding where the installed apps are located. Please help me. It’s very much appreciated.

    • We’ve updated this post and have even released one regarding the black screen but I am out right now and do not have the links handy. Just type “bluestacks” in our search bar.

      • About that…….it still doesn’t work. Is there an actual version for PC? Not through a third party program. You have no problem with it working on your devices. We get that. Maybe you’re just special. For the rest of us, it’s just not working. So with that said what can the rest of us do to play TSTO on our PCs?

        • Your ignorance isn’t necessary, I’m just trying to help and whatever it is your talking about is not from any recent post regarding my experience and even if it were recent I will not be degraded because I had no issue installing a simple PC program. I am here to relate my experiences as best as possible to help people, not be special. If you cared to read my response properly and then searched BLUESTACKS in OUR search bar you would have found a RECENT post pertaining to the fact that since the Easter update, possibly before that hardly anyone can get Tapped Out to work, me included. It is a known issue that Bluestacks themselves are working to fix. I have no idea what you mean by third party anything since every post we’ve ever presented on Bluestacks has directed readers to the official site which then gives you the link to download Bluestacks official version. If you mean third party for Tapped Out, this game is not nor has ever been meant to be played on anything other than a mobile device. It is because of Bluestacks and it capabilities that we’re even having this discussion. I directed you to info not to try something out that I knew wouldn’t work.

      • Ignorance? Really?? Check the definition of ignorance. I followed what you said and yet nothing changed.Do you use the pro version? I ask this because your version in the video looks different than the one I had downloaded. Yours looks like the pro version. You don’t need to be condescending. Bluestacks is very unstable. You could’ve simply stated that with the recent Easter 2014 update TSTO is unable to be played as of now. Has Bluestacks made any progress on fixing this problem?

        • A. This post was not created by me and is dated September. Whichever “version” that was displayed in this post is no doing of mine. There is only ONE version that I am aware of and this post is seriously outdated hence the FIRST sentence of the post saying “THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED.” And yes ignorance, there was no need to call me special or imply that I am “special” because you can’t get something to work that I was able to. My first response to your comment was to search our site using the term Bluestacks BECAUSE I created an ENTIRELY NEW UPDATED POST that says “because of the recent Easter update Tapped Out does not work and that Bluestacks has confirmed that it does not work and are working on a fix.” We are not always sitting on a PC just waiting for your questions to be able to properly reply exactly how you want it worded so I quickly instructed you how to find the right answer as I was with my family at the time. What your saying that I could have very simply said is EXACTLY what I very simply said.

  13. I downloaded the bluestacks and the simpsons tapped out there but as soon as i opened the game the screen just stayed black. Help would be great. Thanks.

      • I’m having the same issue. I’ve added in my gmail account and it still doesn’t work. :/

        I’ve followed this video to a tee.

      • i downloaded it but whenever i try to run the app the screen goes black then white and it gets stuck there. i’ve downloaded it about 5 times and it still has the same issue. and im on a windows just so you know.

        • I have issues with it myself. I haven’t played it on Bluestacks in a while but when I do it is an effort. A lot of closing and re-opening, freezing, etc. But my PC needs to be seriously upgraded and is full of files and what not which I’m sure is affecting the performance.

    • well its a new windows laptop so there arent much files and its updated and windows 8.1 but no matter what i do, it does that same thing. since bluestacks is still a beta when is it going to be a official app player or is it going to be like this for the rest of the year??

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