How to play Tapped Out on your PC?

UPDATED POST: You can also try out our updated post here.

Disclaimer: Along with our updated post using the link above it is important to note that we are NOT Bluestacks, are not affiliated with them and cannot help with individual technical issues you may experienced throughout the process. We are simply passing along instructions that we have either found or created ourselves from doing it ourselves. Please do NOT ask us any questions regarding graphics cards, drivers, etc. Bluestacks does have a terrific help forum that answers pretty much all technical questions here or at least direct you where you need to go.

Hello everyone!

A lot of people have been asking me “How do I play Tapped Out on my PC?” Well apart from playing it on your IOS and Android device you can also play Tapped Out on your computer! TheAdiposeTV explains how to play your favorite game on your Mac/PC, check the video below:

The link to Bluestacks can be found here. I hope that this has helped those of you who have been wanting to play Tapped Out on your PC or Mac, Thanks to “TheAdiposeTV” for another informative video.

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118 thoughts on “How to play Tapped Out on your PC?

  1. I downloaded the bluestacks and the simpsons tapped out there but as soon as i opened the game the screen just stayed black. Help would be great. Thanks.

      • I’m having the same issue. I’ve added in my gmail account and it still doesn’t work. :/

        I’ve followed this video to a tee.

      • i downloaded it but whenever i try to run the app the screen goes black then white and it gets stuck there. i’ve downloaded it about 5 times and it still has the same issue. and im on a windows just so you know.

      • I have issues with it myself. I haven’t played it on Bluestacks in a while but when I do it is an effort. A lot of closing and re-opening, freezing, etc. But my PC needs to be seriously upgraded and is full of files and what not which I’m sure is affecting the performance.

    • well its a new windows laptop so there arent much files and its updated and windows 8.1 but no matter what i do, it does that same thing. since bluestacks is still a beta when is it going to be a official app player or is it going to be like this for the rest of the year??

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