Pre-Halloween Update Dialogue

Hey friends!

NOTE: The Season 25 Premier update will unlock on 9/26 and the Halloween event will begin on 10/1
I’m sure by now most of you are aware of the update that just hit and although it was a big update, there wasn’t much added……YET. So I’m assuming most of it is for the upcoming updates which will make for a TON of spoiler type posts all over the Tapped Out universe. This post is about the initial dialogue that we do get right away. Before I start I gotta say there are a lot of pot shots at Tapped Out sites and even specific references to people. While I found it hilarious, it’s also an admission(finally) that EA is well-aware of these sites and their impact on the game. While it was more of a few funny insults, I took it as their way of saying “We know about you all and read your sites” I may be wrong but that was my take on it.

Anyway here’s the opening dialogue of the update. As usual with most updates, Homer starts it off:

1. Feeding the Trolls




Lisa: *sigh*”I wish we could have it at the end of the month like normal people.”

Homer: “I just want it to be over. It’s always so scary, with the aliens and movie parodies and main characters dying. All the rules are off!”

Lisa: “That’s because it’s non-canonical, Dad. Dying doesn’t count.”

Homer: “I know, but it still hurts. And this year I want to be prepared. Can you find out what’s going to be happening this year?”

Lisa: “Hmm, maybe. Let me check online.”

You will now be prompted to Make Lisa Read the Tapped Out Forum for 4 hours ($175, 45 XP)

Upon completion:


Lisa: “Let’s see –friend request, friend request, get donuts for cash…”

Homer: “Isn’t that what donut shops are for?”

Lisa: “Ah, here we go! “Predictions for this year’s Treehouse of Horror update”…”

“JoshJeerer says it’s going to suck–helpful as always, Josh.”

Screenshot_2013-09-23-13-30-20 (2)

Lisa: “Lamezino hopes it’ll be about time travel — it’s always about going back in time with them.”

Screenshot_2013-09-23-13-30-28 (1)

Lisa: “And SpAndex had no luck this year with datamining OR datafracking.”

Homer: “I don’t get any of those jokes.”

Lisa: “The point is, no one knows what’s coming. We just know that it’s coming soon.”


Homer: “H-h-h-how soon?”


Lisa: “Well, we have a season premiere update to do first, but it’s small so I’d guess soon after.”


Homer: “Man, nothing happens around here for weeks and then it’s a bunch of stuff at once.”

Lisa: “I know, Remember this summer? You were building a theme park, running a mini-golf tournament and being in a reality show all at the same time.”

Homer: “Now that was scary.”


So there you have it. I think the fact that the task was called “Feeding the Trolls” was definitely meant to get the attention of everyone who frequents Tapped Out sites. Pretty funny if you ask me. As soon as we receive more confirmed information we will get it out to you as soon as possible.

Happy Tapping!

Mike S


97 thoughts on “Pre-Halloween Update Dialogue

    • Link works for me. And dreamwalker, if you check out facebook page (aka spAnser), it has some photos (including the one in your link) that he made as PURE speculation/joking. He did an extremely good job so I fully understand how you thought it was real.

  1. Absolutely brilliant dialogue by EA to start the update. I was also on the floor after reading the “lamezino” comment. The people at EA have a good sense of humor.

    I really hope that EA has something in this new Halloween update for those of us who started playing after Halloween last year. I started playing right before Thanksgiving and have always wanted all the items associated with the first Halloween update. I was almost tempted by the gamezino site but thought better of it. I’d love to see a “garage sale” of last years items but that is probably wishful thinking on my part.

  2. The hysterically funny dialog with this update showed that the game writers obviously wanted to tap into current pop culture, just as the show has for over 20 years. Pun intended. I’m sure the Halloween update will be a blend of the old & the new…current seasons as well as the classics.

  3. Hiya! I was just wondering if anyone has ever had to start a new account with limited time items on their old one. If they have is it possible to get them back through EA or something? Thanks/

    • Good question and I’m really not sure. One thing I do know is there has been no cases of items being carried over from one account to the next but being that it is a new account because of an issue I’m not sure what EA can and will do.

  4. My game updated and i made Lisa do the task to go to the site but nothing happened after she was done. But today my game won’t let me in. I’ve restarted my phone, logged in and out of origin and even uninstalled and reinstalled the game…still won’t let me in my town. Is anyone else experiencing this? Could they have started banning ppl now? I’m scared!

    • No it’s probably a sever issue or something. They’re not going to ban anyone just yet if they do at all. Updates mean cash, cash for them especially with no GZ and other publicly posted mods. And unless you used GZ a LOT I wouldn’t worry about getting banned.

      • I only used them a few times so I hope I’ll be okay…I did receive the second update on my iOS so hopefully it’s just a glitch. I’ll stop freaking out try again later on lol. Thanks!

        • Trust me I understand your fear. As it is common knowledge by now I started this game on a mod and while I have never paid money other than to EA for items I’m still a little wary of what may happen.

      • I got totally seduced by that post about “Lamezino” and ordered some stuff i’ve been craving .. but i found out about the scam before i got anything and changed my password. i tried to cancel my order several times but nothing ever happened. So i did lose money but i guess i deserved that for not thinking for myself ..

    • Kay, I have the exact same problem. The game used to crash quite frequently before, but I haven’t been able to log in for over a month now. I contacted EA, but am still awaiting a reply. I’m also one of those idiots who fell for the GZ scam. I really hope it’s just a server issue and not a ban, because I spent over 400 dollars in-game (and only 20 bucks on GZ). In retrospect I can’t believe I fell for it or didn’t research GZ a bit more. I really miss my daily dose of TSTO, was so looking forward to Patty and Selma. I hope I’ll be playing again soon, and I hope you’ll be too. To Mike S and the rest: Keep up the good work with the site guys, you’re doing a great job.

      • To extov: Thanks and sorry to hear you’ve been out for so long. I was able to play up until Tuesday (9-24) morning. I’m still not in today either my withdrawal is kicking in…But I researched the EA website and there are more who have the same issue and some believe it’s due to updating to the iOS 7 or some flaw with the newly uploaded game files but it’s all speculation. Hopefully it will be fixed for everyone soon. Personally I don’t feel that the ppl who fell for the scam should be punished by EA cause in the end we lost money just like EA did. Why should we be punished twice? WE were tricked…”lamezino” needs to be punished. Just my opinion tho…anywhoo if it is a ban, it won’t be for long hopefully cause like Mike S told me they still want us to spend money with them, especially with the new content they’ve been coming out with.

        • I do not think they will ban anyone who used GZ. But there are some out there that have blatantly abused services like that and have used them numerous times even after being aware what was going on. Those are the one’s I believe they will go after. Plus I haven’t heard anything in the way of EA banning anyone so who knows. I wouldn’t even stress over it though.

  5. When the update started I was very happy to see it was a pretty big one. What was it, round 30 MB worth of update? It couldn’t have been just the small pre-halloween dialogue and small task. Maybe most of the Halloween stuff has already been downloaded to our devices and we need only one more small update to unlock it. What do you think?
    Either way, can’t wait for it to be here!

    • No, I’ve already looked at the files. In fact, the first update was larger than it should have been and EA then released a second update to fix the first. They’ve made it pretty clear that no one will know what’s coming for Halloween. Which tells me it will probably be an app store update and not a in-game update.

      • Thank you for the reply. Guess we just have to wait and see! For the past 4 or 5 updates I’ve ruined the surprise by reading everything I could find in spoilers so it’s nice not knowing what’s next. Best wishes!

  6. And what a surprise… The “old” site mentions the new update, but conveniently leaves out the dialogue about spanser and lamezino… Yo Nelson, can I get a “Ha ha!”?

    • I noticed that too. But I saw on spAnser’s site that Cranky Old Guy plans to mention spAnser in his posts this week but I’m not sure what site the posts will be seen on.

  7. I’m just glad that they are taking the whole gamezino situation lightly. Imagine if they banned all the accounts that got scammed.

    • I wouldn’t take yesterday’s mention and jump to conclusions just yet. They definitely are not taking anything lightly. And the banning of accounts isn’t supposed to take place until the end of the year. Any solid info we get we’ll post but it’s far from over.

  8. Lol. Yeah that dialogue was pretty clever throughout the whole thing. Like the lamezino “always wanting to turn back time” & spAndex “having no luck this year datafracking”. But I really liked the fact that EA gave us a little spoiler (that we would of probably found out about) & actually wanted to lighten up some of our moods with all the drama going on with the game & reassuring us that that they are back on top.

  9. Omg that is so funny!!!! I will admit I had to read it twice to understand it fully cause I wasn’t paying too much attention the first time thru but I’m sooooo happy they have spoken about about this! LAMEZINO!!! Love it!!! Lol!

  10. Hahaha SpAndex!!!
    How great is that? I also like their shits at “lamezino” and that even homer knows you buy donuts at the donut store.

  11. i like ea announcing the updates now! i think this is ea’s way of moving on from what happened and trying to make this a better game :)

    • I’m hoping so but they’ve done a few small announcements before but I agree that in light of everything that has happened in recent weeks maybe this will be the new norm. Fingers crossed.

  12. D’oh. I got so excited when I saw the big update, I broke my cardinal rule and sped up Lisa’s task with 12 donuts to start what I assumed was halloween (she was in the simpsons house early on a 24 mission). I learned my lesson and I will always check topix first.

    • Yeah do that. No need for both of us to waste donuts speeding things up, I waste enough doing that myself so we can get the info out ASAP.

  13. I need help I updated the game started the new quest now when I start the game and at the initial screen I tap to continue and it waits a couple seconds and shuts down the game. How do I fix PLEASE HELP

    • Hmm, have you tried uninstalling the game, rebooting your device and then reinstalling? There’s not much that can be done other than that.

      • That may work. See, and I’m going to make a post on this, tons of people have been misled into thinking there’s a magic fix for these types of erors and with this game there is no up, up, down, a, b, a, b code like the old days. It’s server based and really there’s 2 things that you can do 1. Restart(thanks Nottogill) to clear your cache/dns cache and 2. Uninstall, reboot and reinstall. Aside from that waiting for the server error to correct itself or be corrected is all we an do. A lot of errors are device specific since between Android and Apple there are millions of different devices with different capabilities.

  14. I laughed out loud several times – clever dialogue and so fun to see EA people respond to all of us who love the game and connecting with one another on a great site like this:-)

  15. My favourite part of the Simpsons is the Halloween episodes. Really can’t wait to see what’s coming. Have all my Halloween decorations in storage so I can’t wait to reuse them in a few days :D

  16. Anyone else get a second update after the Halloween dialogue update? I couldn’t find anything different afterwards though.

  17. Also, I hope they continue to tease updates a week before. It gets me excited instead of just wondering and hoping that there’s an update.

  18. Just got a second update with Herman going on his illegal tobacco quest, with another jab at amoral characters.

    Also if I was “LZ” I would be afraid very afraid It is Halloween and EA has got you in their sights.

  19. Absolutely fantastic. I can’t say any more! I love it! I love the fact they know that we love a good spoiler via the files, but you know what, I must say I am so much more excited that I don’t know what is coming! And the fact they are hiding it, it must be something special :D

    I love that we all get the ‘in’ joke with the name drops and I love the fact they mentioned zino, have that you £%*&%#! Lol

    And I will never stray from this site to go to any other forum or site, all my fav writers are here and everyone is so lovely and helpful and friendly and you put up with all my stupid comments: D I am not normally one to comment as I never really did at ‘the old site’ but feel at home here :D

    Bring it on! Just worried I am going to have to buy soo many more donuts lol and btw, they are giving me 15 donuts for my 2nd svt, not the 30, but still good! And all within 24 hours of contacting EA!

    • Awesome. Glad to have loyal followers. And yeah EA seems to have really changed their game( no pun intended) for the better. Hope it stays.

  20. The last time we got a self-referential episode tie-in followed by an event was Whacking Day.

    Let’s hope this one is a lot less grueling.

    • From what I’ve seen and heard the last Halloween update was a lot of fun socially. Players had the ability to earn toilet paper and eggs and use them on houses in their neighbors. Hope it’s something similar.

  21. I was almost disappointed I read to the end of this post (instead of seeing the dialogue naturally in game) but it was so hilarious I actually laughed out loud. It’s really nice to see official acknowledgement of some of the issues (zino) that have worried many long-term legit players. It gives me hope that something is going on higher up and those that should will get their comeuppance.

  22. How will the season update and haloween update effect our bonus meter? I ask as by thursday ill be about 30-40k away from my bonus donuts. Have past events like this effected the bonus levels or is it just when we have level updates?

  23. Loved it. Lisa is still doing her job. But I hate waiting, so I came here to find out. I’m quite impatient.

  24. My Lisa got kicked out of her task .. and now Homer is locked in his task in the Simpson house where i can’t get him out .. but it seems, there is no need to rush, right?

    • No. Yesterday’s update just gave us the dialogue and installed the Season premier update but that won’t unlock until Thursday so you’re okay. What do you mean locked in? Can he be rushed with donuts? Not that I’m telling you to but you made it sound like it was a glitch and he can’t be let out of the task at all.

      • no, no .. i can’t afford donuts to speed things up, but you know how you can store buildings to release the people within. You just can’t store the Simpsons house. After another small update i got the rest of the dialogue so everything is fine :)

  25. hahaha this made me laugh out so loud! SpAndex had no luck datafracking and Lamezino just lives in the past. EA has us all twisted around their little fingers, and I love it.

  26. Did anyone else have this happen? I got the word balloon updates, and then when I went to check this page on my MyPad, the EA Forum Announcements page automatically came up. I don’t have it bookmarked, so I’m thinking it could be some sort of game code to link to that page? It’d be one of the more creative things they did, if it were.

  27. Hahaha. I agree. I got the other two but who is “JoshJeerer?” Very funny dialogue. The best so far. I’m glad EA has taken notice and paid some kind of tribute to these sites. If it wasn’t for these sites, people would not be into TSTO as much.

    • It’s a play of the name of a regular poster on the EA board. His gimmick is that everything EA puts out for the game sucks.

  28. That’s some great dialog. You weren’t kidding about the specific references to people. The Lamezino part is very nice. A good Simpsonian jab.

  29. The reference to zino and spAnser had me rolling Mike! Gives me goosebumps just that they mentioned sites like ours although I think they may have officially been endorsing their forum page. Hopefully we all make them laugh as much as they make us chuckle.

  30. Wow EA has a sense of humor! Some of the best dialogue I’ve ever read. I have a feeling this is going to be fun and not a chore (whacking day/month).

  31. I Love the Lamezino time travel line. Now I wonder what that was in reference to o_O !?! Ha ha ha.

    • Haha. I love how EA mocked Gamezino because Gamezino claims to use an “old” version of the game, when all they actually do is log the account into a hacked version of the game.

      spAnser even got a mention! XD

    • I LMFAO when I read that one! I hope the Halloween update keeps going along these lines. Making fun of the universe around us is what the Simpsons has been about since it’s inception… Long live the irreverent humour!!!

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