Attic Prize (Day One)

Day one of the attic prize is now available. As explained in the overview post to obtain them it can be found here. Today we got the flaming hoop prize, After collecting all prizes you will the obtain a NEW costume for Homer, ‘Homer Strongman’ The costume can be seen below, Here is the unlock message of the first prize of the week:


Homer: A flaming hoop! I better save this is case someday I get poodles that want to jump through things.


Unlock Message: Homer has put the Flaming Hoop in the attic and disconnected the smoke detector so it won’t keep annoying him by going off. Collect other unique items to unlock a special prize.


This will be a four-day course and I think you will have to log-in everyday to obtain the prize which is Homer Strongman and his image can be seen below, His unlock message is “I’m in the best shape anyone is, in the 1930’s”. So it does look like we are in quite for a treat and EA are really spoiling us this Halloween. I hope you are enjoying the update and there will be more Halloween posts on the way. Thanks again, Nathan.

UPDATE: We may get Homers costume on Sunday with a question linked to the Treehouse of Horror episode that airs that day, and the question is:

“What item of Moe’s does Homer covet in this season’s Treehouse of Horrors episode?”

  • An Emerald Ring
  • A Sapphire Tie Clip
  • A Ruby Nipple-Stud

I think this is unfair to the players who can’t get the episode due to being on different sides of the world. But don’t worry the answer is Emerald Ring!


91 thoughts on “Attic Prize (Day One)

  1. I’ve been checking Tapped Out every day since the update, it’s the 22nd now and I’ve still only got the Strongman costume. Only had the one Attic question and answered ‘Emerald Ring’ but nothing else is happening! Is it because I’m in England?

    • The Attic Prizes were only a one-time thing. Only one trivia question. Are you winning personal prizes and the community ones when they are unlocked? What do you think you are not receiving?

      • I didn’t realise the Attic prizes were set to certain days. That sucks. I am getting the community and personal prizes. Thanks anyway :)

        • Doesn’t suck. You got Strongman Homer? That’s what the Attic Prizes led to. We didn’t get to keep the attic prizes, they were clues to win Strongman Homer. You’re right on par with us my friend.

          • Oooh right. See me and my mates at sixth form used to talk about Tapped Out when the the old Halloween and Christmas updates came out but I’m at college now. No one tells me anything. Thanks alot, got that massive weight off my mind.

  2. Just collected 10 free donuts and the Homer strongman outfit. Answer the trivia question and you’ll get it. Emerald ring! Enjoy

  3. Hey did anyone else tap away all day yesterday and not get the barbell? I’m a lil choked cuz I must have popped around 500 ghosts. But I received the ring of fire on my second ghost popped 2 days ago and the outfit came on the first ghost I popped this morning. Am I not going to get the end prize now despite being a fanatical tapper?

  4. I got the unlock message for the flaming hoop and the barbell, but I cant find them anywhere, theyre not in my inventory

    • Tap on the Simpsons House, then hit the “Go” button. They don’t get placed in inventory.

  5. I found the day-two attic frightem (barbell) when popping a ghost around 11pm Pacific Time on day-one (Oct. 2), so it seems their servers activate the daily attic frightem around 2am ET (9am UTC). I also got the day-one frightem (flaming hoop) on my “B” game even though I hadn’t logged in to start Halloween on that account until day two.

  6. Does Homer or anyone else for that fact have to be available for the barbell to unveil itself. I have been clicking and popping all day and haven’t seen it yet. Also over a 1 billion no prize.

  7. Every timr I try to go to Krustyland, the program closes. Is this happening to anyone else?

  8. I’ve been playing all day and haven’t seen any ghosts of any sort. How do they appear? And I don’t seen any new decorations or buildings in my menus….. Please help…..

    • You must have completed “The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt. 1″. Bart starts a dialogue with Homer about the house being haunted. Have you updated your game from the App Store? You can’t begin until you complete the building of the Gypsy Fortune Teller shop.

  9. I’ve been tapping ghosts today and have gotten gremlins and goo but no halo. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a fix for it?

  10. I was just in a friends neighbourhood tapping away on ghosts and I got 1 donut! Has anyone else got a donut?

  11. Maybe a bit off topic, however when going to a friend’s town, should you tap on ‘unhaunted’ buildings to haunt them, or should you ‘dehaunt’ already haunted buidlings? Also, how many ghosts are generated per day and is there a limit of how many ghosts you can have at any time, similar to the snake cap during whacking day?

    • Just as is the case with a regular friend visit, you receive the same exact amount of Goo per visit. Either by haunting or unhaunting. How many Ghosts generated in a day depends on what you have in your town that generates them. There is definitely a limit on Gremlins that can be released. You will receive a notification when your town becomes full.

  12. The marge costume is worth the 70 donuts. Planted silvertongue half an hour ago and now it’s only got 3 hours left because I have Marge on 4 hour speed up a crop.

  13. Thanks so much for the answer! I don’t think I’ll be seeing the episode on Sunday since I’ll be at my boyfriend’s and appreciate knowing ahead of time! :)

  14. Darn. I am going out of town this weekend with no internet so it looks like I will miss this one.

  15. How do I collect the flaming hoop? Does a character need to be free to set off the dialogue? And is it stored in inventory? My husband got his this morning (he tapped it but nothing happened), but so far nothing for me.

    • You can collect it by tapping on ghosts, buildings, anything in your springfield and you’ll unlock it. It is not an item its just a collection piece

      • It didn’t show up in my Springfield. Do I have to finish the first building, before this works?

      • Yes, you need the building that activates the ghosts before you can get the item that only comes from tapping on ghosts.

      • I only have 2 hours left on my first haloween buildingso I should be able to get it but I know other people only started building this morning, so what will happen to them as they can’t collect todays item?

      • Thanks Nathan. Been looking for an answer about the flaming loop. Your the first to say that it’s not an item but a collection piece.

  16. I am counting on you guys to post the answer to the question on Sunday. In germany this episode will be aired halloween 2014 i guess :D
    Anyway, keep up your great work here and thanks for your efforts!

  17. Some questions:

    1.Should I spend my donuts on Marge,the witch?
    2.Will you get Kang and Kodos when you buy the Ray Gun?
    3.How much is the Ray Gun?
    4.Should I spend my donuts on B**beralla?
    5.How much Goo should I collect per day,to have the 10.000 Goo and the last
    6.How does the community-thing works?I mean,when we unlock the prizes
    7.How can I give Goo to the community?

    Sorry,for all the questions at once. :/

    • 1. Go for it! She is a great costume and the only costume for Marge so far and she is limited time!

      2 + 3. Not sure since I all ready had Kang and the Ray Gun but my guess is Yes.

      4. Post on that coming soon.

      5. I would say collect around between 100 – 1,000 Goo a day if you can.

      6. Just did a post on that, Check on the home page and first post :)

      7. Not sure what you mean?

  18. I thought I saw somewhere (I can’t remember where–it could have been in the game) that it was Strong Homer. It’s a tie-in with this Sunday’s Treehouse episode.

      • I thibk It wont be strongman homer cuz its in the collecting things for friday and fat in hat : hat for saturday it doesnt necesary need to be with this years episode it might be a character from another treehouse of horror I-XXIV or mayve we get kodos or i think hes obtained with the victorian ufo cuz in a treehouse of horror kang and kodos are in that ufo in there if u check the collections all of the sets except for the squaky teen one u get at least 1 and if there are only two u can get 1

        • No it IS Strongman Homer, and Kodos is available with this update as well. This Event is strictly from this year episode except for the re-release of last years items.

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