Community Prizes

Hello everyone and I just wanted to clear everything up on the community prizes. I have recently just learnt that you do not unlock every prize when the total is reached to 5,000,000,000, It is split into five unlock stages.

When the global total reaches 1,000,000,000 we will be rewarded with First Church of Lard Lad, This looks like a really good building and it would be great for non-premium players who don’t have the original Lard Lad Donuts. This building featured in ‘Holidays of future passed’ as what looked like the new church of Springfield, Homer will be pleased.


Our next prize will be obtained when the global total has reached 2,000,000,000 and we will win the prize of the character ‘Claw Zombie’.


I’ll speed up this post now. Next we have the ‘Ghost Bomb’, I’m not quite sure what the purpose of this item is but we will win this prize when the global total has reached 3,000,000,000.

Our next prize will be at 4,000,000,000 and we will win the character ‘Frog Prince’.


Our final prize will be King Homer’s Skyscraper when reaching the Global total of 5,000,000,000. I’m not sure if this will include King Homer of King Homer Costume but I very much doubt we will, since he is BIG!


I hope this has been a helpful post to what we are expecting when the GOO total has reached its global total. I’m on the game now and we are currently on the GOO total of 298, 533, 648 but we are moving fast so when I post this post I will probably be a bit behind.  I’m expecting we could reach the GOO total and hopefully obtain the five community prizes. Thanks again, Nathan. Only just noticed that this post is now my 100th post on the site and I couldn’t of made it without topix’s loyal fans. :)


100 thoughts on “Community Prizes

  1. feeling a little jipped.. I worked really hard on the Halloween theme and had 100 neighbors which I visited daily (pretty much)…. never got that King Homer – and it looked awesome!

    • well whaddya know…. it wasn’t there this morning but lo and behold its in the inventory now…
      #whosfeelingachumpnow? #openinventorybeforemouth

  2. You guys should all add me I’m a daily player and it gives you the opportunity to get more goo. Add me at hstewrulez

  3. I regret to inform you however my counter is close to 5,000,000,000 and still the first prize is waiting so what’s that mean ?

    • You’ll see it at 5 billion. Why anyone thought it would unlock at 1 billion is beyond me. There’s an arrow pointing to 1 item and a progress bar. Isn’t it natural that you get what is being pointed at once the goal displayed is reached just like in all other parts of the event?

      I’m going to go out on a limb here and use some more logical thinking and say that the First Church of Lard Lad is a facade for Lard Lad and will therefore be useless to those that don’t have Lard Lad unless they get really generous and give you the building along with the facade. Why? Because they’ve never done it any other way. That’s how they did Heck House (facade for the Church) and all the Christmas decorations for all the homes and certain buildings.

      • The first church of lard lad is like heck house but it’s not premium. Its a prize that doesn’t require lard lad and everyone will get it at 5 billion

  4. i am no expert but i believe the triangle is just an indicator of the community prize being guarranteed but i do not think we get those prizes until after the deadline. Just my thoughts : )

    • Yeah. With the Simpson Attic, the arrow was over the Hoop yesterday, now today it’s over the Barbell. It signifies which prize is next or due. There being an arrow over the first prize in the Community prizes MAY mean that they come in some kind of order. But really who knows. As long as we get them I could care less ; )

      • You appear to be repeating yourself a lot regarding this don’t you! Is it worth a seperate post regarding this item? Save you constantly writing the same message

  5. as of 5:45pm EDT. 439 million. at this breakneck pace, we’ll see all 5 community prizes by early-mid next week.

  6. quick side question to the community prizes, the personal prizes:
    what exactly does the third prize do? i am almost to it and just really want to know what it does; curiosity has got this cat.

  7. Has anybody noticed that one of the headstones on the intro screen is for “bipartisanship”? So awesome!

    • i couldnt read it on my device, i was going to steal my wife’s kindle fire hd so i could. awesomeness. whats the one under the sign say? i can read the other several. like console gaming…rofl

      • Life In Hell was one of my favorites way back in high school — I’d say I’d love to see those old characters tie in, but the tombstone squashes that thought!

        • this small touch might be my favorite part about the halloween update. i used to love to read the gravestones at haunted houses. especially at disneyworld, disneyland, and eurodisney.

  8. Looking round my town and saw some stuff:
    -When the power plant is haunted you can see the ghost of frank grimes
    – when the libry is haunted you can see shakespeares ghost
    – when moes is haunted u can see moes health inspector freinds ghost.
    – the 3 eye fish in rivers is a zombie head ;-)

  9. So glad I found you guys, super helpful! I’ve got space for this Halloween event, tidy town, no farms, over in the UK: windswepto

    Enjoy everyone!

  10. Thanks for the post, but I still don’t understand this community total thing. Is it everyone on the planet who plays tsto? Or each of us and our friends?

  11. Thanks for getting these updates out, I wasn’t sure how some of this was working. I am wondering if I should be putting my characters on GOO tasks or leave them on short jobs because of the storyline. AHHHH SO MUCH IS HAPPENING hahah. Thanks again for all the hard work

    also, i have space for about 20 friends, add me: cleetussd

    • I put kids to work trick or treating, and have burns and marge doing their bit, while waiting for Homer to finish at the fortune tellers.

  12. wonder if any of these buildings will give xp bonuses (doubt it but I can hope)
    A slightly related q for Halloween. I have 117 donuts (I don’t buy any and have patiently saved for a while) would you recommend getting one of the ghost producing items or just stand pat. I do not buy donuts so keep that it mind

    • I just broke down each generating item to see what is the best value.
      Ancient Burial Ground – 40 donuts – 4 ghost every 12 hours (8 per day)
      Wailing Wall – 50 donuts – 6 ghosts every 12 hours (12 ghosts per day)
      Mausoleum – 60 donuts – 5 ghosts every 8 hours (15 per day)
      Pet Cemetery – 70 donuts – 8 ghosts every 10 hours (20 per day)
      Springfield Cemetery – 75 donuts – 8 ghosts every 10 hours (20 per day)

      Look like the Mausoleum gives you a decent amount of ghosts per day. But it’s really up to you.

  13. In case anyone was wondering…its 10,000 goo to unlock everything. Assuming u start today, thats 285 goo a day. Good luck people!

  14. You know how there are those ‘mini prizes’ each day (Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun), can those who didn’t get the Wednesday one yesterday still get it?

      • The Wednesday one is today, not yesterday as the time zones are US (probably central time) if you haven’t finished the fortune teller you might want to consider rushing it with donuts.

    • I got two today. So they drop reguraly , i Guess. Hope i am going to get the trivia right at the end, then you get the Homer strong man costume.

    • it may be that each week of the event that we can reearn those missed. or it may be completely missable.

    • The impression I got from the text was that the Wednesday item was available every Wednesday (until you got it). With the comprable thing in last year’s Halloween update, the Mayan calendar, you could still collect the pieces after the episode aired.

  15. GOT GHOSTS???…ADD: Toxicshark965 TODAY, and I will rid your town of the floating nemisis’ and gather the unwanted goo!!! also offering GREMLIN extraction…ACT NOW!…toxicshark965

  16. Looks like it’s going up at a rate of about 3,300 per second. If my math is correct, we should get to 5,000,000,000 in a little over 17 days. However, I would expect the rate to increase as a lot of people who didn’t rush the fortune teller have yet to start collecting GOO.

    • Ah, but it is also front-loaded by all the people who have so many donuts from previous hacks that they already have 10,000 Goos. I would expect that, after the first few days, we’ll get a better sense of what the real average is.

      • I would expect that the hacked versions are the outliers. About 85% of my friends have no GOO while 1% has over 10,000. The rest are with me at about 200-600.

      • Of course they are outliers, but they are also one-time only boosts, that’s my point.

        Let’s assume your numbers represent the entire game; 15% of the players are responsible for 100% of those numbers, but 14 friends at 600 = 8400 goos, and the 15th at 10000, meaning that 55% of the GOO is coming from that one person/percent, and isn’t likely to repeat (at least at anywhere near that level). And that’s assuming the *high* number of your 14. If we use your low number, then 79% of the GOO would come from the one person.

        Personally speaking, I have 300 or so, 1 friend has 10,000 and 1 friend has 150 or so, so I find your numbers potentially high. But even saying they’re reasonable estimates, it would still suggest that the majority of the goo is coming from those people. Certainly, a significant amount of it is, so any estimates based on these numbers will be horribly skewed.

      • I would say that we need 500,000 players to reach the goal of 10,000 for the community to reach its goal. If all five hundred thousand people earn a mere 276 goo per day we will make goal. Those of us bringing in thousands per day should be able to lower the necessary number of players completing the 10,000 goo goal as well.

      • Not everybody is going to play all the way to 10,000… But I do think the community will make it.

  17. The First Church of Lard Lad…is that going to be a separate building; or is it going to be a façade for the current Lard Lad?

  18. The King Homer skyscraper also appears to be in black and white. If King Homer is in the game, I’d guess he would also be black and white to match.

  19. this is already by far better than whacking day was! love the idea of community prizes!
    if anyone wants to add me i’m pastey616

    • Yes i like more this halloween than the other one well what could we expect if the other one was made in less than a month when krustyland was released they were already working on this year halloween and im happy all the decorations from last year are back and my favorite character in all the game just because its a ghost : maude flanders it cool not to see a character walking instead :floating! Its so cool

  20. Congrats on your great 100th post! Love this site and your info packed posts, great work and much appreciated.

  21. I think it´s quite possible, that we could get a King Homer outfit. The Skyscraper doesen´t seem to be too big. King Homer would be as big as one or two floors of the building which would fit to the picture of the episode…

    Keep up the good work!

      • That’s probably a good guess; they haven’t said whether these are prizes we will be awarded or whether the reward is that they are unlocked and we can buy them, have they?

      • Maybe its going to be an always-moving building with king homer and some planes shooting

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