Wow!! 3,000,000,000 and how much Goo you need to claim all 10 personal prizes.

Wow there’s been some hard tappers out there. It was only 24 hours ago when I posted on the 2 billion goo mark. Keep up the hard work. Ok let’s get to the second point.

There has been a couple of people accusing the previous post as a speculating post. Let me make this clear now. The last post and this post are not a speculating posts. They are simple motivators with a worst case scenario in mind. I never said what will happen. All I’m saying is, the quicker we get to 5 billion the better. Best to be prepared. If you don’t like it, I suggest that you don’t continue reading this.

Ok, so as I said, it wasn’t long at all since the last post where the average was 697,000,000 goo per day would clear a total of 25 billion goo for the event. In saying that, our average has now droped to 687,500,000 per day. In saying this, even if EA’s target is different, we will still be on track if we aim to lower this further.

Ok, now for more personal matters. How much do you need each day to make the prizes? Below, I have compiled a list with the average goo you will need to collect each day to be able to claim each prize if you are currently still building the Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop. If you already have Goo, you are already in front and shouldn’t have a problem in claiming all of the prizes.

  • Pumpkin House – its only 100 Goo. You won’t need to worry about this because you will receive it by the time part 3 of the quest is finished.
  • Ancient Burial Ground- 16 Goo per day
  • Vacuum Tool – 40 Goo per day
  • Shuffling Zombie- 63 Goo per day
  • Victorian UFO- 94 Goo per day
  • Ultrahouse 2
    – 125 Goo per day
  • King Snorky the Dolphin
    – 165 Goo per day
  • Twirl n’ Hurl ( Krustyland ride) – 204 Goo per day
  • Burns’ Coffin and Burns Skin – 250 Goo per day
  • Gingerbread House and Susane The Witch – 313 Goo per day

So, according to EA’s timer, we have another 32 days left. With motivation and determination, we will get all that is up for grabs, so don’t stress, splatter instead.


54 thoughts on “Wow!! 3,000,000,000 and how much Goo you need to claim all 10 personal prizes.

  1. Hi, I just figured out that when you visit a friend and haunt a building that is already haunted, you get 2 goos instead of just one (though you don’t get any cash nor xp). I don’t know if you guys already mentioned this somewhere, but I think it deserves a post of its own. Imagine the boost it could give to the community goal? Not to mention how each player can benefit from it individually.

    I was actually angry at first when I realized I could have collected at least 2/3 more goo than I have done so far, but I’m glad I found that out still at the beginning of the event.

    Keep it up and thanks for the post!

    • Ahh, but you actually hurt your friend and the community (not by much, but a little). For example. You visit your friend and tap 3 buildings which are haunted already. You get 6 GOO from those three buildings. You friend gets 6 GOO from them when they unhaunt them. Fine, that’s 12 total for the community.

      But if when you visit your friend and tap 3 unhaunted buildings you collect 3 GOO. Your friend then can unhaunt 6 buildings (the 3 you tap and the 3 someone else tapped) for 12 GOO. So then that’s 15 total for the community.

      So it turns out that more buildings which are haunted are better, even if it gets you a little less GOO when you visit your friends. When they visit you and haunt more buildings, you get more GOO. Make sense? (and yes, this perhaps deserves it’s own post)

      • Ok, thanks for telling me this! I’m back to the haunting of the unhaunted business. One thing I’m doing now, though, is tapping buildings as far from the center as possible. Like this they will be less likely to be re-haunted by someone else, and my friend can see that I visited and haunt me back (hopefully with some gremlins!) Like this is a win-win :)

  2. Has anyone considered this – maybe after unlocking a community prize we might have to spend more cash – or worse, donuts – to get the actual prize?

    If you look in the THOH build menu you’ll see a Ghost Bomb and a Dozen Ghost Bombs listed but locked (“Community Prizes”). Maybe when we unlock that community prize we get several ghost bombs but have to spend donuts for more?

    This made me wonder whether that might be true for the rest of the prizes. Because it would be weird for EA to give everyone in the Tapped Out world a community prize at the exact same time.

    • Yeah but I think this time EA is thinking on how to make the game more sociable. During whacking day there was nothing to aim for so people just gave up rather than help people who hadn’t got the prizes. I think there will be a catch but they already have a lot of premium stuff so there would be no need for them to be premium. Cash is a possibility. Also if they promised prizes, then said after so much work, now pay donuts, a lot of players won’t get and will be very angry.

  3. I now have two spaceships (not counting the prize one). I already had Kang, his spaceship, and the ray gun. After the Ultralight house quest Kodos was unlocked and flying around. I had to shoot down Kodos and so I did. I now have the exact copy of Kangs spaceship, however, Kodos is with it and not moving. Is Kodos just a decoration or will he move around like Kang at some point?

  4. I really want Kang and Kodus but I only have 13 donuts , will there be any more donuts up for grabs ( and costumes) like the homer one today? I have nearly 2900 so I should be fine? But I really need friends because I only have 30 , add me : Cameroned26

      • Save up your money sometimes to get 3 donuts it will cost you $100,000 (the try again $50,000 boxes) the way I am racking up goo (lots off friends) I could bonus every 2 to 3 days and with my bad luck I know it is going to cost me.

  5. 10 Goo short of the Dolphin so this years event will be less manic at the end, when compared to Whacking day.

  6. I got count burns today and I’m about 1000 goo away from getting the last prize. It’s so much easier than whacking day. I almost have all the prizes and there’s still a month to go. Hopefully that means lots of free donuts with the 2000 goo incentive.

      • Im at about 7700 GOO already. I have the max amount of friends so i get alot that way, i also earn about 75 or so gremlins a day so releasing them all gets me about 300 more GOO a day. Ill get prize 9 today and 10 maybe after tomorrow.

        All these homer quests are really annoying me tho, there are so many other characters that could somehow be included. Homer will be very busy for a few weeks with all these 12 hour and 24 hour tasks lol

      • me too Homer is an incredibly busy man :D i’m relaxing a bit now but i’ll probably have the twirl-n-hurl tonight

      • Me too! O_o I know he is the protagonist, but seriously?? I’m focusing on the ghost in the machine quest first, though, because I want those 6 donuts from Burn’s confession…

  7. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this glitch, but I got two twirl and hurls this morning. Earned the first and placed it in Krustyland (while on my iPad). Then about two hours later I logged in on my phone and it said I won the twirl and hurl and placed it in my inventory. I placed the second one in Krustyland and they are both still there. I have logged out and back into the game several times (including hard closing the app) and it is still there. This could be pretty cool.

    • It gets easier. Do you visit your friends? You can claim 800+ goo just by doing that. If you need some help just send me an invite. And I’ll drop off some gremlins in your town as i do for each town i visit, if i can. Its my name and 20.

    • To be able to get that prize. If you are getting 400 goo each day you will get Susane the witch (10th prize) if you get 94, you will end up with Kang (Kodos if you have Kang) and the Victorian UFO. Its to show the path you are on and to help people push for better prizes.

  8. I need 10 more goo to get the last present, also has anyone got a fix for my lisa, when I try to make her go trick or treating it pulls me down to the bottom of my map and it shows me a green screen with the yellow thumbs up, then it disappears im so mad, help please

  9. Yeah, like I said previously in another thread, we seem to have plateaued in our daily goo production. No worries though since it is a very high daily total :)

    I’m just about to hit the 6,500 prize myself… Can’t wait!

        • He was last year. This year he comes with the Victorian UFO. People who have Kang already get Kodos instead. If not, Kodos is premium.

      • Yesterday at night i got the tworl and hurl (however its called)
        Im going to get all the prizes by half of next week acoridong to my calculations

      • For those of you asking about Kodos and the Ray Gun, I have had Kodos hovering over my Springfield in his UFO and the Ray Gun unlocked for a couple of days now. Kang is currently doing “We Come in Pieces — Pt. 5.” Kodos and the option to buy the Ray Gun appear a few steps into Kang’s quest line. The Ray Gun is 150 donuts. Ouch! I know the price dropped last year, but this year the Ray Gun is, at least for now, 150 donuts. That’s why Kodos is still flying around my Springfield. I really want him for my SF permanently, but I’m still trying to figure out if I should fork over 150 donuts to shot down his spaceship and get him.

      • You don’t have to finish Kangs quest to unlock Kodos, you simply need to complete the Ultrahouse 2 quest, which has only one task. Homer goes to dinner with the Ultrahouse 2. Kodos begins flying around once Homer completes this task and the ray gun is then unlocked in the menu. :-)

      • Yeah, Homer is definitely being worked overtime during this event. It seems he constantly has 2 or 3 tasks lined up and waiting in the task book. It’s hard to resist using donuts to speed up tasks but I’m doing my best not to do that. I’d much rather use donuts to get all the awesome content included in this event. Thanks for all the great info you guys provide for us all. :-)

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