Quick Update on the Missing Trick-or-Treaters

Hey friends!

I wanted to give you all a quick update on what is being done about the missing character glitch that unfortunately came with the Halloween event. A regular reader and commenter of ours, Justin, just sent in a tiny bit of info regarding the matter. The EA developers have located the problem and are working on a fix due out sometime this week. Please keep in mind that we are only passing on information that was given to us, we do not have all of the details on the fix, when it will be exactly or if any compensation will come with the fix. I just thought those of you affected would like to know that there is a fix in the works and hopefully you will still get to enjoy the better part of the event. To check out the page that this info came from click here.

Hope it helps!

Mike S.

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39 thoughts on “Quick Update on the Missing Trick-or-Treaters

  1. I think my Arnie Pie has vanished too. That or i can’t find him in my large-ish town. Also found out that bart ‘ran off’ this morning, completely forgot about storing the treehouse.

    • I lose characters all the time. I tap the move button(yellow arrows) and then hide buildings and decorations and usually they’re hiding somewhere.

      • I think Arnie may have vanished too. I turned off the decorations and buildings and still couldn’t find him. i can still broadcast arnie pye at channel 6 though

  2. I’ve lost Nelson, 24 hours after his goo task should’ve ended, i stored his house and I got him back (didn’t want to do that because I didn’t want to lose the goo he should’ve had, but after 24 hours that was pointless), and then immediately lost Bart, have no idea how to get him back. Didn’t have this problem until i read about it first. I really hope that I don’t miss out on much more goo.

  3. With the recent in-game update it seems it was more important for EA to close the tiny hole which allowed you to collect 6 or 7 ghosts per town than fixing the issue with missing Lisa/Homer… stunning…

    • FYI-
      My Lisa is back safe & sound as of around midnight EST.
      She is hard at work in the public library for 24 hours…..couldn’t be more content :)

  4. I found a fix for missing Lisa, though it requires spending donuts. Simply use the Open Air Stage and select Lisa to play the sax. My Lisa was completely gone, vanished while trick-or-treating. I set her to play the sax, left the game, returned, and there she was playing. She finished and went right back to wandering town with everyone else. So if you have the stage, or have excess donuts to buy it, it’s a decent fix until an update comes.

    • Oh, you got my hopes up as I have made Willy perform non-stop!
      On my stage Lisa is “Locked” as she is trapped in limbo by the Big Yellow Thumb that has the power to release her…..
      Thank you, though!

  5. Why aren’t Sherri, Terri, Ralph and Rod and Todd trick or treating? Seems a little inconsistent.

    • I know for sure Sherri and Terri do not because they are a premium character and unique in that they are 2-in-1. The others I’m not really sure but they always tended to only include the main, most well-known ones. Not sure why.

    • I wonder if it is because they didn’t feel like coding new tasks for characters. Because it’s not the kids who were available last Halloween that have it this year, and they all even had the same costumes!

  6. Is there anything known whether this issue is isolated to a specific platform rather than all supported ones (iOS, Android, Android on Kindle)?

  7. This might mean the extend the event. Last Christmas there were really bad server issues and some players weren’t able to connect for the first couple of weeks, so they extended the event to make up for it.

    If anyone has lost Lisa or Homer, they won’t be able to progress through the quest. So depending on how long it takes them to correct it, they may extend it. It would suck if anyone missed out because of a glitch. :(

    • I’ll take that as compensation!!!
      I lost Miss Springfield yesterday (I guess Mayor Quimby had her “Work it” too much) and Lenny this morning.
      Lenny had just finished his 8 hours of boozing at Moe’s, so I tapped him and he said his usually thing about needing a long soak in the tub.
      I thought he had accidentally drowned due to intoxication (of decided to join lisa was is still lost at sea.
      But when I stored Moe’s and the Sleep Easy Motel Lenny and Miss Springfield were unscathed.
      Lisa, alas, is still gone.

  8. For me it’s Carl who has just randomly disappeared. I’m glad I don’t need him for any of the Halloween quests though. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

    • You can always put the Buddhist Temple (I think that’s the building he came with) into storage and then place it back out, if you want to free him.

  9. Talking about glitches, I just got a new one – my game is stuck in vaccuum mode! I was sucking up ghosts when one of the prices got unlocked, and the message popped up. After closing the message, the tiny tornado stayed on my screen, and nothing makes it go away, safe closing the game.

      • I cannot do anything else, it blocks any other game play. If a ghost happens to come near, it is still sucked up, but it stays stationary and cannot be moved around any more.

    • That one happened to me too. Closing and reopening fixed it since I couldn’t click on anything else while the vacuum was running on that one spot on the screen.

  10. This happened to me with Sideshow Bob, I was in a friends town and Bob did his Jesus impression and walked right over the water and off the map!

    He popped up later on in my own SF though so he wasn’t gone for good.

    • If you got Kang last Halloween storing his crashed UFO will bring him back, or if you obtained him this year try storing the Victorian UFO.

  11. It doesn’t appear to be limited to trick or treaters; I found Smithers doing his hideous drunken wreck thing in the mountains.

  12. I’ve lost Bart twice in one game and Witch Marge and Wolfcastle in the other. I have no idea what I had Wolfcastle doing when I lost him. But I searched a good 20 minutes for him and waited 24 hours to see if he would turn up, like behind a tree or something. No dice. But Marge and Bart were Trick or Treating. Simple solution would be to make the Simpson house storable. At least until they figure out what the problem is.

  13. Just curious hasn’t happened to me but has anyone tried vacuuming Lisa back to the screen? Maybe these are possessed people being taking over the edge by ghosts and you can vacuum the ghost out of them. Just a thought or speculation.

      • Yeah, I’m on Android. I haven’t had nearly the issues a lot of people I’ve read have been complaining about, so if this update fixes anything, I probably wouldn’t know…unless my Death Drop stops flashing in-and-out.

  14. I haven’t lost any trick or treaters, thankfully. But I did lose Legs while he was protecting local businesses. I put away Fat Tony’s compound, and got him back. I have been avoiding sending Lisa trick or treating, so I don’t lose her. Thanks for the update! P.S. Are all comments moderated, or am I not an official site member? I just recently started posting here, so I wasn’t sure.

  15. I have a theory:
    My Lisa has the yellow “thumbs up” above her meaning she is finished with her task & I need to tap her to let her go on to the next one. So I was thinking if I could somehow tap the yellow thumb that would free her. The thing is she disappears so fast that it may be impossible for me to do on a small iPhone 4.– I have been trying.

    Maybe EA could do that if they log onto my game? I’ll ask them. I wonder if the others with missing Lisas also have yellow thumbs above them — if so that could be the answer.

    Please respond if your lost characters, if you can see them at all, have the yellow thumbs up symbol.


      • there was an update here over the problem continues with Homer stuck in an area already open my map … I click on the thumb yellow mission only arises in the area for less than a second … this time is not yet!

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