Update May 22!

Just came across this on Facebook! Looks like an update is coming. EA never announces updates but it’s the silhouette of the exact spoiler image spAnser found a few days ago.
Obviously this is all US time as it NOT May 22 yet in America and usually things happen around 8:00 am GMT.
Stay tuned!


55 thoughts on “Update May 22!


    Soooo…..got an update and level’ed up. Whoohoo new level – well not really.
    A short introduction with Hibbert and Homer, and then the Bloodmobile for in-game cash, the Duff Party Liner (boat) for 100 donuts and an “Unfinished Shed” that comes with the silouhette guy for 150 donuts and….nothing else! So: no donuts spent = no quest, building or character.

    And yes I know the paying customers are the ones who keep this game afloat, but if this is the way it is going to be going forward I will pretty quickly be done with TSTO :(
    Let’s hope it’s just another mistake on EA’s part but if this is the way it’s gonna go EA has completely dropped the ball on what makes a good freemium game. Or perhaps they’ve realized that they’ve interest is dwindling (random Easter prizes and other weird decisions to blame, most likely) and are just trying to squeeze the last penny out of TSTO. I hope not but I fear that might be the case.

    • Hmm? It includes Bernice Hibbert and the jewelry store too. Like most level updates, it includes a non-premium character, building and decoration, and a premium character, building and decoration.

      • Really???? Sorry for sorta flying of the handle like that then :) I did not get any of that – only the stuff described. I didn’t update through Play though so the other stuff might have just been in the files or something.
        Was a bit surprised that they would change the way it usually is with the level updates as I think that those are actually the part of the game that they (pretty much) nailed.
        Very strange – I’m 100 % sure that none of what you described was in my game (not just locked or something). Namely because I was surprised I did a thorough inspection :)

        Anyways – I’m glad I was (completely) wrong :)

        Off to the Play Store and see if things are different
        Happy tapping with lvl 41 guys

        • Check to make sure you have Moe free, he starts the non-premium quest, with the build of the jewelry store.

    • Also you shouldn’t need to go to the Play Store as it was an in-game update. If you have all of the new content then you should very well have the new quest and characters although they need to be unlocked after requirements are met. Have you finished the level 40 quest line? You will not get prompted to start a new level unless certain quest parts of the previous level have been completed. Its the whole “one foot in front of the other” theory. Can do 41 without doing 40, hence the term, Progression.

  2. Update dropped was a in game. Level 41 w dr hibberts wife and cousin is the unknown character he’s premium. Need moe and dr hibbert free to start

  3. Wow $800,000. Dammit it was only yesterday I spent 1.5 million on vollyball courts trying to go up levels.

  4. UPDATE! Level 41. 2 new premium decorations (one with character found in files) and 1 non-premium decoration. Quest to build a jewelry store as well underway!

  5. Just got the new level! (And moments after hitting another XP bonus, good timing self.)

    I had everyone off jobs because it was my post-wakeup-Tappin’, but Hibbert points out the new premium and Moe starts the build for the regular.

    • Its not a main quest tho moe starts that, and this one makes me happy its someone ive been waiting for.

  6. I stand corrected, Hilbert’s wife is part of the update too, not sire how to get the questline started though.

  7. Wow, it is a premium character, 150 doughnuts, very dissapointing, this is the first time I can think of that there was a level up update without a building/character for in game money…BS, this game is really starting to turn me off

    • Your so eager to complain you didn’t even look at your game properly you also get Hibberts wife and couple of decorations you can use in game cash for

        • Well, if your commets are relevant to TSTO we’ll approve them but your links to other games and miscillanious other stuff has no place here, so its treated as Spam.

        • Okay for one calling us liars definitely took you one step further back then you already were with your “delete this since you won’t let me post” comment. Your comment has been deleted permanently so I cannot retrace it and see BUT I trust my team 1,000 times more than any reader here and if one of them removed it I believe it to be done for good reason. If you have more than one or two emails or links associated with the ID you use to comment then our Spam filters automatically count it as such as automatically removes it. EVERYONE is allowed to post here granted rules are followed and no one is disrespected. No one is lying and none of us will tolerate being called liars. We have automated systems here that may have seen it as Spam. Plain and simple there was something about your post that caused our system to remove it. Calling us liars will get you so that you are not allowed to post here that’s for sure. If your use a WordPress login check the amount of links you use. Post your comment again for me please so I can see what the problem is but don’t come at us right away assuming we are in the wrong and then after we explain you resort to name calling. But please repost the comment, NO ONE will remove it. Unless the Spam Guard does or it is absolutely called for to remove. You’re welcome here my friend and I want to sort it out the right way.

        • Rudeness and insults, like this, towards the writers and other readers is why we dont approve your comments. This is in no way constructive and boardering on trolling.
          I appologize if any reader is offended by me passing this comment but it seems to be the only way to get the point across to Anthony on why we regularly trash his comments.

  8. It’s getting close to midnight here in Sydney, Australia. Gosh May 22nd is a tease for the Aussies haha :)

  9. “A never before seen face is arriving in Springfield!!!…”
    I think we may disgard the idea of a new suit for Karl…However we may have a premier in TSTO: A Character beeing released first in the TSTO Game and then on the Show…That would be cool.

    • I’m pretty sure they did this with the Asian girl that dates comic book guy earlier this season.

      • Yes, she was new to the Simpsons Show. She appeared in the Married to the Blob Tie-In, right? However at that time we had a lag of 3/4 days, now to see Chester we will have to wait til September ;)

    • As I am not an American, what is Memorial Day? What does it celebrate? Must be important since we will be missing out on an episode of game of thrones this week because of it.

      • Not American either but I think it has something to do with remembering the ones lost in wars. It is also marks the start of Summer, I think.

      • Memorial Day is a national holiday to remember everyone who has ever enlisted in the military and have either continued to do so or gave their lives fighting for our freedom. It’s to show homage to our veterans,active military, policeman and firefighters who sacrifice their lives to help others every day.

  10. Can we call him “Sir Lags-a-lot” until his official name is released?

    I like big Pauses and I can not lie
    You other Players can’t deny
    That when a game walks in with an small frame rate
    And a big lag in your face
    You get Stuck,

  11. Possibly a yard sale but for past seasons. I really doubt he would be premium though mostly likely free with everything else being premium.

  12. Watch now, as EA releases another character for premium players only, all (likely) without fixing the lag problems!

    Seriously EA, I’d really suggest delaying releasing new content until the lag is fixed. I know the bug department likely isn’t the same as the one doing content, but the average everyday user typically doesn’t…

    • Little, well way too soon to argue speculation. Let’s wait and see what happens and keep in mind not everyone has the lag issues or any issues at all and deserve an updated game ad much as you deserve a fixed one. They gotta cover both sides of the coin which cannot be easy at all.

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