Level 56: Daredevil Bart & Captain Murdoch – Complete Overview

Although I wasn’t really expecting an update so soon after the release of Springfield Heights (which I promise I am going to cover as soon as I figure out where to start), I was more than pleasantly surprised to see Level 56 drop and even MORE so when I saw what the new level brought with it. I can’t speak for any of you but I was born in the late 70’s making me a full-fledged 80’s baby and one of the most iconic real-life stars of that time, for me, wasn’t who you typically think of when, or if, you ever think back to that time. No I’m not talking about Max Headroom, E.T., the entire cast of The Ghostbusters and so on and so forth. Im talking about a legendary, fearless, one-of-a-kind stuntman named Robert Craig “Evel” Knievel. 


Evel Knieval was a household name back then and not because of that badass hairdo or outfit, but because this man broke pretty much every bone in his body multiple times while attempting stunts with dirtbikes and motorcycles so insane he actually failed most of the time and people still loved him. I fondly remember having an official Evel Knieval playset at home and would easily recreate his many devastating crashes as they were a hell of a lot easier to do than to actually pretend successful jumps.

I’m sure many of you at this point are wondering what in the world any of this has to do with Tapped Out so I’ll quit reminiscing and make the connection. Cue, Level 56 and Captain Lance Murdoch! All will be revealed after the jump along with the entire Level 56 Overview!

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July 4th 2015 – A Final Look: Buyers Guide

Let me begin by apologizing for the very delayed post. I am recovering from being struck by a car a few days ago and was not able to get this out in time. So since we did not get out a proper Overview and there’s still time to purchase the content I’ve decided to combine the Should I Buy….July 4 2015? with the July 4 2015: Full Overview. This way we have a properly documented source of reference as it pertains to the game’s history and you get a detailed guide to assist in any last minute decisions. Forgive some of the wording as I started writing this on the day of the release. 

Just as I was about to begin a period of utter dread in anticipation of yet another boring Fourth of July mini-event, chock full of rehashed content and characters, yet again EA threw a curve ball at me, an increasingly more common occurrence thus far in 2015. The July 4 2015 event dropped with little warning, and while it does contain the usual 2-3 rehashed characters and their anchor buildings, it’s the very few new items that make this little tip of the brim towards American independence all worth even talking about.

Even our good ol’ pal Gil Gunderson came to town with his pockets full of snake oil for the holiday with a brand new Gil Deal to make you pay money for an “all-American, patriotic yet insanely scandalous and historically disgraced previously breathing” symbol of American freedom, isn’t he such a swell guy. That Gil.  And he brought along a Tricky Dick that he pulled from a Deep Throat of American history to offer him up to you, as bait, I mean as the newest ex-whatever to fill in the ranks of the Fourth of July character set.


To find out what this years celebration of independence has brought to our ever-growing virtual populaces, follow me after the usual complementary yet-ever-so-spoilery image of what we’re going to spoil for you anyway once you do actually “follow me.” Your welcome!


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Should I Buy……..Stacy Lovell, Malibu Stacy HQ and Stacy’s Dream House? Premium Guide

Updates such as Level 53 are exactly why The Simpsons Tapped Out is one of the greatest games ever, especially for those of us who have been avid fans for the last 26 years. I’ve said it a hundred times and probably will say it a hundred more, level updates are my absolute favorite additions to the game because the content of each new level is “canon” material and comes straight from the core story line of the show and gives the developers and writers an opportunity to “continue” or extend on a story or character that many of us found ourselves wishing for more of.

Many of you may not be so excited to see Stacy Lovell or better yet, many of you may not even know who Stacy Lovell is, but once you’ve completed this Premium Guide, hopefully, you will have gained a better understanding of the contribution this character has made to the history of The Simpsons and to many of its characters. Also, I’m hoping this will help you to decide on whether buying Stacy and the Malibu Stacy Headquarters is worth the donuts. Seeing as how Stacy Lovell and the additional premium building of Level 53 is so closely connected I will also cover Stacy’s Dream House in order to show the additional benefits from one purchase and how they add to the other and vice versa.

Mailbu-Stacy-Episode-ImageFollow me as we delve deep into The Simpsons and discover the history of Stacy Lovell and her greatest creation, Malibu Stacy.

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Level 51: Marvin Monroe – Overview

On the heels of the very first “unevent” for the Whacking Day/Easter period, Level 51 has dropped, bringing with it a couple of dead guys. Oh wait, one dead guy and one dead guy that ended up not being dead, just “very sick”. Springfield’s favorite, if there is one, psychiatrist Dr. Marvin Monroe and his Family Therapy Center have arrived to guarantee you “family bliss or double your money back”. Before you go and sell your TV’s, there’s more, Homer’s Simpson’s fateful co-worker Frank Grimes also arrives with Level 51, or at least his resurrected, not-dead-after-all-but-from-a-grave self, if that makes any sense. As always I present to you the overview for the update which covers exactly what the update brought, prices, few bits of info for each item, etc. Let’s see what Level 51 has for us. Right this way!

Marvin Monroe-episode-image
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How Do the ___________ Items Affect the Conform-O-Meter? Multi-Update Guide

With all of the craziness that the holiday season brings, (by holiday season I mean October to January according to the stores in my area) we sometimes get lost in our real world responsibilities like families, jobs, etc. And sometimes we just get behind, which is the case with our Conform-O-Meter posts. We’ve missed a few updates and instead of posting them one by one I’m going to catch up, right here, all in one guide.

conform2According to my records we are missing everything after Level 45 so we’ll go from there and by the end of this will have covered everything up until Phase 2 of the current Christmas event. If you’re new or newer and would like to learn what the Conform-O-Meter is and what it does please see our post here. For more information about the other Conform-o-meter ratings and other technical details in the game, please check out our S-Files Page full of technical info on the game here.

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Covercraft – Season 26 Episode Tie-In Update Overview

Along with this years Thanksgiving mini-event came an episode tie-in for the upcoming episode titled “Covercraft” which is set to air Sunday, November 23 at 8:00 EST. I realize many of you do not live in the US and will not be seeing this episode for some time but I feel it necessary to get the coverage for this out first due to the timing. For those of you who can’t see the new episodes as they air there are ways around that *hint**hint*.

Any how the breakdown of the tie-in update is after the jump.

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Level 47 Overview

Finally, after a few very long weeks, the alien invasion has been thwarted and the nerve-wracking Crafting has gone the way of the zombies, ghosts and gremlins. Another chapter in Tapped Out history has closed but not before yet another has started. Before we welcome our third Thanksgiving into our virtual Springfield’s we sink deeper into the more obscure parts of The Simpsons with Level 47.

Frederick ‘Freddy’ Joey Quimby, the nephew of Springfield’s Mayor Quimby, has arrived with Level 47 along with the French Waiter he was accused of nearly killing as well as Princess Kashmir, Springfield’s most famous stripper. Along with these 3 characters, we’ve also gotten a few other goodies. We’ll keep the individual histories of these characters for a separate post, this one is to break down all of these new items, their costs and any other relevant game info.

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Photo Courtesy: Simpsons Wiki

Note: Please check your Confirm Donut Spend Option after updating. Most updates will reset the option to OFF. 

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