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This page is for the collection of posts on the Christmas 2013 event.

Before the Update:

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Christmas 2012


114 thoughts on “Christmas 2013

  1. just got ebenezer burns 3 mins ago while tapping around! 2 more challenges to go! not sure we will see the last at this rate though!

  2. does anybody think we will be getting the St louis gateway arch jan 6? The new quest that just opened up has professor bont wanting to blow it up on that day. i think that would be a great addition to the town ;) and merry christmas/ happy holidays everybody!

  3. Just a note, the link to the new community prize totals post is not working :(. Love having all the other event posts in one place though. Awesome!


  4. Woohoo just upgraded to level 37 again … Lost count of how many times I have been at this level….. But what the heck I love this game! And I am trying to get to everyone’s towns to bring gifts! Happy Holidays Tappers!

  5. This isn’t really xmas related its about the layout your town is there like certain amount of trees needed to make a full tree hugging rating or you need so many benches ect also do you have to have something like 3 trees per row to revive the highest rating?

      • I know I was sceptical about the Halloween ones, but I think it is highly unlikely we will get to the third prize let alone all of them, I would imagine that the tapping with drop off after people have got all the personal prizes (I am on the 8th one as we speak and we haven’t even got halfway to the FIRST prize.

        Plus I can imagine tapping will decrease over the holidays with Christmas stuff going on… I predict a possible ‘re-pricing’ of the community prizes once we reach the first one.

      • I agree, we are barely to the first one!! Im not sure if EA will give us a break, or just make us suffer. They could be doing this on purpose though, seeing how much money they can raise, but then just giving us all of the goals as a surprise christmas present, like when your mom makes you think she couldnt get you what you wanted for christmas, and it ends up being under the tree anyhow ;)

        Last year though I downloaded the app right after xmas, so I dont know how they deal with this part of the year besides what Ive seen this year.

        • This is only the 2nd event ever to have goals, personal and global. The first was this years Halloween so we’re totally in uncharted territory. We’ll just have to wait and see.

      • We (the community) will easily make all the prizes. Have you noticed that as Christmas quest line progresses, each time it is introducing more characters with quests that collect tickets.

      • Also doesn’t the community goal only have to do with amount of gift bags we leave in towns as opposed to the collecting of our own gift cards? Or maybe I read that wrong. I was worried about us meeting the goals myself. :(


  6. How do we get Flanders snowmobile? Are there a set of tasks? I haven’t seen it in the purchases or on the wheel. Thanks!

  7. I hope more of my characters get quests, it seems right now that its just homer, bart and lisa.. then again I have a quest for Apu, but I stubbornly put him on a 7 day work bender right before the update :p… one day left and maybe I’ll see some more christmas activity in my springfield.. fingers crossed!!!

    • The holidayquest involves Apu, Cletus, Krusty, Milhouse, marge, Bart, homer, lisa and sending various Springfielders to different shops/bars

      • Thanks! I found that part of the walkthrough sometime after, there are just so many christmas pages I didnt know where to start lol, looks like I need to rescue Apu from the kwiki mart!!

  8. Hmmmmmmmmm! Community totalizer is certainly another EA Louisiana swamp bug fest….if Xmas event continues until Valentines we should be okay.

    Have others experienced continuous game crashes ? Far more than normal……… And yes! I have uninstalled and re…..blah blah…….. How on earth can a company making mega millions from this game to be so lax with the coding……… ( apart from Microsocks obviously …they taught the world…….. I eagerly await their demise- it will be soon, thanks Android)

  9. I was doing some math off the top of my head, and it doesn’t appear that the community will be hitting the community prize by January 7th. It doesn’t appear that the community will even hit the 2 billion mark. In two days the community has hit 72 million gift cards, so you multiple by 26 days we only hit 1,872 billion. Do you think EA goes wacking day style and extends the Christmas event. I am slacking I have only tapped 12,000 cards.

      • I was under the impression that the community total is dependent on the gift bags dropped in friends towns not gift cards.

      • However its working Ive got to up my game too, seems though like its taking a lot of time on friends pages to get the goals, as where in Halloween I was able to get all of my personal goals with just 5 friends, now with around 40 Im only progressing at a very small pace comparatively.

        And I could be going crazy, but I could have sworn I was at 5950-something yesterday, because I remember being close to my elf house.. but I wokeup at 4700. Maybe I saw it wrong last night, but it feels like I lost 1200 somehow overnight.

  10. I didn’t even know there was a community prize pool- thanks for the info! will a future update show the community pool?

    • Click on the trophy that shows your individual prize count. Then look to the bottom right and you will see a large group icon. Touch that and you will see the community total.

  11. So is it just me or is the community reward meter larger than at Halloween? Also, at Halloween the community meter was based in the goo we collected not the amount of gremlins we dropped on our friends. Seems to me we got at east one reward in the first few days. The rate the tally is increasing I doubt we will get to see Ebeneezer Burns. What do you think?

    • I was thinking that until I woke up to a ton of gift bags in my springfield, I think after people have a weekend to play with the update we will get a better idea. I do wonder why they put a 5 bag limit though

  12. hello everybody. i am missing the ice monster or ice god (whatever it is). i won it in the prize wheel thing. i remember seeing it, getting told to place it, but now its gone! (or i cant find it in my town) , but im pretty sure its gone. just wondering if anybody else has this issue or something like it. Thanks!

      • i did check the invorty. not there. i even greyed out all the houses to see if i placed it behind a building or something and still cant locate it. ;( i have had stuff randomly disappear before. they have always showed up eventually tho. maybe ill try to delete and reinstall. Thank you for the help!

  13. Can some clarify this. I had 23 gift bags to deliver, so I went through dropping 5 at a time to various friends and also collecting my 3 actions as I normally would. All good, then a few friends on the actions vanished even though they were at their 24 hr cycle to recieve three actions and 5 gifts. However there was nothing to tap. Is that because I ran out of gift bags and should drop only 1 gift bag per friend to keep the actions going ? Anyone else found this ?

  14. I would still really like to know how to get decorated houses!? I have the option to switch the Flanders, Simpsons, and previous ones that I had last year over to the Christmas lights. But the quest that is “have x10 decoarated houses” I don’t know how to decorate more!?!?!

  15. Posted this in Add me not sure if it was the right place…
    A very cool way to pickup more gift cards:

    Too Much of a Good Thing Pt.11
    Make Springfielders Enjoy a Beer
    First only send 11 Character on this mission 11 x 17 = 187 Gift Cards. After the 11 have completed the mission send everybody else who can do it. I currently have 57 Character who are capable of doing this mission 57 X 17 = 969 + the original 11 who completed it gives me 1156 Gift Cards! Way better than 12 x 17 = 204

    Will also work on:
    Too Much of a Good Thing Pt. 10 Only send 3…
    Too Much of a Good Thing Pt. 12 Only send 11…
    Too Much of a Good Thing Pt. 14 Only send11…
    Too Much of a Good Thing Pt. 15 Only send 11…
    Too Much of a Good Thing Pt. 16 Only send 11…

    This is my first posting reguarding Tapped Out and I hope it was helpful. Please feel free to add me connorpcb516 Level 37 (wish it was 38) 18M in cash 321013XP. Huge Springfield based on the online maps!

      • It easy once you get to top level. Sometimes there’s so much time in between updates all I do is collect income from all of my buildings and I’ve already decorated my town so there’s no money going out it just keeps growing and growing. I have way more than 18 mil.

  16. Okay- got the update and the mall glitch fixed, and I have completed up to part 20 when you have to collect 50 gifts and nothing has happened after that. I have all the new buildings and characters exept the green grinch. Is there another update coming???? What’s the next step? I have all my characters wondering around waiting for the next challenge. Please reply if you have answers!

    • A. That’s why we stress not to rush these events. It’s only been out for a day and they are made to last several days at least. B. Yes there’s more coming, the update is in stages and they are all timed but nothing else is supposed to happen until Christmas Eve at the earliest. Not telling you how to play or how to spend your money but there’s a LOT of stuff that came with this update that should have lasted a tleast a few days and I rush everything most of the time for this site but I’m only on part 5 of the main quest and haven’t even begun the side character quests.

  17. Uh oh! I’m getting the familiar problem with the tandem tasks again. I just put Legs & Louie on their 1-hr. task in my secondary town, then went to re-arrange some buildings, only to find that they were walking around aimlessly again. This has happened twice for me so far. Has anybody else had/heard about this problem returning since the update?

    • I’ve heard it reported before, and I don’t think it was specific to this update. It’s very annoying though. :(

      • Yeah, it was the first big issue I had with the game when I started playing. I’m on Android, so I can’t say if it’s on iOS or not.

        They fixed it a while ago, and I had totally forgotten about it until I set that job, re-worked my town, and found them walking around again…twice. It’s the exact same situation that I remember it being, and until this update it had been a thing of the past to me. If you get a chance, try it, and let me know if you have the same issue.

  18. I was just wondering if anyone can help me with why I cannot decorate my Van Houten house, Willie’s Shack and Krabappel’s apartment? Thank you.

    • You will have had to have participated in last years event and purchased the house facades or another less admirable way since then. Once you have them you tap the building and slide the icon to the decorated one. If you have never bought them you can win them with this update as you progress.

  19. When is the christmas update ganna come!!!!!!!!!!!! It is now the 8th december and the update is not here yet!!!!

  20. I think it has something to do with this oscars obstacles truck that we all received, when i goodgle the meaning of an obstacle here is what i found obstacle ˈɒbstək(ə)l/noun #1.a thing that blocks one’s way or prevents or hinders progress.

  21. Come on!!! We had a month or so of Halloween! At this rate we’ll have a week of Christmas, if that

    • My best bet would be that it’ll arrive next week. Let’s just have a break and let the tie in finish first and prepare. No sense rushing. Let’s just be patient😃

      • Well let’s not hope 24 dec.! Last year it was around 3rd of December,, so whats is keeping so long now?!

    • Have you completed the quest? The one with Lisa and Skinner. The truck is the prize at the end, free but not visable in any menu, it’s placed in the inventorybox.

  22. cool.. today i got a truck and on sunday 08.12.2013 you should watch the simpsons on fox to answer some question (like the halloween event) ….does anybody know something more or could post the answers on sunday because in europe i don’t have fox? …i’m also waiting 4 xmas update, it would be nice if the event start as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!!

    • In europe too. usually have some clips of upcomming shows. The official Simpsons on FB have a clip. and of course the Fox site :-)

    • i havent been able to answer any questions. i have been tapping on all the building. is there a specific one i should target?

    • Im in Europe and i have fox :) but no i Always google for the right answer,,, you should try it too,, and yeah X-amas really late this year :(

    • Consider yourself lucky Fox has just pulled all there content from New Zealand networks, no more Simpsons for us until sometime in 2014 :(

  23. The wait is AGONIZING! If EA wants to create hype, they are doing a great job of it. If they are waiting this long, I feel like they want the bugs out right away. Although, when (and if) the update comes out, I’m sure there’s still going to be glitches. But we all know me commenting about it won’t help. :)

  24. That’s odd. Where did the post go referring to the twitter answered by EA? Was that false info?

    • Chris is a wizard with the photoapps/photoshop or whatever he uses :-) Hit the blue button to “cry” LOL it wont happen though, EA will not steal xmas from us Tappers (as long as we keep buying donuts anyway)!

  25. 3 days in a row of updates but still no Christams. I am starting to get pissed off. Come on Christmas!!!

    • Yeah I’m really disappointed now too! Especially as I expected it on Tuesday but looks like we’ll have to wait another week 😟 maybe they will run it for a while after Christmas to make up for it?

    • Won’t spend any donuts or money until the xmas update is here… on strike…lol. but I will visit my neighbours, they all rock! A-KATgal

  26. I’m trying to decide if I should keep my characters on short tasks. Anyone care to speculate as to whether or not we get the Christmas update tomorrow – even though we just got a small update today?

    • Well the Yellow Subterfuge tie-in update is stated in the files to end on December 10. I would hope that we do not get the Christmas update NEXT week and have a shorter Christmas update than a Halloween update but it’s really anyone’s guess at this point.

    • Dec first was never likely since Thxgiving ended the third. Christmas Will come but it is still early december and no date have shown up yet, all we can do is guess.

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