Level 33: Premium Walkthrough

This is the Premium Walkthrough for Arnie Pye. Arnie costs 85 Donuts and starts off the tasks.


Screenshot_2013-08-15-18-26-07 (1)

Arnie:Finally! How can you have Springfield without Arnie Pye!

Homer:My thoughts exactly. Who’s Arnie Pye

Arnie:I am. You know, “Arnie Pye, with Arnie in the Sky”… where “Pye in the Sky” would be better… that’s the joke.

Homer:Oh, right — Duffman.

Arnie:No! I do the traffic report on Channel 6. Now you’ll have to get out of my helicopter – it’s not rated to lift your load.

Make Arnie Pye Do a Traffic Report”. It takes 12 hours.

Arnie Pye in the Sky Pt.2:

Arnie:Hey, it’s the Channel 6 mascot dog, Newshound! You all alone out here, buddy?

Homer:Sort of forgotten and unappreciated by the Channel 6 powers-that-be. Just like your pal Arnie Pye.

Arnie:Let’s go for a walk. Maybe we’ll give Kent Brockman’s house a nice long visit and you can break a story on his lawn.

“Make Arnie Pye Walk Newshound”. It takes 8 hours 


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