New game version 4.16.2 released (July 29th)

A new app version has been released for the game. The only thing that looks like it changed is the game lag has been reduced and the game loads faster..
iOs or Kindle got the update too now. The new version is 4.16.2.
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Springfield Heights: Week 2 is out!

Week 2 of Springfield Heights is here. New items are available in the store: Health Spa, Plastic Surgery Center, Fancy Gate, Modern Art Statue and Modern Solar Panel!

Springfield Heights: Unreleased Items

EA introduced us some interesting new stuff in this new expansion, but some are hidden away, and we’re not talking about the future items released in the following weeks, we’re talking about actually cool stuff that aren’t set to be released yet.
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Springfield Heights: Last 24 Hours for Week 1 Limited Time Items!

Week 1 of Springfield Heights is coming to an end and tomorrow, July 28th 9am BST, the returning Banana Dictatorship and the new Column Mansion and Incubator Think Tank will expire.

Springfield Heights: Limited Time Items (Contains SPOILERS!)

Springfield Heights is a permanent addition to the game but for some reason, EA added some limited time items on the store. Follow us right after the jump to find out all of those items and their time limits!
Attention: This post contains spoilers of items to be released in the future.
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Springfield Heights: Shops Jobs and Rewards

With Springfield Heights, EA brought us 6 shops in which to send characters to earn the currency in it. What jobs are there? What characters can be sent? What do they require to unlock? Find out all after the jump!
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Springfield Heights: Secondary Walkthrough

Some secondary quests are unlocked as you play through this expansion. Join us right after the jump to discover the secondary questlines!
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