I’m Seeing Double. Not Again?!

Hi guys.
You may have seen a post similar to this at another site. That post was mine as well but since we’re starting fresh at Topix I wanted to get it out here where it rightfully belongs.

So has EA gotten nasty all of a sudden or is it a glitch? Surprisingly, someone wrote into tips before the whole mess and immediately after the release of the second major permanent event saying about how they received a second Lemon Tree. At the time i thought “how strange. I don’t believe it. This person is having me on.” Because it states in the files the chances of receiving something good in a mystery box (see this post here), and as far as Lemon Tree is concerned you can receive only one through a 10% chance in a mystery box. If you get lucky enough to win it again you will instead receive $250 game dollars. Not so lucky.


However, later that day when I logged in to receive my weekly mystery box it contained a second Lemon Tree.


Unfortunately this money making decoration is a Springfield decoration and not a potted tree. Therefore it can’t be placed in Krustyland or Squidport, but only in your normal Springfield area.

It is one of the few decorations in which you can only place one in your town and when I tried to place the second, I got the following message:

“already built”


In that case I decided to sell the useless unique item but another message displayed. Just like the Simpson House, it can’t be sold.


Later that day reports of buying second premium characters came flooding in like a tidal wave. They bought a second premium character that they already owned but he was’s stuck in the inventory. As well as multiple people announcing how they got a second unique item that they can’t use.

If you look closely at my picture, you will notice that it was in Krustyland where I won my Lemon Tree and out of all the reports, only one person claimed they were in Springfield when it happened to them but they weren’t 100% sure.

This seems to be a glitch affecting the split screen as Krustyland can’t recognize what you have in Springfield. Make sure to enter and exit the game through Springfield to avoid the mystery box glitch. And if you receive an option to buy a second unique item, don’t buy it. If you do or if you get an item through a mystery box like a second Squeaky Voice Teen or Lemon Tree, you are going to end up dazed, dizzy and seeing double with a sour taste in your mouth.

I hope this glitch is fixed very soon and not in Fry’s and Leela’s time.



Flinster42: The Cars of Springfield (Part Two)

Hey Everyone, Flinster42 Is back with another amazing post and he has sent me his ideas and there are a few things to look forward there. Flinster42 is on his third guest post and I’m getting more and more excited every time I read them. So here is another post from our good friend Flinster42 and I will hand it over to him.

Welcome back to the third post by me, Flinster42. This is the second installment of the three-part post about cars and how they could be added in the game. My last post can be found here as we talked about the different cars that could be added to the game, this included Willie’s tractor, Homer’s Ice cream van and the Canyonero. In this post I will be covering how they could be included and what could be done with them. Also the picture below is my user picture, just so you can recognize who I am in the comments and so I can answer your questions about the post or maybe just give you a thank you.

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How have you placed your Training Wall?

I’ve had quite a few comments and questions on the Training Wall which was released as a Level 33 decoration. It’s an awkward sort of “decoration” and a lot of you are finding it very hard to place. in your town. So before I get out the remainder of the Level 33 Walkthrough I thought I’d give you an inspiration post instead.

A brief history for those that need it:

The Training Wall  came as a decoration for Level 33 at a cost of $270. There is no purchase limit for it, besides of course whether you have enough in-game money, and can be placed anywhere (on any land in your town, on the small sand area and on the boardwalk). You must reach Level 33 to access it and purchasing it improves your Righteousness rating. It is 1 X 5 in size by squares making it fairly easy to place although now easy to decorate.

Training Wall

So the important question is “How in the world can I use this in a manner that fits my town?” To answer your question and to give you some much-needed inspiration I’m going to use some images of other people’s placements and decorations.

First off, after yet another redesign, I will show you what I did with mine. I used a few of them to make a police training course behind the police station. Here it is:


Here’s another insanely cool one from Wookie Riot:



And here’s probably the most creative use of the Training Wall yet by bunnydud:


Mr preference was to show you more traditional uses of the Training Wall but these examples were just incredible to me. So now the burden is on all of you to help the other readers who are having problems placing and decorating the Training Wall. I know from working at other sites that there will be an incredible amount of good examples of use. Use whatever media program you use to upload and share what you have done. Help us help others. Happy Tapping!!

What have you done with the S.W.A.T Van?

We need to catch up on content about level 33 a bit and here is another “What have you done with” post. This will be concentrating on the S.W.A.T. Van. In my opinion the S.W.A.T. Van is a decoration that can be easily placed and here are some facts before we start sharing some images. The S.W.A.T. Van is unlocked at Level 33 and introduced the new characters Eddie and Lou to the game. The Van is unlocked in the quest line Bad Cops Pt. 2 and costs $225,000. The S.W.A.T. Van is the first non-premium vehicle decoration and can also be placed on the boardwalk. The size of the Van is 3 x 4 which is easily placed anywhere in your Springfield. The Van improves your Righteousness rating and your Civil Servants character collection is complete when the Van is purchased.


So what have you done with your S.W.A.T. Van? This is going to be very interesting to see what you all come up with. Mine can be seen below, I have made my own police headquarters by adding some police cars with training walls and my police S.W.A.T Van at the center of the department. Across the road I have located an assault course for my crime fighting cops and it is also located near Lard Lad Donuts for the cops’ convenience.


So what have you come up with? This is going to be amazing to find out what you have done with your S.W.A.T. Van as it is a decoration and can really be placed anywhere. Thanks again-Nathan.

A very simple way of placing your S.W.A.T. Van here by Dohnuts111. It just seems at home with being placed in the car park of Lard Lad Donuts:

Photo 31-08-2013 19 41 53

Here is swedishrose’s S.W.A.T. Van. It is placed outside her assault course and it looks like Lou has just come out of Training:


This is a another great place to place your S.W.A.T. Van and another great image from itsyaboidrews Town. But it looks like Chief Wiggum is already on the case so I will leave it for you to look at:

ImageProxy (1)


What have you done with your Springfield High School?

Hello everyone and this is another post on the subject “What have you done with?”. In this post we will be looking at TSTO’s latest building “Springfield High School”. The building is unlocked at Level 34 and comes with Superintendent Gary Chalmers.

The building costs $232,500 and by now a lot of you tapped out players will have built the building. So what have you done with your “Springfield High School”?. Mine can be seen below, I have simply placed my high school in the center of four land expansions and added at the side some parking slots with Chalmer’s 1979 _onda parked at the front, along with Robby The Automaton at the front of the school giving everyone a greeting:


I have placed some Iron Railings around the back of my high school along with a beautiful garden scene.This design is perfect for those non-premium players. Hope this gives you some ideas for those who have not yet built Springfield High School. Please post your screenshots of your high school below and they may just be added into the post. Thanks again-Nathan.

I’m loving this one by Dohnuts111 and I love the football pitch (known as soccer in America). I think my High school will be expanding. This is a great way to decorate your high school and it’s now one of my favorites:

Photo 31-08-2013 19 29 23

Here is one from itsyaboidrew. This is a beautiful garden scene and he has placed his parking lot at the back of the school which makes the front of the school stand out more. This is an amazing school and I’d be happy If my son went there:


Check out this one from shoshanna911. It shows that if you have only a little amount of land you can still make it look good. And I’m loving the 3D Chair effect:

2013-08-31 11.26.20

Here is one from embeebee. Has anyone else added their High School near Springfield Elementary School? This looks amazing!:

Photo 31-08-2013 17 47 39

Level 34. Walkthrough. Part one. “SKINNERRRR?!”

Hi guys.
Well, according to the files, you must have completed the level 33 walkthrough and have Lisa free in Springfield. However, there seems to be a glitch, and even though Lisa had finished her task for me, she wasn’t yet released from her Krustyland task. Yes you heard it, it seems that the Krustyland screen is making it easier for people to kick of their level 34 quests.

So on the assumption that the files are correct and there is no glitch, make sure Lisa is free in Springfield.
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How many restaurants do I need to maximize the Gluttony rating?

Last Updated: September 17th, 2014.

Gluttony is the sixth of the Conform-o-meter ratings. (For more information about the Conform-o-meter, see here. For more information about the other Conform-o-meter ratings and other technical details in the game, see here.)


As the dialog says, buy restaurants for people too lazy to cook. How many do you need? Each restaurant or food stand supplies a number of points to Gluttony (most are 10 points each, but not all). See this post for the amount of Gluttony points you need to maximize the rating for your level.

Which regular buildings and decorations supply Gluttony points? See below. You can have multiple numbers of the ones marked with an asterisk (*).

Restaurant Base Cost Points
Krusty Burger $2,600 10
Gulp ‘N’ Blow* $19,440 10
The Java Server $26,500 10
Krusty Burger Franchise* $24,000 10
Moe’s Tavern $32,000 10
The Frying Dutchman
$43,000 10
The Gilded Truffle $31,000 10
Luigi’s $39,000 10
Skip’s Diner
$35,500 10
Much Ado About Muffins
$48,500 10
Pimento Grove
$56,000 10
El Chemistri $71,500 10
Businessman’s Social Club $63,000 10
$68,000 10
Sit ‘N’ Rotate
$10,000,000 100
Ah, Fudge! Factory
$150,000 10
Singing Sirloin
2,000 FP 10
Fleet-A-Pita* $5,600 2
Fried Dough Stand*
$945 10
Coffee Kart*
$850 10
Lemonade Stand* $760 10
Khlav Kalash Stand* $760 10
Bloaters at the Squidport
$162,500 10

The Singing Sirloin is a Friend Level Prize and costs 2000 Friendship Points. Fleet-A-Pita food trucks are unlocked through the premium quest Investorettes, but they aren’t premium themselves.

Premium buildings and decorations:

Restaurant Cost Points
Lard Lad’s Donuts*
110 Donuts 10
Planet Hype
150 Donuts 10
Asia de Cuba
100 Donuts 10
Cracker Factory
150 Donuts 10
Backwater Brewery*
25 Donuts 10
Hot Dog Stand*
20 Donuts 10
Popcorn Stand*
10 Donuts 10
The Happy Sumo
100 Donuts 10
60 Donuts 10
The Hungry Hun
160 Donuts 10

Limited-time (no longer available) buildings and decorations:

Restaurant Points
Phineas Q. Butterfat’s
O’Flanagan’s Pub
Swanky Fish
Nighthawk Diner
Egg Nog Bar
Madame Chao’s
Up Up and Buffet!
Sham Rock Cafe
Johnny Fiesta’s
Three-Eyed Sushi
Stonecutter Table

Options for maximizing the Gluttony rating used to be a lot more limited, but fortunately the game designers have added more restaurants, food carts, etc. By my calculations, one of each of the non-premium non-limited buildings would come to 300 Gluttony points. You would need an additional 9 items to get the top Gluttony rating for level 45.

Flinster42: The Cars of Springfield (Part One)

Hello Everyone, This is another guest post from Flinster42. It seems that a lot of you took an interest in his last post and I’m happy to announce that he will be doing three more posts on the possible cars in Springfield. Hope you enjoy this wonderful post and now I’m going to hand it over to Flinster42:

Hey guys, Flinster42 here again with another guest post! Before I jump into it I would just like to take the time to thank all of the writers of this website, they have done a magnificent job to pick up the pieces and soldier on after what I like to call “The incident”. I would like to especially thank Mickus and nathanrushton as they have given me heaps of support and encouragement, it means a lot.

On to the post! As I mentioned in my last post (Which can be found here). I will be doing a three-part post on Cars! I will be covering what the future of The Simpsons Tapped Out could have in store for cars. This will be a three-part post, this first one involving what cars could be added in the future, the second explaining what could be done with the cars (adding onto streets etc.) and the third with how the current ones could be utilized more effectively. If any of you guys comment with other suggestions on the car posts I could make a fourth as well which would include your views.

In this game we have seen quite a few cars added and recently added was the first non-premium car “Chalmer’s 1979 _onda”.

Other cars that have been included in the game are:

  •  Frinksonic MHV which was limited time decoration with the season 24 yard sale event.
  • The “piece of crap car” that Nelson interacts with on his 30 minuet task.
  • The Police Car.
  • The Duff Party Bus. Another limited time decoration with the season 24 yard sale event.
  • The Duff Racer. A Limited time item that was unlocked during the season 24 episode tie-in episode.
  • Others include The Channel 6 News Van, The Ambulance, Burns limo and the S.W.A.T Van.

The ones that I’m not completely sure you could put in this category are the school bus, Krustyland shuttle and that left hand roadster,  the S.W.A.T. van could also be questionable as it brought characters, but I decided to include it.

Anyways this post is about what cars could be added in the future. This is such a broad category, anything could be added! This time next year we could have the characters’ cars on the streets, we already have the Burns limo, but for now I will stay away from character cars and look for other ones that could be added. So, I have come up with 12 vehicles that could be added to the game, they will be explained in the next few paragraphs:

To come up with some new vehicles I thought of some of the ones that we already have in the game, I thought of the police car and the ambulances and the first thing that came to mind was fire trucks, this could be added in an update that comes with Springfield Fire station (and perhaps fireman costumes for Homer, Moe, Apu and Skinner). Keeping with vehicles with a purpose I thought of a taxi, and a stretched limo, these could be nice additions to the game, helping the people get in a taxi when they are to lazy to walk (the taxi could also have some incorporation with the TV show “taxicab conversations” [an episode where homer bags out his family on TV and they treat him to rock & roll camp] (this update could also come with the camp) and the stretched limo would certainly jazz up any Springfield.

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Hello, I’m returning

Hi tappers, I’m rcsprinter, the second writer on the original tstotips blog. Sorry for taking such a while to get back to posting, but I’m here now to advise y’all on the gameplay.

What’s happened? New levels, Krustyland, new characters, and all of that! But I suppose that’s all old news to you now. Should I be doing musing style posts, as before, or tips and walkthrough ones? Tell me in the comments.

Just now I’d like to share my feelings on TSTO at the moment. I’ve been playing for just over a year. It’s still great. The massively positive response to the game as a whole has let EA carry on developing new content this far on. We’re nearly ten max levels higher than the max was when I started. You never run out of something to do; it’s never a “business as usual” day in New Springfield. Always quests running, characters interacting and Krustyland shuttles shuttling. Even Squidport’s sticking around. Nearly every player has done the ten taps on Homer for the Jebediah statue. It’s simply wonderful.

Now, I’ll return in the next few days with more posts about Tapped Out, but let me just take a moment to remind you of the real time chat where you can discuss and compare your games (instructions).

The writers here are all volunteers doing this for you. Keep on tapping.

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R.I.P. Spoilers……You will be missed

I thought I’d take a detour from the  Level 33 and Level 34 content and talk about something I’ve had on my mind lately and just read an article from one of our great friends named kera2k from another trusted site called tstonews.com.  This article all but confirmed my theory.

The specualtion now is that EA has stopped allowing the insertion of raw files into the updated game files. The importance to us weirdo Tappers, is so that a skilled person can go in , decode and read the files because they contain incredible info on what EA has either planned to put in the game previously or what they have planned next for the game. A lot of awesome people like spAnser has always been able to tell us what’s next and have allowed us to create Spoiler posts.

Since the irrational takeover at tstotips, there has been an enormous amount of collateral damage. Too many to AGAIN cover it here but one thing that is different since all of that nonsense is that EA had placed nothing in the files and as a result have shut us all off from any juicy upcoming info. I found out just yesterday that after this surprise update EA has again elected to put nothing in the files to give us a hint on what may be next.

Take it how you want it but my personal take on this is this, EA has not released any type of statement on the whole hacking, Tips and GameZino situation, not that they owe us any but one would be nice. Rather than release a statement, I ‘m thinking they are stopping their practice of “the files” as sort of  a “Hey , we still run this thing and we are still in charge here” type thing. Maybe this is their statement. Again this is just my theory.

I think this move of every update being a unannounced, surprise update stinks. One of my favorite aspects of these blog sites, now too many of them, were the spoiler posts. I didn’t NEED to know what was coming because of cash or donuts issue and have more than enough, but a lot of people rely on those posts to kind of prepare for what’s to come. Since EA is not releasing anymore regular land (HELLO EA!!! RELEASE MORE LAND!!!!!), a good portion of players are running out of room and it would be vital in knowing what “could” be coming for planning issues. That’s one take.

Another take on it is this and it’s simple,  I do not go to a movie and PAY to watch it if I have seen the trailer for it and haven’t check previously on how much the movie costs so therefore I can plan.  It sounds weird but that it the truth. So I want to know what all of you think, do you like the “file” info which leads to spoiler posts or do you just like to wing it and whatever happens, happens?

Either way, thanks to certain knuckleheads who have successfully ruined the routine of Tapped Out that a lot of us have become accustomed to, you can bet that the days of knowing what’s coming in the game are over. Let us know in the comments what you think and take the poll. Happy Tapping!