Woke up this morning and checked the site to see over 2,000 hits, 1500 coming overnight alone. I don’t know what to say except Thank You friends for your support. There’s a ton of content on the way as well as a shorter URL. I hope we continue this progression and become one of the best sites in the game! Thanks to all of you. Off to work I go!


17 thoughts on “Wow!

  1. Ive only just found uou as I typed in wrong address which had tapped out stuff but nowhere near as imformative as you guys.

    Glad ive finally found you. Keep it up


  2. Great to have you back after I re-found you. Could not figure out what was happening, seemed like a bad dream.


  3. Oh thank goodness everyone is back posting on another site. Thanks to all for the hard work, time and effort. I was missing everyone’s posts and daily catch up.


  4. A big thank you to Mike S., mickus, mrfy, nathanrushton, and minicha for starting this site, and for keeping all the hard work that went into the old site alive. This will be my new go-to place for all things Tapped Out, and you guys will always have my support.


    • Hi Jay! Thx, we are nothing without readers 🙂 I would love “likes” for each comment but as far as I understand that’s not possible 😦


  5. Can I just offer a hearty congratulations to all who helped gather ‘from the ashes’ and are now trying to create a new and, dare I say, even better site *applause* 🙂

    I for one have missed my daily fix of all things Tapped Out and look forward to your posts, insights and help. Happy to see some of the old faces as well as new, different perspectives are always a good thing!

    Well done to everyone behind the scenes, here’s hoping the site goes from success to success.


  6. Just found this blog – great start, looking forward to you building a new site here (I knew something was wrong at the old place, just glad I didn’t fall for it!)


  7. Wow that is amazing and can i just say you guys have done a great job on this site so far and so quickly since the incident with “the site that shall not be named”. But i just have one request and option to get an email for all new post’s would be great i really loved that option on “the site that shall not be named”.


    • Hi. I have no idea how to subscribe via email. I leave that Q for the boys.
      But I have a suggestion. Start a worldpress account and follow this blog. That way all new posts will appear in your Reader. There’s an app for WP and that makes it really easy + you can add a really awesome avatar 🙂


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