Collateral Damage

While I created this site with the vision in mind to not dwell on the recent unfortunate happenings of Tips and to make a place just as informative and comfortable as there I feel there’s some discussion needed from what has happened as a result of it all.

First, since the hijacking of Tips it has shed a ton of unfortunate attention on spAnser and although some have their opinions of him, he was VITAL in all of the file info and fed just about all of the Tapped Out sites their exclusive info. Because of the negativity and unwanted attention of this GameZino fellow, spAnser has closed his subreddit and all of the juicy upcoming info. Aside from what you may think it is a terrible tragedy for him to feel he has to withdrawal his awesome information.

Another situation that bears mentioning, something I just found, is due to GameZino’s takeover of probably THE most respected site for Tapped Out, EA has made a decision to take steps to recover a portion of their lost income due to sites like GameZino, Tapped Out Cheats and others. By the end of the year EA will be suspending accounts that show any connection on their servers to these sites. Any account that reflects participation in these sites and not the in-game store will be scrutinized and terminated.

My advice to all of you is to stay far away from any web service who promises exclusive game content in exchange for money. Also there are numerous reports of people having their accounts hacked by sites like Apparently they are accessing people’s accounts unbeknownst to the account holders and trying to accept payments via Paypal in return for premium items.

We at TSTOTopix do not nor will ever condone hacking or cheating but we are also not oblivious to the fact that a lot of people have used these services. We are not judges or jury’s and we do not belittle anyone who has done so especially due to the fact that a lot of them are good people. However please heed this warning if you have or are thinking about using a service like GameZino or TappedOutCheats. This GameZino guy has actually destroyed the very thing he was attempting to broaden and his presence in our world is completely unwelcome.

If any of you have been duped by the Tips posting for GameZino and have provided them payment or information please, by all means, dispute it with your method of payment. Whether he delivers as promised or not, the very fact that he hid under the cover of a reputable site to advertise his service making everyone think we were all endorsing it is false advertisement and wrong.  For those of us that knows Mr. T, we know that he would never willingly endorse such a slimeball.

If you have used these services and are worried about losing your account I would advise you to start making legitimate purchases in-game. Don’t go broke to compensate but at least show EA that you are a paying customer.  While I despise GameZIno and his affiliates and want to see him fall hard, I feel bad for all of the collateral damage that he has created by being incompetent and selfish.  As I receive info regarding any of this I will update you all here. I’m glad to see this site progressing to success and we will recover my friends. Happy Tapping to all of you!!

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151 thoughts on “Collateral Damage

  1. I only just found out about this. I trusted tips as they said they were against hacking and cheating. I can’t believe we should all be punished by EA for something we were unaware was happening. Most of us will lose money that they don’t have spare. I have purchased donuts before this scandal but I can’t currently afford to do again. Penalising the innocent will not punish those at gamezino they are long gone with their profits. I feel betrayed and let down as I thought Tips was a place above the rest. I do not like being conned into cheating. I don’t cheat. Its tarnished the whole experience for me. Why couldn’t there have been honesty from the beginning I am sure there are people who would have taken them up on their offers, but least they would have known exactly what they were doing. I hope EA don’t just close peoples account not all of us deserve to.


    • Hi Lesley, sorry you’re just finding out. Many of us wish we could have gotten to all of you in time but we just couldn’t which is why this site exists. I wouldn’t stress too much about any punishments. While anything is possible I strongly doubt EA will shut out its customer base because of a fraudulent service. Especially now that GZ is finished and Tips is just about at the bottom of the ocean. In the end EA won the battle and I think they just wanted it to go away.


      • I really hope that is true and after reading the posts I understand people were on a blackout so couldn’t get the info to the ones being duped! The worse thing is i went back to look at the original posts and they clearly tell you they are not hacking and this legal etc… thats what makes it worst, they knew the majority of us did not want to dupe EA in any shape or fashion… If EA do bring down the hammer I very much doubt we will be able to get the money back from anyone I’ll prob just stop playing Tapped out as I would not want to start again. Thanks anyway Mike!


  2. I am really far behind and have only just realised this today! In December! I knew something had changed on tips but I had been so busy with moving house and a new job that I didn’t have time to visit the site during the time this all happened. The two main writers on there now seem trustworthy enough, but the story as to Mr. T’s departure was that he needed to take a break from the site. I guess that isn’t true and is part of the reason why I never realised something had gone very wrong until now. I’m so happy to have found the original writers again and I will definitely be following this site from now on! Keep doing what you do best! I am very thankful to you all for pushing on and starting again 🙂


  3. I just found out about all of this today… I am just shocked, especially since I have followed “the other site that shall not be named” (LOL) for a long time, received advice and tips from Mr. T personally and looked to that site for almost all my questions and uncertanties… It was really refreshing to find a site not paid for by EA, that featured writers, like you Mike, and RC and Werdna- people who just love the game and want to make it a little easier for others to love it too. I am so sad to learn all this has happened, and what all of you folks have gone thru… and the disappointment of it all and losing the site and all the hard work… I’m really sorry for you guys. It really inspires me to come back here, to TSTO Topix and support you guys, become more involved in my game, just to help show you guys that it wasn’t all in vain and that you guys were doing it right, doing something good all along. Thank you for having the courage to overcome and start over, to come back and give some of the best advice and walkthroughs. My phone was stolen from me at work (I’m a bartender) and in the process of getting a new phone, I missed a week of playing and it discouraged me from going back and playing again. So I just didnt play for like 2 months… Just started getting back into it within the last few weeks, sad that I missed 4th of July and Whacking Day (That’s actually my birthday LoL) amongst so many other things. Now I am so busy trying to build Squidport and Krustyland is trying to blow up, I’m at level 29 and just got prompted to build Burns Manor but I’m saving up to buy the darn Post Office and Pimento Grove first. It


    • Oops! Darn smart phone LoL… anyway, I was gonna say that if I had been still been playing like I was before and had seen all that on the other site, I probably would have been taken for a ride too. What true TSTO lover wouldn’t want to take advantage of having as many awesome perks as possible in their town? It’s really sad that they found a site with so many adoring players and followers to go after… I went to that site in search of adding new friends (Origin had just been added to android so I was lucky enough to have my town saved but hadn’t gotten to adding yet- 😦 I only have 7 friends) and as soon as I heard all this and saw the difference there I have removed myself from mailing lists and all that. I was getting upwards of 5 or more (usually around 10) emails from them a day about new posts. I wouldn’t mind getting emails from this one though, if there is a link for sign-up? And I was curious if there was a friend-add thread like there was? I would prefer to have my friends be supporters of this site and not the other one anyway 🙂
      Again, thank you so much for all you did/are doing, Mike… And to everyone else who worked so hard there, it wasn’t all for nothing – please believe that!! I look forward to seeing how far this site goes, and wish you all great success… Happy Tapping 🙂


      • Thank you. As long as me, Mickus, mrfy, Nathan, Emma and Rcsprinter have the same desire to help and enjoy this game as we’ve always had then we will be here til the end, if there ever is one.


      • Hi Erin. Yes, of coures there’s an add friends page here! Or actually two! In the Menu topleft, you’ll find the I Choo-Choo Choose You Page as well as rhe Krustylandfriends Page.


        • Right on! I can’t wait to add more friends… I was just checking my town and for the first time I noticed it says the persons name when you tap on a building a friend has visited, I never noticed before-probably because I so rarely get visited with my few friends LoL I stopped visiting people’s Krustyland’s until I get my own going as I do not know if I am being credited for the tickets and if they will be there when I finally build the shuttle to there or not. Until then I have been visiting what few friends I have, spraying Moe’s and then collecting on two others when yesterday all the sudden out of no where, no level ups or anything, my righteousness went to 1/2 star from 5. What the heck? So now I am off to your forums to try to figure out what happened and how to fix it, and to find more friends to visit… Thank goodness this site is here, eh? 😀


  4. I just found out about all of this today! I filed a dispute with PayPal and the response I got was along the lines of (and I kick myself for not screenshotting this now, so wording is from memory).

    “The seller is not in a position to reply to your dispute, please click below to escalate your case”.

    I instantly escalated, and there was an option on the drop down menu for virtual/downloadable goods and services. I filed it under ‘Item not as described’ and subcategory as ‘fake’ or ‘counterfeit’ (again can’t remember exact wording as was all on my mobile phone).

    A waiting game now to see what happens. Really hope my account isn’t suspended as I put really money (direct to EA the legit way) and months of effort into my Springfield. Can’t believe how many of us fell for this and really believed it was Tips himself posting. Feel bad for what this GameZino jerk has done to Tips too!


    • I wouldn’t stress about losing your account. EA is aware of the sham tactics of you know who and they would lose an enormous amount of accounts and legit paying customers. They’re after this big fish and also those that repeatedly and blatantly use those services.


  5. Got this today from GameZino. Seems like whatever’s been happening, the end is near.


    Our business model of buying discounted itunes gift cards, and using those cards to purchase items inside the game, is no longer sustainable. It has become too expensive for us to buy new cards, and we are no longer able to maintain a profit. Instead of doubling our prices, we have decided to close our doors.

    We will stop accepting new orders on Monday 8/26/13 at 2pm EST.

    GameZino will stop accepting new orders on Monday 8/26/13 at 2pm EST. After that, the doors will be closed for good. So get ’em while they’re hot. They wont last long.


  6. Wow. Really glad I found your new site and finally found out now happened! I was so confused after the “I’m sorry” post when there were no new posts and all of a sudden there’s all these new writers but none from my fav writers-you guys! The ones we’ve grown to know and love. I definitely knew something was up, but couldn’t find anything, just rumors and beating around the bush, but I understand why. Till I saw on flickr and then someone posted on tips about this site.

    So just because Mr.T had reassured us it was ok, I HAD planned to buy from gamezino. Luckily, I didn’t get around to it cause of the delay due to mass orders and bills coming first. I got so excited though thinking I was finally gonna fulfill my premium wish list and get Halloween stuff 😦 But its fine, I would rather accumulate items legitimately.
    And I thought about it, how can they even turn a profit if they’re buying the premiums items w discounted iTunes cards? When a boatload is $100, and they were only charging $20 to us for 2500 donuts PLUS 2 million in game cash, doesn’t make any sense….But still don’t understand about Mr. T, was he in on the scam? You don’t have to answer, as its probably not my place.

    Anyway, glad the fams back together-will be checking in daily as well as going to the beginning of the site and catch up on all the great posts 🙂


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