Spoiler:Upcoming Gil Offer

There is a small spoiler that I found today and not sure if this was posted on the last site but will post it on here just in case. Now if you are viewing on the home page please click continue reading to see the spoiler.

Now this spoiler is about Gil’s new deal. The update of Gil’s Deal was set to be released on August 8th but with the release of Krustyland it got changed to be released in December. But Simpsons Wiki have now changed that and they say it will be released August 2013 (No specific date). But any way I thought that I would show you what to expect from Gil’s Upcoming deal.

The update of Gil’s deal will be called the Duff Brewery offer and it will include Gil who attempts to sell the player the Duff Brewery, with Duffman and 50000 game money. It is not yet known what amount of donuts the player will have to pay, but it is likely to be around 100-200 donuts. There has also been speculation that the Springfield sign will be involved in the deal.

Here is the Game-Play for Gil’s deal:

Tapped Out Gil Icon.pngYou sir, do you enjoy a Duff?

Tapped Out Homer Icon.pngWell, I have been known to enjoy a celebratory glass on occasion.

Tapped Out Gil Icon.pngDid you realize that no one is brewing it anymore in Springfield? We could run out at any time!

Tapped Out Homer Icon.pngAhh-hh!

If the player accepts the offer:

Tapped Out Homer Icon.pngIs the Duff supply safe?

Tapped Out Duffman Icon.pngOh, yea!

Tapped Out Homer Icon.pngThank you giant Sky Finger, you’ve saved our Springfield!

If the player declines the offer:

Tapped Out Homer Icon.pngHey. HEY! Yes, you! The Sky finger.

Tapped Out Homer Icon.pngIf you let this town run out of Duff, you’ll be sorry!

Tapped Out Lisa Icon.pngThere’s probably enough Duff stockpiled to last any normal city a 50 years!

Tapped Out Homer Icon.pngBut what about Springfield!?

There has also been some rumors that Gil will be set to be released as a playable character? But lets just concentrate on Gil’s upcoming deal and if it is set to be released in December we have a lot more spoilers to come before that!

UPDATE:Thanks to mike (the other one) if you all ready have the item’s you will not be given the offer again.


23 thoughts on “Spoiler:Upcoming Gil Offer

  1. Is there still anything in the files about Gil deals for the Aztec Theater/Observatory/Tire Fire/Lard Lad? I’ve been holding off on these because they were in the files as two different deals.


  2. Its a shame they dont have in game cash equivalents. E.g. duff brewery for 100 donuts or 1 mil for example for those like me whp are playing this game as fremium.

    Dont get me wrong I get the idea and dont think all items should have an ingame currency equivalent but think it would be cool if say one of the offers each time had a currency to it.


  3. Do you need to have enough donuts for the deal to get the offer – or if you get the offer do you get the chance to purchase more donuts from EA if you don’t have enough donuts? Just wondering as I have all of 8 donuts right now! Thanks!


    • If you don’t have the items offered you will recive the offer no matter how many or few donuts you have :-)If you try to buy premium without enough donuts in the bank, you’ll recive a message telling you to get more, same as when you try to buy things with game$. You can always buy more donuts, the button with the bill and donut


      • Thanks for the reply! I don’t normally get donuts (except for the occasional scratch card) but if I can get Duff Brewery and the Springfield sign for 200 donuts I would actually buy donuts for that! Good to know I can get the offer then buy enough donuts… 🙂


    • you can still get the offer if you do or don’t have the amount of donuts required but i suggest you have to purchase more donuts, so say like you have 8 donuts and it could cost 200 donuts you will probably have to buy 132 donuts+60 donuts. but remember we could be waiting until December to get this deal and there will be a lot more cool stuff on the way.


      • Thanks for the reply! I wouldn’t mind buying donuts just for this offer (but generally only do a scratch card every now and again)… Hopefully it comes before December but it’s still good to know that offers like this come up!


  4. The rumors of Gil becoming playable have been around since his first deal appeared in the files last fall/winter.
    Is there anything new to them, or is this just the usual Internet rumor game of “telephone?”


  5. What if you already have the brewery? Can you have more than one? I’ve been wanting the Springfield sign and if its thrown in, it might be a good way to get it. Or will the deal not be offered to me at all anyway?


  6. Yea!! Can’t wait. I’m glad I found u guys and girl. Since what happened . I been following since April . And everbody here is always very helpful even when I ask basic and stupid questions.


  7. Hi there, a bit off topic, but what do you think that EA will do for the Christmas/halloween updates? And also, d’yo think that there will be a special little something coming soon because its almost been a year of the game?


    • There are some rumors about the next Halloween update that i’ll be happy to do another spoiler post on and it involves the return of Kang and the arrival of Kodos with a new costume for marge!!!!! and i’m not sure about Christmas but if anything I hope it has something to do with Gil becoming a playable character as he could have a costume as a Mall Santa! it would be a great way to introduce Gil into the game! and i think they will just do a season 25 premier episode tie-in because that’s around the date when the game started. Hope this helps and gives you idea’s. 🙂


  8. Can’t wait for this. I’ve got 231 donuts right now and I’ve been waiting on this long rumored deal to use them on. But I’m sadly going to be short if the Springfield sign is part of the deal.

    I do hope Gil gives us a donut deal soon too. After the hacking site fiasco, I’m donut hungry now.

    I’m fine with Gil not being a playable character still. Frankly, I’d prefer Sideshow Bob to become a regular playable character first. Seems like he could have some fun tasks like trying to kill Bart. Maybe some kind of combo task like the Interrogate Flanders Banner task.

    And how has EA missed the obvious Homer strangling Bart task? That needs to be included like yesterday!


    • i think the Springfield sign will just be added on at no extra cost, and i’d love both Gil and Sideshow bob as playable characters as they are both voiced! and great characters with great possible storylines. And you 110% right about the Homer strangling Bart task!


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