Krustyland Walk-through (Short Version)

Here is a short version of the Krustyland Walk-through, Krustyland has been out almost two weeks and I thought its best if we just do a shortened version for a Krustyland Walk-through. This will just tell you the tasks for Krustyland and what you have to do to complete them.

1. Place the Krustyland Shuttle and then tap the Shuttle and go to Krustyland. (Krusty Starts)


2. Make Homer clean up Krustyland (Krusty Starts)

3. Build the Krustyland Entrance (Homer Starts) 

4. Build Krustyland Paths (Krusty Starts)

5. Place the Ring Toss Stall (Homer Starts)

6. Make Cleutus run the Ring Toss Stall (12 hours) and make Homer Play at the Ring Toss Stall three times (12 hours total) (Krusty Starts)

7. Build the Death Drop (12 hours) (Bart Starts)


8. Make Bart, Lisa and Milhouse ride the Death Drop (30 min) and then Make Bart ride the Death Drop again (30 min) (Bart Starts) 

9. Buy a Krustyland Expansion (Homer Starts)
10. Reach Level 21 and Build Krustyland Burger (24 hours) (Homer Starts)

11. Make Homer and Milhouse eat at Krustyland Burger (30 min) and make Bart ride the Death Drop (30 min) (Homer Starts)

12. Place the Knock Over the Fuzzy Guy Stall and then make Martin try to knock Over the Fuzzy Guy (60 min) (Bart Starts)

13. Reach Level 22 and Build Sleeping Itchy’s Castle (24 hours) (Bart Starts)

images (7)
14. Make Krusty Get Serious (8 hours) (Krusty Starts)

15. Place Sideshow You (Homer Starts)

16. Reach Level 23 and build the Gift Shop (24 hours) (Comic Book Guy Starts)

17. Make Comic Book Guy visit the Gift Shop (60 min) (Krusty Starts)

18. Place 3 Garbage Cans (Krusty Starts)

19. Make Wiggum Collect Krustyland Bribes (4 hours) (Chief Wiggum Starts)

20. Make Wiggum Eat at Krustyland Burger (30 min) and make Wiggum Take Part in a Sing-Along (8 hours) (Chief Wiggum Starts)

21. Reach Level 24 and Build Radioactive Man: The Ride (24 hours) (Krusty Starts)


22. Make Comic Book Guy, Bart and Milhouse ride the Radioactive Man Ride (4 hours) (Comic Book Guy Starts)

23. Place a mascot (Comic Book Guy Starts)

24. Reach Level 25 and Build the Food Needle (36 hours) (Comic Book Guy Starts)

25. Make Comic Book Guy Eat at the Food Needle (12 hours) (Comic Book Guy Starts)

26. Reach Level 26 and build the Wet-and-Smokey Stunt Show (36 hours) (Nelson Starts

27. Make Nelson and Lisa watch the Stunt Show (12 hours) (Lisa Starts) 

28. Place a Cotton Candy Stand (Nelson Starts)

29. Build Krusty’s Haunted Condo (24 hours) (Nelson Starts)

30. Make Lisa and Nelson tour the Haunted Condo (8 hours) (Nelson Starts) 

31. Reach Level 27 and build Scratchy’s Flea Dipper (36 hours) (Lisa Starts)

32. Make Nelson ride Scratchy’s Flea Dipper (12hours) Make Lisa watch a Stunt Show (12hours) (Nelson Starts)

33. Reach Level 28 and build the Viking Boat (24 hours) (Carl Starts)

34. Make Lenny and Carl ride the Viking Boat (4 hours) (Krusty Starts) 

35. Make Lenny and Carl eat at the Food Needle (12 hours) (Carl Starts)

36. Build the Krustyland Hotel (48 hours) (Comic Book Guy Starts)

37. Make Lenny and Carl stay at the Krustyland Hotel (24hours) (Krusty Starts)

38. Reach Level 29 and build the Duff Pavilion (36 hours) (Krusty Starts)

39. Make Homer visit the Pavilion (1hour) (Homer Starts)

40. Build the Tooth Chipper (120 hours) (Homer Starts) 

41. Make Bart Ride the Tooth Chipper (24hours) (Bart Starts)


Hope this helps the people who have not yet finished there Krustyland, Price’s can be found in previous posts linked on the page “All things Krustyland”, And still can not believe that we have gone up almost 10,000 hits in one day; thanks guys.


18 thoughts on “Krustyland Walk-through (Short Version)

  1. Finally got enough tickets for the Tooth Chipper. 5 days build time! Really?! It took that long just to earn the tickets! 😦


  2. So all in all, IF you have the tickets ready by the time the quest comes up to build the next building, you’re supposed to be done with all of the Krustyland in about 25 days.

    I have about 12 days left…. But the tickets truly aren’t very easy quickly earned, so it’ll probably take a lot longer!


  3. I don’t have a krustyland but I’m collecting krusty tickets. It’s not showing up anywhere(how many I got in all or at all). Is there any point in collecting them early? Is it even being counted?????????


      • They are being counted, I tested this before I started mine. So yes it is worthwhile visiting friends krustyland’s to collect tickets 🙂


      • On the ride that they based the whole expansion on, it is “slated for demolition”. On the ride, Sideshow Bob uses the wrecking ball to try and get the family. Don’t really want to spoil anything else in case people want to go on this amazing ride some day. Lots of good info about it on Wikipedia and The Simpsons Wiki. I love that they included this aspect.


  4. Can I recommend a “Random” catch all type post where we can reply with things that are unrelated to anything posed so far?

    Burning Bush Glitch : I am in the process of doing a major redesign of my town. I put all my buildings off to one side and have been putting everything else into inventory. I have 6 burning bushes. I kept noticing that every once in a while a specific burning bush that I kept putting into inventory would reappear in the same spot I took it from. Many hours later I am looking over my inventory and see that I now have 27 burning bushes. Apparently every time I put that one into inventory and switched screens ( Krustyland or friends) it would give me a new one in its place.

    Testing it out narrowed it down to the screen switch, and I also tested placing them to see if it was just an inventory number glitch. I was able to place all of them. Very strange, But considering it is a premium item that gives a bonus, I’m going to stop because I don’t want my account to start showing stuff I didn’t buy. Interesting nonetheless.


    • I agree, maybe even a “Glitches” post.

      They seem to have fixed the Krustyland glitch where the items were showing in Springfield. I got 500 bonus donuts, I’m guessing since I filed a report w/ EA when it occurred as well as telling them how to reproduce, now I’m just waiting for the donut hole post to be updated so I can get a good idea of how to spend those donuts! (I already have SVT from a mystery box, but that’s it)

      Now there is a new glitch when you switch between Springfield and Krustyland you can always get tickets from the entrance. You can go S->K->Get Tickets->S->K->Get Tickets over and over again with the only wait being the time it takes to switch between K and S. Is anybody else seeing this?

      Also of note, when I tried to post this it made me login since the email address is registered w/ wordpress, but then afterwards it didn’t post and took me to the “admin” page (which I don’t have access to obviously). Probably more of a wordpress bug but worth looking into.


  5. Hey, can you put prices on? Nice to know how many characters I need to shift out of springfield to save up enough!! Thank you!!!


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