Spoiler: Unreleased content (Part One) (Update: Burns’ Casino)

This spoiler is some content that have never made it into the game, even though being in the files for quite a while now. There has been many things that have said to be released into the game but never made it. Here is a list of some content that has not yet been released and pushed forward to another date! This is a spoiler as some of the stuff listed below has been changed to be released soon in upcoming updates. If you’re on the home page please do not click on “Continue reading” if you don’t want to know any spoilers!

Here are some decorations that have been in the file’s for a while now and some were supposed to be released during the level 32 update with Kamp Krusty but did not appear. Some of the images are covered with snow and could have been pushed forward for the upcoming Christmas update, I will just post the decorations without the snow on for now.

Camping Tent

Tapped_Out_Camping_Tent Tapped_Out_Camping_Tent_Snow_covered

Ice Cream Cart-

Tapped_Out_Ice_Cream_Cart Tapped_Out_Ice_cream_cart_snow 

Campfire (old version)


Mypod poster-board, Another one with only a Christmas themed image-


There are the most important decorations and we should see some of them come with the Christmas update. Next is the unreleased Buildings:

Now there are two Buildings that have been in the files but without any images linked with them. The two buildings are the Springfield Mall and Hailstone’s. These two buildings are Linked near each other so I suspect they will be released together. Springfield Mall also has with it an Unreleased job for Duffman which is Party Down at the Springfield Mall. And the Springfield Mall has also been rumored to come with Sarah Wiggum, But that is not yet sure if it is True.

Hal Roach Apartment’s, With Jacqueline Bouvier-


This looks like another thing we could see coming up for the Christmas update and has expected to be released with Jacqueline Bouvier, If we see her in the game I’m sure Patty and Selma won’t be far behind.

World’s Largest Toilet-


Finally we have the Unreleased characters and costume’s. Kirk van Houten is listed in the files without an image along with Jackson five who we were suppose to see during the Squidport update.

Gil (As a playable character)-


Hope some of this helps and it looks like some will be arriving in the future. That is the end of part one and part two will be about the Upcoming Facades, The upcoming and unreleased Tasks and The other Springfield down’s dogs.


33 thoughts on “Spoiler: Unreleased content (Part One) (Update: Burns’ Casino)

  1. To be honest we have too many apartments I think maybe marges mom could be available as a donut character ?


  2. thelittleprince 08/15/2013 — 19:20

    Also, hopefully they’ll release the world’s largest toilet. Already have a spot for it in my trash filled part of my town!


    1. doryphoros84 08/23/2013 — 19:40

      Don’t know if anybody mentioned already, but I have the feeling “World’s Largest Toilet” will cost 4,000,000 – if you know what I mean.


  3. thelittleprince 08/15/2013 — 19:17

    Definitely saving some donuts for Kodos and return of Kang next season!


    1. Should be next month!


  4. I can see a lot of these as Christmas updates. The, mall, and a few of the mom characters would fit in nicely. Whenever they come out, I’m excited, and I’m really looking forward too see how they handle the holidays the second time around.


  5. Hi, can you tell me where the game files are.. And also, i heard that the Hal Roach Apartments were take out of the game files…


  6. Simpson Freak DU 08/12/2013 — 22:24

    Any word when level 33 will be released?


    1. It could be this week (Thursday or Friday)


      1. Simpson Freak DU 08/12/2013 — 23:22

        Thanks… Fingers crossed. BTW do you know is there a max % boost from decorations etc. I can’t seem to get higher than 116% (eg Gulpnblow paying $216)



        1. I don’t think there’s a limitation on %, I sure hope there isn’t 🙂


  7. So thrilled to have spoilers again and the fact that it’s all new stuff I haven’t heard about (for the most part), even better! Strong work to all you cool Kats at TopiX!


    1. Glad you like iy and there are more to come


  8. I know that the old site got a lot of info like this from spAnser. What are you guys gonna do now that he’s closed down his site?


    1. I got my info from the files and simpsons wiki


  9. You would think that if they were considering making Gil a playable character they would also make Sideshow Bob one as well. He is by far a more iconic character than Gil. The only downside to that is he probably wouldn’t be a voiced character, since Kelsey Grammar does his voice. Oh well, probably just wishful thinking.


    1. Maybe they could make Bob a limited time character, in that you only have him for a limited time, say a month, then he can get locked away again and only come out for special events. They could do the Mardi Gras Story with him instead of doing Whacking Day again next year??


      1. That would be interesting. You used to be able to steal a friends Lemon Tree so I don’t see why they can’t do something with Bob along those lines.


      2. Speaking of Bob…would anyone know why he hasn’t been in my town for the longest time? I’d say at least 2 months since I’ve seen him…


        1. Sounds strange, although he is good at hiding.


            1. I never catch him so he’s been roaming my town for weeks 🙂


  10. Mike (the other one) 08/12/2013 — 18:00

    Love these posts, but it would be helpful to note the sources of rumors, if known. A lot of these (like Mayan Marge being available this Halloween, for example) seem like wishful thinking and pure speculation more than anything.


    1. Will add a link on the last one.


  11. i cannot wait for the holiday updates, they are always fun 🙂 also i think the mypod billboard is a good sign that the mapple store may come back for a limited time at christmas. interesting piece of trivia the picture on the billboard is an android wallpaper, it is my phone’s wallpaper.


    1. I don’t think EA will bring back the Mapple store or sign, they’d be too controversial now that the game runs on Android too (people would complain the content’s biased). These items were developed back when the game was iOS only. Also I can’t see Mayan Marge and Olmec Head coming, as I can’t imagine they’d go back to the same Treehouse of Horrors with so many other Halloween episodes to choose from. Unfortunately I think there will always be some content in the files that never becomes playable material.


  12. I really really wish Kodos arrive to the game and the return of Kang. At this point is still unknown why the episode was moved to season 25 right?? Oh, I almost forget it, welcome back boys and girl!!


  13. Metroid2033 08/12/2013 — 17:31

    That would be awesome if we saw them sooner than Xmas as a level update. I have been wondering when they would be released due to them being more reaccuring characters than Herman and others. However, at a female twin standpoint am I the only one who really wants Sherri and Terri added? Heehee.


    1. I actually want Sherri and Terri added too, we need more female’s and kids and they would double that!


      1. Metroid2033 08/12/2013 — 17:44

        My thoughts exactly! 🙂


  14. Amazing!

    Would love the manhole covers and Olmec Head 😀


  15. Metroid2033 08/12/2013 — 17:24

    Oooooh so many good spoilers that I haven’t seen before and they all look amazing! I so cannot wait to see this halloween and Xmas events because the last ones are what got me really hooked! Thanks for spoiling me. ^.^


    1. i can’t wait to and if we get marge’s mum for christmas i expect we get patty and selma before


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