Spoiler:Unreleased Content (Part Two)

Here is part two of the Unreleased content and you can find part one here. As always please do not click continue reading if you don’t want to find out the spoiler. Part one took us from unreleased decorations to unreleased characters, And in part two we will be looking at the upcoming Christmas facade, the unreleased tasks and the Springfield Downs missing dogs.

There have been many funny task’s in tapped out and here are some that were either unreleased or could be seeing in the future. Duffman has an upcoming task which is Party down at the Springfield Mall. While he has an unreleased one which is party down at the Kwik-E-Mart . Here are some upcoming and unreleased tasks for the game:

Doctor Hibbert-Go Jogging


Chief Wiggum-Buckle Belt/Try to See His Belt Buckle


Homer-Pee Dance/Pee Pee Dance


Devil Flanders-Open Hell Portal


Next we have a list of the unreleased dogs at the Springfield Downs. There are no image’s or odd’s just name’s of the unreleased dogs that in my opinion will never make it into the game:

Name Labeled in the files
Go Dog, Go! springfielddowns_dog_6
Ace of Spayeds springfielddowns_dog_7
Three-legged Max springfielddowns_dog_8
Scoot That Rug springfielddowns_dog_9
Majestic Humper springfielddowns_dog_10
Dog O’ War springfielddowns_dog_11
Housebroken springfielddowns_dog_12
He’s The Winner springfielddowns_dog_13
Chew My Shoe springfielddowns_dog_14
The Man Whisperer springfielddowns_dog_15

Finally we have the unlock message for Homer that never made it into the game, That’s the end of part two and I will be back shortly to post the final part of the unreleased content.

Image Quote Character
Tapped_Out_Unlock_Homer “Did someone order a hero?” Homer

7 thoughts on “Spoiler:Unreleased Content (Part Two)

  1. I wish that unlock message for Homer had made it into the game. It’s too awesome for words!


  2. Mcgarnacle82 08/13/2013 — 15:21

    I’m also excited to see Skinner’s house and whatever new houses we get prior to Xmas. 🙂 Wondering if we will ever get a chance for Kodos and Shawna ever again without a too good to be true Gamezino tactic. Although we did see far tony come back around (which was awesome for me) and some of my friends were able to get the golf course. Maybe there is a chance?

    Great to see you guys back and a shame to see what happened to tstotips. Kudos to Mike for pulling this all together!

    Only reason I didn’t fall for the scam was I was too broke at the time. Heard EA may be deleting towns by doing a donut to item invetory in a thread. Is this true? Would this apply to people who did the homer Buddha glitch from time to time but spent upwards of a boatload of money on scratchers over the past year? I suppose only time will tell.


    1. Kodos is rumoured to be released with Kang for the Season 25 episode labled “The Man Who Came To Be Dinner.” Shauna was a valentine limites item so, maybe next february?


  3. I’m super stoked for Halloween and Christmas events! I didn’t get to experience Halloween at all and only experienced the last few weeks of Christmas. I hope this years events are just as good, if not better than last years was.


  4. King of Kings 08/13/2013 — 12:58

    Can’t wait to snow covers all of springfield again and now hipefully sniw covered krustyland?


  5. Love the Man Whisperer and the Majestic humper.


  6. No decorations for Tony, Wolfie or Lincon? 😦


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