Walkthrough: Level 32 – Bread and Putter

I realize we have been releasing walkthrough’s starting from the beginning and this may seem an odd choice and out of order but this is a request by one of you. Also, I’m trying to appease readers of all Levels and a good portion of us are on or around this particular level and quest. We are doing our best to get the entire game covered as well as all of the informative posts.

If you need a particular walkthrough for a level and do not see it up yet please use the Tapped Out Discussion page to send a request and we will get it up as soon as possible. And without further ado here’s the Bread and Putter complete walkthrough.

Once you complete the Rod and Todd quests you will automatically begin Bread and Putter as long as you have Ned free to kick it off.

Bread and Putter Pt. 1

After tapping Ned:

Ned: “Homer, I’m seeing a lot of your children’ influence on my boys. Bart, mostly. Although Rod is starting to wear pearls.”
Homer: “You’re welcome, Ned. Glad we could help.”
Ned: “No, Homer. I’m saying I don’t want my kids to be like your kids. I like them the way they are. ”
Homer: “What?! But your kids are weird!”

Ned: “Well, your kids are…wild!”
Homer: “How dare you! There’s only one-way to settle the question of who’s a better parent–a mini-golf tournament.”
Ned: “Huh? How would that settle anything?”
Homer: “SOunds like somebody’s chicken. Bok-bok-bok-ba-gaak!”
Ned: “No, I just don’t understand how minigolf relates to–”
Homer: “Bok-bok-bok-bok–”
Ned: “Fine, you’re on!”

You will now receive Bread and Putter Pt. 1: “Make Ned Set up a Minigolf Tournament” AND “Make Homer Set up a Minigolf Tournament” – 12 hours ($420, 100 XP)

Once task is complete:

Nelson: “I wanna do this.”
Homer: “Sorry, this tournament is private.”
Nelson: “Dude, did you not notice my threatening tone when I said…”
“I wanna do this.”
Homer: “gulp” Open tournament! Anyone can join!”


You will need to keep Ned free for the next prompt.

2. Bread and Putter Pt. 2

Ned: “Welcome to round one of Mini-Masters! First up are Bart, Rod and Nelson. Remember boys, the important thing is that everyone has fun.”
Homer: “I feel the same way.”
“I don’t feel the same way, Bart. I want you to win at all costs.”
Ned: “Homer you’re doing that whispering thing you do where everyone can hear every word you’re saying.”
Homer: “What are you talking about? I’m not whispering!”
“I think they can hear me so I’m going to stop whispering now.”

You will now receive Bread and Putter Pt. 2: “Make Bart Go Minigolfing”, “Make Rod Go Minigolfing” AND “Make Nelson Go Minigolfing” – 24 hours ($1900, 460 XP)

Once the task completes:

Nelson: “Stupid colored balls, stupid little pencils. I can’t believe how much I hate this! How long does this go on?”
Bart: “Eighteen holes. This is hole number three.”
Nelson: “Life’s too short–I’m gonna go watch TV. Smell ya later, lamewads!”

Ned: “Well, Nelson’s out. And Rod still refuses to retrieve his ball from the first hole…”
Rod: “A rollie-pollie crawled in there and he didn’t crawl out!”
Ned: “So I guess you win this round, Bart.”
“Congratulations, Homer. You’re being surprisingly gracious about this.”
Homer: “About what?”

Ned: “About Bart’s winning.”
Homer: “We won? Yes! In your face, sucka!”
Ned: “That’s the Homer I know.”


Once again you will need to keep Ned free for the next prompt.

Bread and Putter Pt. 3

After tapping Ned’s exclamation:

Ned: “It’s time for round two of this yellow Skins Tournament, with Lisa Simpsons, Martin Prince, and my own little Toddy.”
Homer: “Lisa, please, please, win this for Daddy. Does it help if I tell you that if you lose, it will ruin everything?”
Lisa: “Dad, you wouldn’t have to derive your self-esteem from your children if you had your own accomplishments.”

Homer: “But that entails not drinking and daily showers.”
Lisa: “Fine. Gimme the putter.”

You will now receive Bread and Putter Pt. 3: “Make Todd Go Minigolfing”, “Make Lisa Go Minigofling” AND “Make Martin Go Minigolfing” for 24 hours ($1900, 460 XP)

Once the task completes:

Ned: “Oh my goodness! The winner of round two is…Todd some-relation Flanders!”
Bart: “Way to put all the pressure on me, Lis.”
Lisa: “Well, that doesn’t make me feel very good.”
Bart: “You know what would’ve made you feel good?”

Lisa: “Not losing?”


You will need to keep Homer free to kick off the next part.

Bread and Putter Pt. 4

After tapping Homer

Homer: “And for the final qualifying round of this…mini-golf thing, it’s…Milhouse versus Ralph? Wow. Dud and Dudder, I’m gonna nap in my car.”
Milhouse: “I can win this. All I have to do is beat the one kid who loses at more things than I do. And I totally don’t feel bad about it!”
Ralph: “The urinals here are outside. They have pennies and fish in them.”

Milhouse: “Okay, I feel a little bad.”

You will now receive Bread and Putter Pt. 4: “Make Milhouse Go Minigolfing” AND “Make Ralph Go Minigolfing” for 24 hours ($600, 150 XP)


And for the last part of this quest Homer needs to be free once more.

Bread and Putter Pt. 5

After tapping Homer

Homer: “Bart, Todd and Ralph, congratulations on making it to the final round.”
“And in my book, you are all winners.”
“Until after this round then my book will be edited and only the actual winner will be a winner. The other two will be big, fat losers.”

You will now receive Bread and Putter Pt. 5: “Make Bart Go Minigolfing”, “Make Todd Go Minigolfing” AND “Make Ralph Go Minigolfing” for 24 hours ($600, 150 XP)

Once the task completes:

Ned: “Todd has spent the last four holes cowering behind the hedge.”
Todd: “The giant alligator ate my ball!”
Ned: “It’s an alligator statue–it’s supposed to eat your ball. That’s why there’s a flag sticking out of it’s nostril.”
“And Bart knocked his ball out of the park. Literally. Over the fence. and onto the freeway.”
Bart: “I’m like Tiger Woods…the golfer, not the one who did all that bad stuff.”

Ned: “So I guess the winner is Ralph Wiggum!”
Homer: “Bart! I don’t mean to be negative…but you sucked like crazy!”
Bart: “I had an off day.”
Chief Wiggum: “Ralphie’s so happy!And a happy Ralphie is a non-fire-starting Ralphie. Thank you, Bart.”
Homer: “Why did Wiggum wink when he thanked you? And what’s in that bag he handed you?”

Bart: “A token of his gratitude. Two police issue tasers.”
Homer: “He bribed you into throwing the tournament? You don’t suck, you’re just a cheater! DO you realize what this means!?”
“I’m a great father!”
Bart: “Wanna play taser-tag?”
Homer: “I sure do, son. I sure do.”


You have now successfully completed Level 32. I was glad to see a return of a past item and enjoyed the level quests. Personally level updates are my favorite compared to the 2 expansion updates we have received. Aside from staying busy decorating my Krustyland I am anxiously awaiting Level 33 and hope you all are too. Hope you found this walkthrough helpful. Happy Tapping!


9 thoughts on “Walkthrough: Level 32 – Bread and Putter

  1. I am unable to complete part 5 because Todd is missing. After making him and Rod ride the seesaw one night, I completed it and Todd never came back. I have tried putting the course in my inventory, putting the Flanders house in my inventory, and putting them both away at the same time. None of that brought him back. When I click on the quest to make him do it, the screen just goes over to Rod. I’ve tried putting Rod away, but every time I do, the game crashes. Any idea of how to fix this?!


    1. Uninstall then reinstall. See what happens then.


  2. Its so great to have you guys back. Any news on level 33?


    1. Yes, scroll down 😀


  3. There’s a typo in Ned’s first quote. Pearls vs pants (ooer missus)


    1. Not anymore 🙂


  4. Anyone else sad that there was no ending task to see Bart and Homer tase each other? XD


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