Level 33 Eddie & Lou Overview

This is a brief overview of the freemium Level 33 items. We are working on walkthroughs as we speak and Mike has covered the premium items here A new level means lots of fun but also more work for us. We are looking forward to conquer the challenge of our first update since the start of this site and we will cover as much as possible, as soon as possible!

Snake needs to be free to start of the normal level quest and if you purchase The Sunsphere you will need Nelson free.

S.W.A.T. Van


Cost: $225,000

Requirements: Reach Level 33, complete “Bad Cops Pt. 2” quest

Earnings: Improves Righteousness rating

Build Time: Instant build

Build Reward: 7500 XP, plus unlocks Eddie and Lou

Eddie and Lou

Unlocked with: The S.W.A.T. Van

Reward: 25 XP

Character Set: Civil Servants




Other Buildings
Springfield Wax Museum


Cost: $276,000

Requirement: Reach Level 33

Earnings: $200 20 XP every 12 hours

Build Time: 24 hours or 12 donuts to rush

Build Reward: 10,000 XP

The Sunsphere


Cost: $750,000

Requirement: Reach Level 5, Complete “myPad” quest

Earnings: None

Build Time: 3 days, 36 donuts to rush

Build Reward: 7500 XP

Training Wall


Cost: $270

Requirement: Level 33

Bonus: Improves Righteousness rating

Build Reward: 27 XP

Quantity: Unlimited purchasing

Placement: Land, beach and Boardwalk

Total Amount of Level XP to reach Pink bar: 160,680 xp

Total Cost of Level 33: $ 1,251,270 and 205 Donuts

Happy Tapping!


18 thoughts on “Level 33 Eddie & Lou Overview

  1. How funny that yesterday they announced that the Wax Museum on Fisherman’t Warf, San Francisco, is closing, and today we get one. Maybe we’ll get a new bridge when they open the new Bay Bridge in a few weeks. 😛


  2. Question about the build reward for the training wall: I get 49xp, and subtracting what I get extra from my multiplier, that leaves between 27 and 28. Isn’t 85 xp way to high?


  3. Hey, great post. I was wondering if you have any suggestions for a problem I am having. I received the update today, bought the SWAT van and all the premium items. I proceeded to put Lou and Arnie on their first task and logged off. I came back several hours later and when I opened the game it immediately showed the level up screen again and gave me the one free donut again. I went to check Lou’s task at the training wall and it was gone as was the SWAT van. All my premium items were still there but Lou, Eddie, the training wall, and SWAT van were gone, as well as the $225,000 I used to purchase them, but Arnie was still flying around in his chopper. My XP level also dropped from 60,000 to 10,000. The Bad Cops part 3 task still appears in the task book but the SWAT van is back in decorations menu for $225,000. I really don’t want to have to buy the SWAT van again as it is very expensive. Any suggestions for solving this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys for all the great info you provide.


  4. I received the update and also got the immediate Dr Nick update but I have noticed that I am still on level 32. I have very high multiplier and have probably gone through the bonus levels a couple of times. I really don’t recall though.


  5. I’m so happy that Snake had just finished a 24 stint in jail. He was freed just as the update reached my game. =) I of course blew all my money on the new buildings and Swat van. =)


  6. 3 day wait for sunsphere?! At least it is less than 1M. Does it make money or just a decoration? Was hoping for the world’s largest toilet, too.


      • The sun sphere does give Bart,Nelson,milhouse, and Martin the 16 hr “celebrate WOD FIR” task , where they walk around wearing wigs that they got from inside the sun sphere.


  7. “if you purchase The Sunsphere you will need Kearney free.”

    But he is a premium character. What about those who dont have him?


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