Spoiler: Unreleased Content (Part Three)

Here is the Final part of “Spoiler: Unreleased Content” and if you missed part one you can find it here and part two here. Now this post will look at the unreleased mystery box, the unreleased and upcoming Icons and the unreleased SCRATCH-R. If you don’t want to find out the spoilers and you are on the home page do not click continue reading but if you want to find more click continue reading.

Image Name Reasoning
Tapped_Out_Xmas_Mystery_Box Xmas Mystery Box Was planned for the Christmas content update or after due to information from the files is in “NonWinter” section; replaced by either Santa’s Sack or Mystery Stockings or just scrapped. Presumably would have cost under 6 donuts.

The Xmas Mystery Box could be released in this year’s upcoming Christmas event. Next we have the upcoming and unreleased Icons that you usually see during the dialog. Here the Upcoming and Unreleased Icons:

Tapped_Out_Kang_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_Brockman_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_Kang_Icon_-_Singing Tapped_Out_Marge_the_Witch_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_Luigi_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_FPO_Icon Tapped_Out_Mr._Plow_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_Devil_Flanders_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_Harvesting_Indicator_Icon Tapped_Out_Squidport_Friend_Indicator_Icon Tapped_Out_Abe_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_Bare-Chested_Willie_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_Cletus_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_Comic_Book_Guy_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_Dr._Nick_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_Fat_Tony_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_FRD_Icon Tapped_Out_FRD_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_Hank_Scorpio_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_Hans_Moleman_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_Homer_Icon_-_Happy Tapped_Out_Kearney_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_Leprechaun_Icon_-_Angry Tapped_Out_Miss_Springfield_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_Nelson_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_Quimby_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_Ralph_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_SLH_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_Snake_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_Squidport_Collection_Indicator_Icon Tapped_Out_SVT_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_Talking_Krusty_Doll_Icon_Unused Tapped_Out_Tatum_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_The_Raven_Icon Tapped_Out_The_Raven_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_TO'F_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_Wiggum_Icon_-_Sad Tapped_Out_Willie_Icon_-_Sad

Next we have the unreleased Platinum Scratch-R that was suppose to be released with the Krustyland update. It is now said that the Platinum Scratch-R will be released during the upcoming Christmas update. Here are the images leaked online of the Scratch-R. The odds of the Platinum Scratch-R can be found here.

Platinum scratch rPlatinumscratch

That is the last of the spoilers and I hope we see some of this unreleased content appear in the future. Hope you enjoyed these posts and let’s hope there will be more spoilers to come.


3 thoughts on “Spoiler: Unreleased Content (Part Three)

  1. Your method of explaining all in this post is actually pleasant,
    all can simply understand it, Thanks a lot.


  2. Why is everyone so sad, maybe they didnt get any donuts in their stockings.


  3. Maybe we’ll get the xmas mystery box for logging in on xmas day? 😉


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