Poll Results:What are you most excited about the new site?

The Poll has been closed! And the results are in. 802 of you voted and there can be only one winner. Here is a graph I made of the results:

So it looks like you are truly excited about the new site. Thanks for the people who took their own time to vote and here’s to another poll! πŸ™‚


New writers:nathanrushton and minicha.

65 8.1%

More from writers:mickus20 and mrfy2.

53 6.61%

More from Mike!

96 11.97%

The new layout of the site.

38 4.74%

Reliving the whole fun experience again.

145 18.08%

Everything Above πŸ™‚

405 50.5%

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18 thoughts on “Poll Results:What are you most excited about the new site?

  1. I am so happy this site was re created. Its a shame what happened to the other, and I must admit I was pretty upset about it. Glad you guys are back!


  2. I thought this post might be the most related to my comment out of the most recent posts on here, so sorry that I’m not really talking about this post!

    I’ve only just found this new site from TSTOtips after quite awhile of trying to understand why no walkthroughs were being posted for level 32, level 33 and krustyland. My comments on the site from a week and a few weeks ago are still under moderation, from the short time I’ve looked around here I’ve found my answers. I was lucky to go with my gut feeling that the gizmo thing was a scam, so I haven’t purchased anything from them! I’m glad all the admins (still missing werdna though) have come together and made a new site!

    I’m hoping more and more of the people that went to TSTOtips regularly, find the new site!


  3. dontBELIEVEtheHYPE 08/17/2013 — 14:00

    love the new site feels just like home. I was wondering if you have ever considered joining all the new site into on big beautiful calibration of tapped out knowledge and insight. It just seem after the lose of TSTOTIPS our family has been divided between the three major new sites TSTOTOPIX, TSTOGAME, and TSTONEWS. The things is all there do there own little thing just a little better that the other.
    TSTOTOPIX – style and feel
    TSTOGAME – writing
    TSTONEWS – images and update content

    Don’t get me wrong each does each of these things really well
    and can survive on their own i just think it would be like a dream team plus it would help quicken the demise TSTOTIPS


    1. i think then it would become too big with too many writers ect. We are one site that wants to become big on its own


      1. dontBELIEVEtheHYPE 08/17/2013 — 14:08

        I guess i can respect that 😦


  4. Wow I got 12% of the votes. Makes me feel a little honored. Thanks to all who voted!


    1. i voted for ya πŸ™‚


  5. Hey this is a new thing I’ve been seeing. I want to old site and there are new posts being added and even new writers. I don’t know what to do to help because there are a bunch more people still being scammed into going and using that site. :/


  6. Try openoffice, it has a program comparable to excel as well as the rest of the suite for free.


  7. Oh, and I got an idea to pump up your hits. Mike S’ reddit post is the 3rd website to appear on google when you look for tstotips.com. If you put this website’s address there I’m sure more people would be able to find it.


  8. Just found out about this site, great to know I have a replacement blog for the once great tstotips.com
    Thanks for the great job, though I still think a name like tstospit.com would’ve been better for your cause xD


  9. The sites already better than the old one


  10. You need a pie chart for this sort of thing bro πŸ˜‰


    1. That’s a Dave Gorman reference by the way. I wasn’t being a knob


      1. Cant you just use excel?


      2. just copy the numbers into excel or any other program like that, and you get a pie chart in 2 1/2 minutes flat


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