ReModeling ~ Preparations

This is the first part of two on remodeling.

When should one re-do one’s town?

Best is during a lull.
When everything is done and you’re waiting for an update. That gives you something to do. I did it between Whacking Day and Squidport. A friend of mine is doing it now, he has the buildings for the latest level, so why not?

Social events are the worst time to remodel.
Too much else is going on and your town will be ‘half done’ during the event because you don’t have the time to finish, visit friends, get the limited decorations/buildings etc.

Where does one start?

– The first thing to do is Land. Buy as much as you can afford. I got the outer squares first because I wanted to fix my landing screen. Patches of dark green squares in the middle of my town looked a bit funny but I did not care.

20130825-101038.jpg Pricemap for Springfield

– Plan how you’d like to divide your town. One section for each category (homes, shops, civic buildings, etc.) or mix it up? Do you want ‘the same time buildings’ (8h, 16h, 12h etc) in close proximity? Or the ‘shorties’ >15 min? Leave room for future buildings. If you have a ‘shopping’ district, be prepared for new stores, they will come 🙂

– Start/LandingScreen. Do you place buildings you want friends to tap there or is it a show-off (like mine) or not an issue at all? Remember the StartScreen will shift every time you buy more land!

20130825-101328.jpg My Landingscreen

– If outer land squares are not acquired, you’ll continually move whatever you placed on the ‘edge’ when you expand. It is a chore 🙂 so don’t decorate too heavily ’till it’s “permanent”

It is fun to re-do the town both for the owners and the visitors. It is a necessity when your town grows not to mention how enjoyable it is 🙂

Happy Tappin’

This is a modified re-post from my blog.


24 thoughts on “ReModeling ~ Preparations

  1. Do you mind doing “what have you done with your wax museum”? I have mine in a open field at the moment lol


  2. I have taken this picture (Pricemap for Springfield) and printed it out in black & white about a week ago. Then I took a highlighter marker and colored in the squares that I have purchased. It has been a big help in designing my town knowing how much room from the edge of the map I am.


  3. I don’t remodel….I am so not creative enough. >.<


  4. I’m one who redecorates small sections as I expand. I’m satisfied with most of the earlier sections that I built, and I’m content to just tweak bits here and there as I get bigger.


  5. Wow I just realized how much land I can still buy. I guess it is time for a re model of my Springfield.


  6. I don’t understand you people who don’t clean up the trash. There’s doughnuts in that there junk


    1. doryphoros84 08/25/2013 — 14:56

      Who cares for 2 or 3 doughnuts?! The toxic waste barrels make a very good decoration for the powerplant, the gas bottles look good next to Frinks Lab, and some of the other match with Cletus farm, the Muntz house or a messy forest.
      My origin account is the same as here, ad me if you want to see.


      1. doryphoros84 08/25/2013 — 14:58

        Hey writers, how about a post: “What have you done with the waste as a decoration?”?


      2. I have just recently come across an interesting glitch. I have a toxic waste barrel that never disappears! I’ve had Lisa and Homer both clean it up in the past two days, then when I come back to my town its there again!


        1. This has happened to me too. And one time they found a donut in it! So it is worth having them “attempt” to clean it.


      3. steven j (esteban2808) 08/25/2013 — 21:24

        That the same as me. If it won’t go away I guess I have to use it as decoration.


      4. @ Mrfy

        Yeah, I have read about someone having this problem (?) on EA forums about a month ago. I had Homer clean it up 30 or so times and got a donut.



  7. I remodeled relatively early in the game but now I would just remodel patches of my Springfield especially when new buildings are acquired. I have a shopping district, several clusters of residential neighborhoods, green space, a “business” area, and less than desirable neighborhoods. And like any town, they neighborhoods develop in patches. I like it this way. It makes it more interesting to explore.

    I must admit that my Squidport is a bit lame. It’s very slow to build and I don’t have premiums so its a bit dull too. Hopefully that will change with some luck.


  8. Just started to redesign my town now before any of the holiday events. I spent so much buying land that I’ve almost run out of cash for decorations! I really underestimated the cost of the designing. The little bushes and trees add up! I’ve had so much inspiration from my friend’s towns and your articles. Although, I’ve never seen a dump! Here’s my garbage dump:

    Simpsons Tapped Out Dump


    1. I’ve seen many “dumps”! I use some as decoration and hide the rest. The 2D artists call ’em palettes 🙂


  9. steven j (esteban2808) 08/25/2013 — 12:15

    And I was just thinking I would do my first remodel. Just going to buy all the land first. I have remodelled parts of my town but never from scratch. I don’t want an update arriving part way through.


  10. I remodeled once before and I’m getting ready for another one soon. I still do not have all the land yet though so I’m holding off for that. I have close to a million dollars on hand but I fear if I blow it on land, my luck level 34 will start and I’ll be behind again.


  11. Just when I think “That’s it for remodeling”, I see something I really like in a friend’s town or in one of those “What have you done with” posts and it starts all over again! My SquidPort needs a remodel but I need to find a source for inspiration before I can begin.


    1. It will be at least FIVE more WEEKS untill my Squidport is finished! Stupid, slow, infuriating… A remodel of SqP is something I’ll consider when xmas comes around 🙂


      1. I’m still working on the $10K/2 day squares and once I get 2 more, I’m thinking of just stopping. I’ve got all the buildings built, several premiums and it’s current size is such that everything fits reasonably well. It just seems like a complete waste of money to add any more squares unless EA decides to add more items to place there.


  12. King Of Kings 08/25/2013 — 09:07

    I believe everybody’s town is a lil piece of someone’s else’s town! I know mine is! I don’t copy exactly what I like but if do like something I see ill put it in my town but with my twist! I’m a bad neighbor I only visit to see what others come up with I don’t visit daily and tap away. If I’m looking to remodel some part or place in my town ill look around and see what my fellow tappers have come up with? I got a few friends that have wild imaginations. I’ve done a full remoldel now I jus tinker here or there. The only time I do remodel is when the updates come then I gotta shift some things around (dam you wax museum) that was a big building!! But it fits I like it and channel 6 has a new home that I like!! Happy Tapping!! #teamtopix


    1. “Pay homage to” is a fancier way to say “steal” and we all do it! Taking others ideas and adjust ’em to our own towns 🙂 Only on social pages, like Flickr, can we give cred to those who inspired us. It makes me smile when someone likes an element in my town and wants to put it in their own! So exciting to see their version of it! This is one of the reasons I love this game!


  13. I have let my town fall where it lies. Been playing for over a year, spent one real dollar so far, have little to no premium items, and lots of room for expansion. However my Krustyland could teach WDW a thing or two!


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