This is the second and final part on remodeling. Go to ReModeling~Preparations for the first part.

To redo one’s town is a great joy and a way to keep the game alive. It is fun both for you and for your visiting neighbors 🙂 It can and should, take some time but it will be worth it.

For a total makeover, here are some tips:

  • Don’t store buildings. Store decorations.
  • Your inventory can be like a washing machine: things disappear! And some buildings will take time to rebuilt, as in a 24/36h waiting time.
  • Acquire as much land as you can afford before starting. If you get the most outer land squares your landing/startscreen will not shift, unless new land is released.
  • Clear one section at the time. Tuck buildings into an unused patch. It is temporary so just cluster it tight 🙂 Store decorations.

I started on my landing/startscreen when I redid my town. Then came Squidport and more land and my landing spot shifted… Still on my town square so I didn’t bother to move it again. My town is neat and tidy, nearly boring. Not always a good thing 🙂 The pain of my Bunnypark still plagues me, although now removed to make way for the looney bin. I forced myself to place ’em randomly and not in straight lines. It physically hurt me to do that but after the failure of creating a wild forest I was determined. I still cringe when I see it. Both the bunnies and the cultivated forest. Sigh.


My Bunnypark

I did the outer squares of land second ’cause it was meant to be permanent. Can’t move things further back if it is on the limit. I used pavement to mark the roads, in straight lines, of course, before placing buildings. Added waterways. To make waterrails/bridges put roads over the water or water under the roads.

I thought of what was needed where and tried not to place duplicates too close to each other, with the residential area the exception. The Town Square has it all. Gulp-‘n-Blows for the plant workers and media folks, KeMs for hospital and near residents. I over think, I know…

When putting out decorations from inventory, use the 4 arrow button. Shut off buildings. Tap your inventory box and start decorating. This way you can see through buildings and not have to guess where the last piece of fence/hedge you place ends up.

20130826-145626.jpgBuildings shut off

Rotating some of the flowers, trees and that sort of stuff makes it less uniformed, less stiff. Too many in-animated objects can make an area look like a junk yard. Tree-hugging makes it more alive than vanity.

Space is a good thing, for future buildings and the illusion that the characters in your town doesn’t have to squeeze by decorations and buildings, wiggling like snakes, but a vast sea of parking lots is as boring in the game as it is in the real world.


A small change

Remember: All of this is based on my sense of tidiness and my preferences. I love seeing “messy” towns! It makes me smile. I can and do admire and enjoy what would not suit me, much as I can admire a piece of clothing on someone else but know I would look terrible if I, myself, put it on. Trust your own instincts and personal taste. Let it reflect in your town. Ignore design-advices you do not like and steal (pay homage to) the ideas you like! If you like your town so will others 🙂

Squidport and Krustyland will require more of those darn, slow, infuriating, expensive T1£€$ and more tickets for land before I can start designing (or redesign). “Krampyland” and “Squeeseport” are good descriptions at the moment.

If you don’t want to lose the bonus you can always hide what you don’t wanna display. I’ve hidden the valentine topiary, the Choo Choo train, the snake statue, Whacking Day tents, the wind thing and banner, Fruit-burns spotlight and other things 🙂 Try finding them in my town!



For inspiration before redoing your town, read the Inspiration piece I wrote or go to the Flickrgroup to discuss pros and cons with other Tappers.

Have Fun! and Happy Tapping!


This is a modified re-post from my blog and TappedOut


6 thoughts on “ReModeling

  1. Ha! I’ve been calling mine “Krushed-yland” and “Squishport”. Only recently have I had enough tiles for Squishport to become more squid-like.

    I’ve been in the middle of a redesign for months now, taking it very slow and concentrating on small areas at a time. The stupid item rotation when trying to select an item you just moved drives me nuts and has taken much of the pleasure out of it for me (they didn’t rotate through nearby items in the old days and tweaking a bush or fence was much easier then).


  2. I always wait for new levels before changing things around. New buildings can have a major impact on the rest. The recent wax museum is huge and takes a natural place at the front whilst sir putts – a lot is quite small and had to be placed further back


  3. thelittleprince 08/26/2013 — 15:22

    Great suggestions! Must be a pain. I haven’t done a complete remodel; I just move buildings around. I also have a few strips of land left unpurchased for future expansion (only started playing February this year) and have no urgency to buy them all yet until I run out of space with upcoming updates. I have a neighbor that tucked all his buildings in the inventory possibly for remodel; months later, my neighbor’s town was left empty. Must have grown tired of the project. I have another neighbor who bought all the land and house farmed to the max. Yikes! Not me. But to each his/her own. My main gripe though is the lack of variety of stores to boost my consumerism rating. Already have 8 KEM scattered around and still at 4 stars. Don’t want to add more until I expand my town.


    1. Consumerism is [censored]! EA needs to give us more shops! I’m on 31/2 stars and will stay there ’cause I don’t want more KeMs! Remodelling shouldn’t be a pain – it should be fun 😀 If you’re happy with your town, don’t mess with it.


  4. The way I focus on remodelling my town is, starting with squidport, try and make it in the middle as far as its possible, then being that entrance and make it lead to the centre of town, then I design however I see fit or looks goo, but I reckon that where ever the app opens on your town, it should be the centre, or something spectacular that makes your Springfield stand out above the rest. But I will certainly used some things you have suggested, I’m currently starting a remodel, that damn level 33 made me want to start again, I hope I don’t end up doing it every level…


    1. Good point starting with squidport. I was to lazy to change things round but it makes a lot of sense


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