The Krustyland Shuttle Bus

Hello everyone,
A lot of people have been asking “Why has my Krustyland Shuttle Bus changed?”. In this post we will be looking into the main feature of the Krustyland shuttle bus. Here is the Krustyland shuttle bus guide:

The Shuttle Bus is a decoration that unlocks the Krustyland area and is used to switch between Springfield and Krustyland. After reaching level 20 and receiving the “The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt.1” quest it can be purchased for $50,000. As more buildings are built-in Krustyland the appearance of the shuttle changes. The size of the shuttle bus is 7 x 7 and does not payout any money.

The Krustyland shuttle bus can be placed anywhere in your town but can not be rotated. People have been asking about the Krustyland shuttle bus changing in their town and every time you increase your Krust-O-Meter to a certain point the bus changes as your Krustyland is becoming more popular with newer rides, decorations, ect. You can find how your Krust-O-Meter works here. And other information on the Krust-O-Meter can be found on our Krustyland page here. Now here are the change’s that your shuttle bus goes through:

1.First you start off with a standard shuttle bus and the level of your Krust-O-Meter should be between 0.0% – 2.0%

2.The first upgrade of your shuttle bus is when all you have reached 3.0% in your Krust-O-Meter. This upgrade give’s you a rain shelter and bright colors are added with the trash can gone!

The last update of your shuttle bus is when you have reached 5.0% in your Krust-O-Meter. This is the luxury shuttle bus and It’s very impressive! You will see this upgrade when you are reaching the end of your Krustyland and you are on the last few rides that need to be built.

I hope this helps you all and it looks like we have almost covered every part of Krustyland. The Krustyland shuttle bus can not be moved in your Krustyland, like the Krustyland entrance, But I like where it is placed in Krustyland but I would rather move my entrance the most to the center. All we need now is some cars to fill up our empty car park. Thanks everyone and It looks like that we have covered every aspect of Krustyland, Thanks again-Nathan.


26 thoughts on “The Krustyland Shuttle Bus

  1. I i have the blue shuttle bus stop, but viewing my town from my sons it appear a the first version


  2. What happens when you put the Krustyland Bus in storage? Does your Krustyland disappear? I’m afraid to try. 🙂


    • I don’t think you can store it. Its like the Simpson house and the squidport and krustyland entrances. It can’t be stored or sold.


  3. How about a post on the Krusty Bus transfers… From Springfield to Krustyland they (open characters) all que up at the gate but where do the open characters go from Krustyland to Springfield? Sometimes I just find them wandering around Springfield while I thought they were at tasks in Krustyland.


  4. This was a bit annoying at first, because I had just finished decorating my Shuttle Terminal in Springfield when it changed on me and destroyed the whole layout, and I had to start again. Fortunately, the second and third stage are mainly differing in colour, so the third redesign was just a tweak 🙂


  5. Does anybody know if you can reach 5.0 stars without spending donuts? I know that in Springfield that it is pretty difficult to max out the conform-o-meter without spending a little bit of cash.


    • Yes. You should be able to reach five stars when the tooth chipper is buildt as it gets the nausea up to five if you dont have the premium rides. Grub: buy food stands. Merch: cheapest is the ring toss game (multiples). Kitch: cheapest is trees, best points/ticket


  6. Love the luxury shuttle bus stop! Got my 5 stars a couple of days ago and finished my Tooth Chipper this morning! KL was easier than I thought! Now trying to expand my KL and have more breathing room for the rides.


  7. Also of note… The shuttle you see in your friends’ Springfield / Krustyland mirrors YOUR shuttle stop, not theirs.

    – AJ


  8. Can you get the final shuttle without premium purchases? I am thinking from your post that you can. Do you know if your shuttle can change backwards if your krustometer rating goes back down?


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