Walkthrough Part 15-17 (From Krabappel Apartment to Springfield General Hospital)

Hello Everyone,

It is time for another walk-through and it looks like we have almost reached the end of the walk-through’s. Last time we saw the arrival of Edna Krabappel and if you missed the last walk-through it can be found here. This walk-through we will look at the arrival of Edna Krabappel and finish with building  Springfield General Hospital.

1. Once you’ve built her apartment, Edna teaches school (8 hours)

2. When she’s finished that, she teaches school, again (8 hours – keep Skinner free as she finishes)

3. Edna hosts detention (12 hours) while Skinner goes bird watching (24 hours – keep Edna free as he finishes)

4. Edna relaxes in the teachers’ lounge (1 hour – keep Ned free as she finishes)

5. Edna and Ned dine at Gilded Truffle (2 hours each – they don’t need to do this at the same time, but it’s nice if they do)

6. Edna takes a smoke break (10 minutes – keep Bart free as she finishes)

7. Bart skips school (8 hours – keep Edna free as he finishes)

8. As a result, Bart has to serve detention (6 hours) while Edna hosts detention (12 hours – keep both Bart and Lisa free as she finishes)

9. Edna goes on strike (24 hours) while Bart skateboards (4 hours) and Lisa does next week’s homework (24 hours – keep Bart and Marge free as Lisa and Edna finish)

10. Marge sends Bart and Lisa to Sunday School (12 hours each – keep Milhouse free as both Bart and Lisa finish)

11. Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse go to Sunday School (this is the second time for Bart and Lisa – 12 hours each)

12: Bart, Milhouse, and Martin have a sleep over in Bart’s Treehouse (24 hours each)

13. Bart, Milhouse, and Martin go to Library (24 hours each)

14. Bart breaks into the school’s CPU while Milhouse pulls the fire alarm (10 mins each – keep Chief Wiggum free as they finish)

15. Milhouse has to clean the school (he has to do this twice at 12 hours each – keep Edna free as he finishes for the second time)

16. Edna goes back and teaches class (8 hours – keep Mayor Quimby free as Edna finishes as he prompts the start of the next level)

17.After tapping Mayor Quimby (“Build Channel 6”. It takes 24 hours and costs $46,000)

File:Tapped Our Brockman New Character.png

18.Kent gets back to work (“Make Brockman Do an Undercover Report”. It takes 24 hours).

19.Kent has breaking news! (“Broadcast Channel 6 News”. It takes 16 hours and cost $1200).

20.Kent gets some advice (“Make Brockman Record Eye on Springfield”. It takes 12 hours).

21.Kent goes to the brown house (“Build the Brown House” and “Make Brockman Creat a Viewtube Video”. It takes 4 hours).

22.Breaking News!:Weatherman gets weather wrong again (“Build Weather Station” and “Broadcast the Weather Report”. It takes 60 minutes and cost $180).

(This would be the best point to purchase Bumblebee Man).

23.Bart skips school again… (“Make Bart Skip School”. It takes 8 hours).

24.We need a Doctor (“Build Hibbert Family Practice”. It takes 24 hours and costs $53,500).

File:Tapped Out Dr. Hibbert New Character.png

25. Bart’s fake illness comes to an end (“Make Bart Go for a Checkup”. It takes 10 minutes).

26.General Practice (“Make Dr. Hibbert Practice Medicine”. It takes 12 hours).

27.Pills! (“Make Grampa Go for a Checkup”. It takes 10 minutes).

28. The Cletus Condition (“Make Cletus Go for a Checkup”. It takes 10 minutes).

29. (“Make Luigi Go for a Checkup”. It takes 10 minutes).

30. Mayorital Difficulties (“Make Quimby Go for a Checkup”. It takes 10 minutes).

31. Medical Industry Corruption? (“Make Mr. Burns Hide Nuclear Waste”. It takes 8 hours).

32. Grey Matter (“Make Dr. Hibbert Deal Organs On the Black Market”. It takes 4 hours).

33. Kent Afford It (“Make Brockman Go for a Checkup”. It takes 10 minutes).

34.Corporate Sponsor (“Make Dr. Hibbert Sacrifice His Principles”. It takes 4 hours).

35. Show Biz Life (“Make Brockman Dine at the Truffle”, “Make Dr. Hibbert Dine at the Truffle” and “Make Krusty Dine at the Truffle”. The tasks take 2 hours).

36. Kramp Krusty (“Make Krusty promote a New Product”. It takes 8 hours).

37.The Flavormax (“Make Homer Eat at Krusty Burger”, “Make Comic Book Guy Eat at Krusty Burger” and “Make Wiggum Eat at Krusty Burger”. The tasks take 30 minutes).

38.Business Is Picking Up (“Make Homer Go for a Checkup”, “Make Comic Book Go for a Checkup” and “Make Wiggum Go for a Checkup”. The tasks take 10 minutes).

39.General Hospital ( “Build Springfield General Hospital”. It takes 24 hours to build and costs $65,500)

40.Operation! ( “Make Dr. Hibbert Perform Surgery”. It takes 24 hours).

41.Such A Beautiful Day (“Make Dr. Hibbert Do Surgery Outdoors”. It takes 60 minutes).

That is the end of the walk-through and we will continue the walk-through with the arrival of Smithers and end with the arrival of Lenny and Carl. Thanks again- Nathan.




9 thoughts on “Walkthrough Part 15-17 (From Krabappel Apartment to Springfield General Hospital)

  1. I’m level 43 already too.


  2. Trying to make Chester Dupree avoid responsibility and it says to build the hospital, but I already have Dr.hibbert. any help?


    1. Try storing the hospital. Dr Hibbert came with his clinic not the Genaral hospital, so you might wanna try storing that too.


  3. Lionel Hutz 01/15/2014 — 15:15

    The jumbled up storylines are killing me. I can’t complete the detention/Sunday School story, but I’m already building the hospital and the social club (already built the Buddhist temple). Bart, Lisa, and Millhouse just finished Sunday School (Bart and Lisa’s second time). Bart, Millhouse and Martin are all available – as is just about everyone except Lenny, Carl and Smithers. Any suggestions?


  4. In number 8 above Bart serving detention is a one time hidden task that only appears as Edna is hosting detention, it is important to keep them in sync with each other to get this task


  5. Want to make a note that now that all storylines are jumbled, getting the General Hospital to unlock is very buggy. It seems like those with multiple Krusty Burgers will have trouble registering the task as completed, so if that’s the case, make sure you only have the original Krusty Burger available. Also, another requirement seems to be that Smithers must be unlocked before the questline can continue. There is also report about the Orange House as well, so try to have only one available.


    1. Thanks for letting us know


    2. Thanks I was just about to ask that question but you answered for me


  6. EldarOfSuburbia 08/29/2013 — 17:00

    Stop right there! Level 34!!!!!


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