Hello, I’m returning

Hi tappers, I’m rcsprinter, the second writer on the original tstotips blog. Sorry for taking such a while to get back to posting, but I’m here now to advise y’all on the gameplay.

What’s happened? New levels, Krustyland, new characters, and all of that! But I suppose that’s all old news to you now. Should I be doing musing style posts, as before, or tips and walkthrough ones? Tell me in the comments.

Just now I’d like to share my feelings on TSTO at the moment. I’ve been playing for just over a year. It’s still great. The massively positive response to the game as a whole has let EA carry on developing new content this far on. We’re nearly ten max levels higher than the max was when I started. You never run out of something to do; it’s never a “business as usual” day in New Springfield. Always quests running, characters interacting and Krustyland shuttles shuttling. Even Squidport’s sticking around. Nearly every player has done the ten taps on Homer for the Jebediah statue. It’s simply wonderful.

Now, I’ll return in the next few days with more posts about Tapped Out, but let me just take a moment to remind you of the real time chat where you can discuss and compare your games (instructions).

The writers here are all volunteers doing this for you. Keep on tapping.

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19 thoughts on “Hello, I’m returning

  1. Hoo Ha Dilly! I feel back to normal again! I missed almost everything that happened this summer in gameplay and whatever the heck is going on over at TSTOtips?? I went in search of adding more friends and discovered that all my familiar faces were missing over there, then found out what happened! It’s so sad that such an awesome site had to be ruined like that… but I’m so glad to have found this one, back with the original people that helped me since the beginning of my Springfield days 🙂 Nice to hear from you RC! Is Mr. T around? Werdna? I know it will take some time to build this up to how huge the other one was, so for the time being I am happy with any postings coming from people whose advice I trust and appreciate. Thanks for coming back!


    1. Mr. T is in the wind right now and it’s probably appropriate for the time being. He offered to write for me when I told him I was creating a new site and if his offer still stands I think we’re gonna wait til the smoke clears. I don’t want any of his posts to become all about Tips and stuff he can’t answer so we’ll wait for now. Werdna has been out of contact for quite some time now and I have sent him an invite to be a part of the team here and I have heard absolutely nothing so I have no clue what’s going on with him.


  2. Welcome back, rc! Looking forward to your Outsider Musings. Would you mind reposting how to take/stitch photos of your town together again? (Is the flickr group still active?) I like seeing what other people have done with theirs, soon enough I’ll get around to posting my own.


    1. Thanks for remembering me guys!


  3. I always enjoyed your musings… And would love to see the end of your grand redesign musing.


  4. Welcome back rcsprinter


  5. Welcome back, rcs! I’ve missed you!
    Now only Werdna is missing, am I right?
    (Oh well, I wouldn’t mind having Mr. T here as well.)


  6. Welcome back! Have missed you. And as for posts, just follow your heart!


  7. Welcome back! Can’t wait for your post. Now where’s Werdna? The. The gangs all here!


  8. SimpsonsHolland 08/30/2013 — 22:30

    Ahhh here you all are!!
    Just tonight I found out about all the stuff that has been going on! What a dissapointment… 😦 thought mr. T was just on a extended holiday. And never would expect him to sell the site to such a low-life!!

    But you’re doing a great job!! Love to read walkthrouhs, ’cause I always like to know who has to be free to kick off the next part 😉


  9. It’s great to have you back! I liked both the musing styles posts and the walkthroughs, so I’m happy with whatever I get 🙂


  10. Welcome back! I agree, some more musing posts will be nice.


  11. Hi and welcome back. Just need werdna to post and it will feel like the old site again. Much looking forward to reading some outsider musing post. With now 4-5 active blogs on the gameplay, some lateral thinking would be very handy.


  12. Great news to hear that you’re back! I’ve been missing your posts. I think you should mainly do musings but I’ve noticed that walkthroughs sometimes take a while to arrive (for very good reasons I am sure) so maybe you could also do them?


  13. Thank goodness a friendly face. Missed you and Mr T


  14. Welcome back (I suppose it’s back although it is your first time here!)!

    It would be great to see some more musing posts – there are already some great walk through posts here.


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