Level 34 Overview

It seems as if EA has thrown us another surprise (well more like unplanned) update at us with Level 34. If you ask me I’d like to see one update per week but that’s for another post. Nathan did an awesome job announcing the update and a brief break down of what it included but since I have a minute or so I wanted to get out a detailed overview for the level.

Wow, Superintendent Chalmers and Sherri and Terri!! Who would have thought these would be the next additions to the game?

Actually from an American standpoint, it’s a perfect addition and at a perfect time being that Labor Day was Monday and then a day or two after that school is back in session for the next school year.  Having these characters now is absolutely spot on.  Another good point to make to everyone, too many, who has been complaining about the lack of females in the game, here you go with Sherri and Terri. I know, I know, it’s not Patty and Selma but I can assure you they are coming and in a big way.

So let’s get started on Level 34. In this Overview I will provide you the basics of what or who came with it, prices, pics and basic info. We’re all doing our part to get everything out including the remainder of the Level 33 walkthrough.


Principle Chalmers


Cost: Unlocked upon completion of the Springfield High School

Requirements: Reach Level 34 – Start the “SKINNERRRR?!” Pt.1 Quest

Character Set:  School Workers

Voiced Characters: Yes  “SKINNERRRR!?”

Permanent Tasks: 6, 3 of which require buildings: Springfield High School, Springfield Elementary, All-Night Gym

Earning rate: Standard, he is not premium

Other Requirements: 2 of his tasks require 1 of each of the following: Minnow Pond, Camp Fire

Sherri and Terri (Premium)


Cost: 150 donuts

Requirements: Level 1 – Can be bought at any level.

Buildings Unlocked:  None

Character Set: Kids

Standalone Characters:  No – Unlike Rod and Todd, you cannot buy these separately nor do they have separate tasks.

Voiced Characters: No

Permanent Tasks: 7 tasks, 2 of which require Springfield Elementary

Earning rate:  Premium

Reward:  The character’s jobs earn 50%  cash and XP on all jobs


Springfield High School


Cost: $232,500

Level Required:  Level 34

Note: You do not have to COMPLETE the entire Level 33 quest line. Being that the Springfield Wax Museum and the Sunsphere had no effect of level progression, you must have at least unlocked Eddie and Lou by purchasing the S.W.A.T. Van. That will consider you to have reached the Level 34 content.

Characters Unlocked: Superintendent Chalmers

Build Time: 24 hours/12 donuts to rush

Income Generated: $400, 30 XP every 24 hours

Building Size: 14 X 6 squares

Build Reward: 22500 XP upon completion of the build (1 time reward)

Springfield Knowledgeum


Cost: $379,500

Level Required: Level 34

Characters Unlocked: None. However it does come with a 3 part quest for Skinner and Lisa

Build Time: 36 hours/18 donuts to rush

Income Generated: $135, 15 XP every 8 hours

Building Size: 9 X 12 squares

Build Reward: 37,500 XP upon completion of the build (1 time reward)


Chalmer’s 1979 _onda


Cost: $9800

Requirement: Reach Level 34

Quantity: Unlimited based on player’s desire and financial standing

Size: 5 X 3 squares

Reward: Improves your Vanity rating

Placement: Boardwalk, beach, land

Animation:  No animation but it does have sound when you tap on it.

Minnow Pond


Cost: $4500

Requirement: Reach Level 34

Quantity: Unlimited (see above)

Size: 4 X 4 squares

Reward: Improves your Tree-hugging rating

Placement: Land only. Cannot be placed on Boardwalk or beach or any pavement.

Animation: No

Camp Fire


Cost: $2600

Requirement: Reach Level 34

Quantity:  Unlimited

Size: 4 X 4 squares

Reward: Improves your Tree-hugging rating

Placement: Land only. Cannot be placed on Boardwalk, beach or any pavement.

Animation: Yes

Robby The Automaton


Cost: 40 Donuts (Premium)

Requirement:  None

Quantity: 1

Size: 2 X 2 squares

Reward: 2.00% bonus money and XP to all jobs.

Placement: Land, beach and Boardwalk

Animation: Yes and sound

Aspirational Building

World’s Largest Zirconia


Cost: $5,000,000

Requirement: Reach Level 5

Quantity: 1

Size: 3 X 3 squares

Build Time:  Instant

Income Generated: None

Reward: Improves your Vanity rating

Placement: Land, Boardwalk and sand

Animation: Yes

Well I think I covered everything that came with the newest update. Quite a few new items and characters and the best part is only one item is premium. On the downside to that, the cash items are pretty expensive in my opinion. There will be posts on just about each new addition individually and whether they are worth buying and their history. Much more to come on this latest update my friends so stay tuned!! Happy Tapping!!



4 thoughts on “Level 34 Overview

  1. Please Mike! The WLZ is a Decoration not a building! Even listed in… Decorations!


    1. Thats true but it acts as a decoration just like squidport characters shouldn’t be in the decorations menu.


    2. The WLZ is an Aspirational Build. Yes it is considered a decoration in the menu but it is the fifth aspirational build/site to the game.


  2. I was able to place the campfire on the beach. Has the grass around it though so it looks kinda funny to me.


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