How many restaurants do I need to maximize the Gluttony rating?

Last Updated: September 17th, 2014.

Gluttony is the sixth of the Conform-o-meter ratings. (For more information about the Conform-o-meter, see here. For more information about the other Conform-o-meter ratings and other technical details in the game, see here.)


As the dialog says, buy restaurants for people too lazy to cook. How many do you need? Each restaurant or food stand supplies a number of points to Gluttony (most are 10 points each, but not all). See this post for the amount of Gluttony points you need to maximize the rating for your level.

Which regular buildings and decorations supply Gluttony points? See below. You can have multiple numbers of the ones marked with an asterisk (*).

Restaurant Base Cost Points
Krusty Burger $2,600 10
Gulp ‘N’ Blow* $19,440 10
The Java Server $26,500 10
Krusty Burger Franchise* $24,000 10
Moe’s Tavern $32,000 10
The Frying Dutchman
$43,000 10
The Gilded Truffle $31,000 10
Luigi’s $39,000 10
Skip’s Diner
$35,500 10
Much Ado About Muffins
$48,500 10
Pimento Grove
$56,000 10
El Chemistri $71,500 10
Businessman’s Social Club $63,000 10
$68,000 10
Sit ‘N’ Rotate
$10,000,000 100
Ah, Fudge! Factory
$150,000 10
Singing Sirloin
2,000 FP 10
Fleet-A-Pita* $5,600 2
Fried Dough Stand*
$945 10
Coffee Kart*
$850 10
Lemonade Stand* $760 10
Khlav Kalash Stand* $760 10
Bloaters at the Squidport
$162,500 10

The Singing Sirloin is a Friend Level Prize and costs 2000 Friendship Points. Fleet-A-Pita food trucks are unlocked through the premium quest Investorettes, but they aren’t premium themselves.

Premium buildings and decorations:

Restaurant Cost Points
Lard Lad’s Donuts*
110 Donuts 10
Planet Hype
150 Donuts 10
Asia de Cuba
100 Donuts 10
Cracker Factory
150 Donuts 10
Backwater Brewery*
25 Donuts 10
Hot Dog Stand*
20 Donuts 10
Popcorn Stand*
10 Donuts 10
The Happy Sumo
100 Donuts 10
60 Donuts 10
The Hungry Hun
160 Donuts 10

Limited-time (no longer available) buildings and decorations:

Restaurant Points
Phineas Q. Butterfat’s
O’Flanagan’s Pub
Swanky Fish
Nighthawk Diner
Egg Nog Bar
Madame Chao’s
Up Up and Buffet!
Sham Rock Cafe
Johnny Fiesta’s
Three-Eyed Sushi
Stonecutter Table

Options for maximizing the Gluttony rating used to be a lot more limited, but fortunately the game designers have added more restaurants, food carts, etc. By my calculations, one of each of the non-premium non-limited buildings would come to 300 Gluttony points. You would need an additional 9 items to get the top Gluttony rating for level 45.


11 thoughts on “How many restaurants do I need to maximize the Gluttony rating?

  1. You’re missing the Sit-N-Rotate, I think.


    1. And a few others. Will be updated soon.


    2. Updated the post with current info.


  2. I only have the gulps and two kwikemarts. I do however have a large squidport with multiple coffee carts and stands so its not so bad.


  3. I hope they release an IRS Burger! Would be a gewat tax day tie in.


  4. Mrfy, what are the best premium items that improve the conform-o-meter?


  5. So if you have all premium, all limited time and all limited time premium, and one of each. Should you be at 5 stars?


    1. As in one of every thing that you can have multiple of (e.g. Kwike mart)


      1. Sadly, no. One of everything with no duplicates would be 25. At level 34 you would need 3 more.


        1. Hopefully there will be some restaurants soon! I don’t have all, I was just curious before but I really don’t want to have duplicates,


      2. I used to not like having duplicates either but then I realized that for krusty burgers and gulp n blows it kinda made sense, seeing that they’re chains.


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