Treehouse of Horror XXIV

Hello everyone and this post will be giving you some information on the upcoming episode The Treehouse of Horror XXIV. This episode will air on October the 6th, Just after the Halloween update. Last year we saw some items that appeared in the Treehouse of Horror XXIII appear in the game along with some for past Halloween episodes. Hopefully I will try and make this my last post about Halloween until the actual arrival. As you know we always have three short episodes in the Halloween episode and some may appear in the update. This post will be giving you some information on the upcoming episode which could help you to think about the update.


Here we are with the details of the three shorts in the episode:

1. Oh the Places You’ll D’oh: In an homage to Dr. Seuss, Homer rides around Springfield wreaking havoc as “The Fat in the Hat”.

2. Dead and Shoulders: After Bart is decapitated during a kite accident, his head is attached to Lisa’s body and the two must live together as one.

3. Freaks no Geeks: In a parody of the movie Freaks, Homer and Marge are performers in Mr. Burns’ traveling circus The Burnsum and Bailey Circus, which stops in Springfieldland in the 1930s – and things go awry when circus freak Moe comes on to Marge.

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Short and Sweet

Hey friends!
This will be our final post on the Halloween update scheduled for tomorrow, October 1, 2013. I just wanted to remind everyone that last years update included Halloween AND Level 22 and was an APP STORE update. There’s a good chance we’ll get the even and a level. So do not check in-game for it, check the Play store and iTunes store. Hope everyone is ready and excited like I know we here at Topix are. This will be Topix’s first major event and we hope to have every aspect of it covered here for you.
We’ll most likely also welcome 1 million hits so we’ll celebrate that as well. Now can we please get the update so Nathan can stop shaking!?!
Happy Tapping!
Happy Halloween Event!
Mike S

NOTE: Today is the last day for the Season 25 update items, get them while you still can!


Hurry Hurry Hurry

Speeding things up with Donuts

Yes it is tempting to speed up things in the game using Donuts but sometimes you accidentally speed things up. Activating the “Confirm Donut Spend” button usually helps with that.

Go to the buildingmenu – Info-button – you should now be in the Options, where you can turn on the CDS.

Well. This post will be about speeding things up on purpose. Timing is important so you don’t waste the Donuts. Personally, my limit is 2 or 4 Donuts per rush and I never, ever rush anything below 4 hours.

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Jacques’s Art Showcase (Part Five)

Hey guys sorry part five took so long due to the recent updates but I thought I would quickly get it out before we are jammed packed with Halloween content. So here is part five and the final addition of Jacques’s Art Showcase until further notice, I’ll hand it other to Jacques with the results of last weeks post:

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone, Jacques’s Art Showcase will be taking a short break after this one because of personal reasons so I won’t be setting a challenge this week. This is going to be a short post just revealing the winners of my last post. We have one winner who took 1st place and 2nd place with there amazing neighbourhood. But here in full detail our last weeks Decorators of the Week:

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We come in Pieces!

Hello everyone since Halloween is on its way VERY SOON I thought that I would get out last years walk-through for space alien Kang. Kang was unlocked when the Ray Gun was built and he costed 150 donuts but later got decreased to 100 donuts. His walk-through can be seen below:

When Kang flies over your Springfield in his spaceship (after completing “The Black Hole Pt. 4”) and Cletus points out the ‘alien craft menacing our skies’, Professor Frink mentions that they must construct the Frink Ray Gun immediately. Once the player has purchased and placed the ray gun you can then start to fire at the spaceship and unlocked Kang. When the ray gun is placed:

Kang: Those meddling humans have built the ray gun. We must try to destroy it before they use it!

Kang attempts to destroy the ray gun by using his spaceship weapons by firing at it. When you tap the ray gun it shoots out into the air. After one shot Kang is all ready in danger:

Kang: Stop it! Our craft can only take two more hits like that!

Kang then continues to fire at the ray gun from his spaceship and the player starts to fire the ray gun back at Kang. When the spaceship starts to wobble you are only needed one final hit and the spaceship and Kang crash into the ray gun, destroying it and the ship.

Kang: Ouch. Ouch. OUCH! I think I twisted a tentacle.

Frink: Bullseye! I’ve put a new Ray Gun in storage.


We come in Pieces! Pt. 1: Kang and Lisa make an awkward start to their friendship:

Kang: Peaceful greetings, puny human!

Lisa: A real life alien! Welcome to Earth, friend!

Kang: Let us live in friendship, and let us not deploy the beacon that summons the Rigellian invasion fleet!

Lisa: Uh… okay.

Kang: That’s one thing I wish you not to worry about. No one is deploying any beacons!

You then make Kang “Deploy the Beacon” It takes 12 hours.


We come in Pieces! Pt. 2:

Lisa: Mr. Alien

Kang: Please, call me Kang the Enslaver of Worlds! How can I help, friend human?

Lisa: There’s a zombie outbreak in Springfield. Do you have any advanced technology that could help.

Kang: Of course! Let me just get it over here.

You then make Kang activate the beacon and It takes 10 minuets.

We come in Pieces! Pt. 3:

Lisa: Uh, stil waiting for help with the zombies.

Kang: Sprinkle these crystals on your fellow humans. It will, uh, make them zombie-proof!

Lisa: This appears to be common table salt.

Kang: Don’t be idiotic! What would be the point of salting humans?

You then make Kang Make Kang Properly Season Humans which takes 6 hours.


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The All Hallows’ Event Preparations.

Hi guys.

For those of you who have already tapped through a major event before, you should have some idea of what to expect. When I say major, I don’t mean St Patrick’s Day or the Forth of July events. I mean a big event like the 4 we have had already (Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day and Whacking Day). For those who are unsure of what to expect or have never played during a major event, this post is for you. And with Halloween just around the corner and EA being … well, EA, we should be ready to expect the worst.

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A Friendly Neighbour

Hi guys.
Just doing a little promoting in this little post. Not the kind, asking for money but, the kind to help fellow helpers.
It has come to my attention a fellow helper and follower of tstotopix has his own site. Although the project was started a while ago and doesn’t contain a lot of information at this point in time, everyone’s support will help him gain confidence and will to continue with the great work. And to top this off, he’s facing the challenge solo.
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Trick Or Treat

Hello everybody and on my last post about preparing for Halloween there seemed to be a lot of people asking for Halloween friends. Instead of piling all your details onto that post I thought that I would make a post especially for adding friends for this Halloween update. Many people will be logging into tapped out on October 1st and this may be an event where you need friends. Last year we were able to receive the currency of candy by TP-ing our friends towns and this year It might be the same.

If you have all ready reached the limit of 100 friends I would think about searching for those friends who have not been active for a while. If you have posted your information on the recent post then I would suggest you re-comment onto this post.

So here is what you need to do to get some friends this Halloween, I would suggest putting these points in your comments when wanting to add friends or wanting people to add you:

1. Your origin ID

2. Generally, where you are in the world

3. Information about your town

4. Daily Player or Not?

WARNING: Please do not give out your password or email to anyone who asks you!

Maybe you want to make a deal with someone and just have one friend. Which you both decide to visit each others towns daily during the Halloween event. I would suggest have a number of friends just to be safe.

Make sure you get your Halloween friends ready. Thanks again – Nathan.



Walkthrough: Level 29 (Part One)

It has been quite some time since I posted my last walk-through and I thought that I would get back on the road and try to finish the rest of the walk-through’s. Our last walk-through saw the end of Level 28 with Fat Tony and we will continue from there with the arrival of Agnes Skinner. Agnes Skinner arrives in New Springfield with the level 29 update to make Seymour’s life miserable. I guess that Skinner is not enjoying New Springfield, First Bart, then Agnes and now Chalmers!

To start Level 29 you will have to have Skinner and Luigi free to kick off the Walk-through:

1. Principaling Around Everything is going wonderfully in New Springfield and Seymour Skinner has a spring in his step, something that Luigi notices:


Skinner: Who wouldn’t smile in this wonderful, new Springfield? Nothing could ruin it.

Bart: Hey Seymour, your office is full of anteaters. Also ants. Also you need to tell the cafeteria to order more honey because your office is full of that too. Heh heh.

Skinner: Delightful! I needed some busy work for Willie. When he has nothing to do, he keeps inviting me to play board games. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to relax and take in the avian grandeur of our fair town.

Luigi: And I will-a-romance the air with a-beautiful sounds of the accordion, the bagpipe of Italy.

Skinner: Terrific. Hopefully, there aren’t any trees near your restaurant.

You are now promoted to “Make Skinner Go Bird Watching” and “Make Luigi Play the Accordion”. It takes 24 hours and 12 hours. You are rewarded $1120 and 260 XP. Keep Milhouse free for the next part of the walk-through.

2. Hey Milhouse — Eureka! Looks like Milhouse is missing his parents and this may be a clue from EA that we could be seeing his parents in an update very soon. As Milhouse is now turning into an Orphan, Bart has an idea that doesn’t help Milhouse out at all:


Milhouse: For dinner last night, I sucked on pasta shells until they got soft in my mouth.

Bart: Hmm, Springfielders do tend to appear when we build a new building. That gives me an idea…

Milhouse: To help me not to be an orphan?

Bart: No, to really prank Skinner! We need to bring back the one thing that can get inside his head and ruin his happiness. His mother.

Milhouse: Okay. But if we’re going to build Skinner’s house, we’re going to need a lot more pillows.

You then unlock the Skinner House and it costs $85,500 and It takes 24 hours until you unlock Agnes Skinner. You are rewarded with $100 and 10 XP. Keep Skinner free as the build finishes.



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What have you done with your Three-Eyed Sushi?

As you know, we have just had the update of the first episode tie-in update of season 25. This brought two new items the Three-Eyed Sushi and the Hi-glow Waste Barrels. If you have been playing since yesterday when the update arrived you should have finished or almost have finished the tasks and it adds up to a 24 hours. Many people don’t have premium items as they are a non-premium player but at the end of the update players get a little reward of the Three-Eyed Sushi. So what have you done with your Three-Eyed Sushi. Now this is going to be interesting since we have not had an update in a while that included an item only for Squidport.

As you can see below there is my Three-Eyed Sushi and I have placed it on the front entrance of my Squidport for everyone to see. It’s not decorated in a certain way but I think that’s where It will stay for now.


Looks like Edna and Willie are all ready looking forward to their first bite of sushi on Squidport, with Abe and the raven just hiding behind the item. So what have you done with your Three-Eyed Sushi. Link your images in the comment section below and they could be updated to the post? This will be really interesting to see what you have done with your Three-Eyed Sushi. Thanks again – Nathan.

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