Poll:Halloween 2013

Hello and today I wanted to start focusing on Halloween and the possibilities the update could bring. Now thanks to neimadparis making a comment about how we could get Killer Dolphins rising from the sea into our Springfield like last year we had zombies in our Springfield, I thought that I could do a poll on what Halloween monster you would like to see this year if there is a Halloween update in your Tapped out. Now I have several idea’s but these are the main monsters that I think could appear in tapped out in the Halloween Update. The Poll will close on Saturday with results being posted on Sunday. You are aloud to discuss your votes in the comment section below and vote more than once. Thanks Again – Nathan. (I might update this post if people want to know more about the monsters and how they are related to the show).

UPDATE:Due to high numbers of voting, the poll has now been extended to the 18/09/13, This will give you a week to vote. 



15 thoughts on “Poll:Halloween 2013

  1. The killer dolphins would be the ultimate! However I don’t think it will happen this year 😦 but who knows! I can’t wait see what they come up with, it will be brilliant whatever it will be 🙂


  2. I’d love to see all of the characters get new costumes/outfits from Treehouse of Horror XIII’s Island of Dr. Hibbert. If you check http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Treehouse_of_Horror_XIII you’ll see everyone who is in the game was transformed in that episode (even Cookie Kwan!) so all of the game characters could get an alt, and corresponding new quests. May make the servers crash with that much new content tho, lol


  3. Anything would do. I just want something to do besides collecting money. I’d like the vampires and mummies. I’m looking forward to TPing my neighborroonies.


  4. Jobs I would like to do send Abraham Lincoln Vampire hunting,
    Fying Dutchman Lunch Special send Sea Captain Killer Dolphin hunting, Thriller Tribute make Simpsons dress like Zombies and dance, Hair today gone tomorrow Professor Frink develops hair growth serum. SVT trys serum at Jake’s salon becomes Teenwolf effect lasts 24 hours. Kent Brockman covers the stories.


  5. I am going with most. I love True Blood and Walking Dead, and just for Wookie, I’d like to see his killer dolphins. Lol. I should simplify my choices.


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