Walkthrough: Level 35 – For the love of Marge (Part 1)

Hi guys.
We left off the Level 34 quest line with Chalmers fishing for dinnerrrr. Just about every aspect of the old Springfield is once again complete, except one, well 2 things. After 34 levels a good portion of you finally get your wish of Patty and Selma. FINALLY, they have arrived and if anyone is NOT excited, it’s Homer. He gets the kickoff so be sure to leave him free.

1. For the love of Marge. Part 1

Marge: “Not only that, but I wrapped some so you can snack on them when you go bowling. And the wrapping I used is bacon.”

Homer: “What’s going on? Am I dying? If I am, you have to tell me! And make me bacon-wrapped brownies!”

Marge:: “You’re not dying!”

“Although with your cholesterol, every day is a gift. But the reason I’m being so nice is to thank you in advance…”

“…for-letting-Patty-and-Selma- live-with-us-because-they- have-no-where-else-to-go.”

Homer: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

“I’ll build them an apartment building. I don’t care how much fake money it costs!”

Marge: “Homer, you’re so thoughtful and generous!”

Homer: “Yes. I am.”

Though… you know I would abandon them in the woods if that was an option, right?”

Marge: “Yes, Sweetie, I know.”

You will now be prompted to Build Spinster City Apartments. 

Screenshot_2013-09-12-09-35-15-1 (1)

It costs $391500 is a 36 hour build and yields 37500 XP as a build reward.

When the building finishes you will receive Patty and Selma.



They will complete the newly created Bouvier Family set


Patty will kick off the next part.

2. For the Love of Marge. Part 2

After tapping Patty


Patty: “Feels good to exist again, eh, Selma?”

Selma: “I don’t know–the TV here only shows the later MacGyver episodes. They’re all post-mullet.”

Patty: “What a godforsaken hellscape.”

Selma: “Hey, I know where we can find a half-dead whale that we can jab in the blubber for laughs.”

Patty: “You mean Homer?”


Selma: “Our secret twin language still works.”

You will now be prompted to Make Patty Visit the Simpson House AND Make Selma Visit the Simpson House for 24 hours ($1200, 300 XP)

Patty kicks off the next stage so no other character needs to be free at this time.

3. For the Love of Marge Pt. 2

After tapping Patty


Patty: “Hey, Boba-Fat, could you trundle a few steps to the left? I can’t see the TV. In fact, I can’t see that whole half of the house.”

Selma: “And put on a hat. The screen’s catching a glare from your chrome-dome.”

Homer: “Grr…”

“If you need me me I’ll be doing an exterior quest.”

You will now be prompted to Make Patty Watch MacGyver at the Simpson House

Make Selma Watch MacGyver at the Simpson House for 8 hours ($550, 140 XP)

Make Homer Play with his myPad (3 TIMES) for 45 seconds each ($9, 3 XP)


Homer gets the next speech bubble immediately following this quest.

4. For the Love of Marge Pt. 4

After tapping Homer


Homer: “There, you’ve watched your stupid show. Now leave!”

Selma: Ahhh, a good episode of MacGyver is like sex.”

Patty: “‘Cause there’s sweating and jerry-rigged contraptions?”

Selma: “That too, but I meant it makes you want a cigarette.”

Homer: “If anyone needs me I’ll be in the bathroom vomiting forever.”

You will now be prompted to Make Patty Take a Smoke Break Make Selma Take a Smoke Break AND Make Homer Be SIck for 24 hours ($1900, 460 XP)

Screenshot_2013-09-12-23-15-14-1 Screenshot_2013-09-12-23-15-23-1

That completes the For the Love of Marge quest line. Homer needs to be free to begin the Career Aspirations quest which leads to the building of the DMV. I will have that out momentarily.

Seems Patty and Selma haven’t missed a beat in their absence from the new Springfield. The banter between them and Homer is very entertaining and some of the best this game has seen to date. They’ll soon fall back into their normal routine with the DMV in the next chapter, stay tuned. Happy Tapping!


2 thoughts on “Walkthrough: Level 35 – For the love of Marge (Part 1)

  1. Just really quickly can’t find the price of the DMV anywhere?Am slightly cash strapped, so every fake $$ saved counts. Thanks 🙂


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