Update:Halloween October 1st!

Hello everyone and there was just an update which seems to tell us that the Simpsons Halloween update will be October 1st with the season premier episode tie-in this week! More news on that later!

Update:Hello everyone and there was just a small update on tapped out and it involves Homer and Lisa talking about the upcoming event of Halloween. The season premier episode tie-in appears to arrive this week and the Halloween update should be arriving October 1st. Now I will have Lisa and Homers little quest coming up soon but for now here is the image of the confirmation of Halloween coming October 1st. No character has to be free as after the update they will start the quest automatically. The quest involves a four hour task for Lisa! Thanks again and the little chat between Lisa and Homer will be posted soon.



35 thoughts on “Update:Halloween October 1st!

    • Hey Jarrod! – We do not have an exact time. The information we are all going on came from the prelude to the Season 25 premier update dialogue that came a few days ago. The prompt in the game said that the Treehouse of Horror event will begin on October 1. No time was given and we’re all just assuming based on past events. It’s almost 11 am where I’m at and my updates have between between 9am-12 or 1pm. So hopefully it will arrive within the next few hours. Unless EA is playing a cruel joke on their entire consumer base.


  1. How much money would you guys recommend having saved up for the Halloween update? Or do you think everything will be bought with another type of currency?


    • Last year it was candy. You earned it instead of cash on some things. But there was regular content released with the update as well and some of the regular and Halloween content was premium. Who knows what it will be this year but I’d stock up on cash and donuts.


  2. I had two in game updates. The original one was 204 mb I think which prompted Lisa’s 4 hour task and now I just got on again with a 150 mb update.

    Anyone else have this too?


  3. I believe that the update was done too quickly and should have had more time spent on it. This is because there is a new glitch I’ve experienced today which is that playable or non playable(krustyland people) will change what they look like.
    For example I saw Lisa walking while she changed into the top half of Flanders, Patty and Grandpa.


    • Their really wasn’t any update, just an addition. It didn’t contain any fixes or serious content changes. That is also known as a texture glitch although since it’s a character I’d imagine we’d have to call it something else. They’re very common and really have nothing to do with updates. I’m dead set on it is caused by individual device processors but i’m not tech savvy enough to prove it.


  4. Best game ever i skiped lisas task to read ea forums for 2 donuts because i was so exited , coming out in 8 days ,but im only level 14 my tasks are to build the java server and build the orange house


  5. I got the update and was so scared. I wanted to be done with the most recent level first so I can concentrate on it. Gives me time before my vacay =). I get to come back to the Halloween update. Yay!


  6. I want to store Lisa so I can start this but she’s doing an outside task so i can’t store her!


  7. I might be being really dense, but when does it confirm an episode tie in this week?
    They might just assume that since halloween is a big un’ they don’t need to give us two in such a short space.


  8. Just posted about this on the lemon tree post lol homer and Lisa pop up but they don’t need to be free but Lisa has a task to troll the internet to see what the update might contain 🙂


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