When Life Gives You Lemons, the famous Springfield Lemon Tree!

Hey friends!
Here again to bring newer players some insight and long-term players some wisdom they may not have already known. The Lemon Tree is one of the most sought after in-game items. It is also one of the hardest to acquire as it is not available in any form other than through a Mystery Box. Because of this, each player only has a 10% chance of obtaining a Lemon Tree which makes it that much more desired. I’m going to give you a brief history on the Lemon Tree and it’s impact on your town.

Lemon Tree


For those of you who do not already know the Lemon Tree actually is a very historic and famous tree in the city of Springfield. It was planted over 100 years ago around the same time that Jebediah Springfield and Shelbyville Manhattan were founding Springfield and Shelbyville respectively. At the time the lemon was the sweetest fruit around hence the planting of this tree.

Just about all we know of the history of the Lemon Tree comes from the 127th Simpsons episode titled “Lemon of Troy” (Season 6, Episode 24). In this episode the children of Shelbyville hatch a plan and steal the Lemon Tree from its sacred resting place in Springfield. The children of Springfield, having realized the theft by the Shelbyville kids, conspire to get their tree back. The tree ends up in a Shelbyville impound lot and Bart devises a plan to hide, with others, in Flanders’ RV and park it illegally in order to get it impounded as well and it was returned to its rightful spot and has remained there ever since.

TopixFact: Tourists to Springfield are forbidden from picking or eating the fruit of the Lemon Tree due to the radioactive hum quietly emanating from all the fruit of Springfield.

Game Info

The Lemon Tree is the ONLY income generating item available that does not display a stack of cash or dollar sign when it is ready to be collected. Instead, it displays a basket of lemons. With the initial release of Tapped Out in early 2012, each player had the ability to steal the Lemon Tree from a neighbor and after 24 hours the tree could be stolen back. This is an obvious reference to the fact that the tree was stolen in the lone episode debut of this item. Fearing a rash of thievery and negativity EA pulled the ability to steal the tree when the game was re-released in September of 2012. Here are a few other facts about the Lemon Tree in the game:

  • The Lemon Tree was the first income generating decoration introduced to Tapped Out
  • Aside from the recent glitch with the release of Krustyland, you are only permitted to have 1 Lemon Tree
  • It is possible to obtain the Lemon Tree for free if you haven’t acquired it yet and receive one in the 5th day Mystery Box reward.



How to obtain: Through purchase or reward of a Mystery Box

Requirements: None, item is available at Level 1

Size: 3 X 3 squares

Income: $200, 20 XP

Generation time:  Every 6 hours or 4 donuts to rush generation

Item Action Quote: Sweet Sweet Lemonade

Placement: Springfield only. Cannot be placed on the beach or Boardwalk

Can be sold/stored: Item cannot be SOLD or STORED

TopixFact: The Lemon Tree and the Houseboat are the ONLY decorations in the game to generate income that are available full-time. There are past items that do however they are not available anymore. However the Lemon Tree is the only one with no requirements to acquire.



Having the Lemon Tree in your town is purely a matter of sheer luck. Whether you should make any and all attempts to obtain it is strictly your call, however, it is probably the most unique item to have. While it doesn’t contribute to the Conform-O-Meter in any way it still is a good item to have. It earns a bit of extra income and if your lucky you can win one without spending a single dime allowing you to instantly profit from the first collection. The files and all of the sites say there is a 10% chance of winning one through the purchase of a Mystery Box but honestly I now have 3 towns (I know : () and have acquired a Lemon Tree in all 3 towns almost instantly. The most it has ever cost me for one was 4 Mystery Boxes. My first advise would be to wait it out for the 5th day Mystery Box reward, there’s really no need to buy one if every 5 days you get one free. Everyone I’ve ever heard from on this topic have all received their Lemon Tree fairly quick in  a free Mystery Box. The good thing about this item is it is permanent so it’s not going anywhere. It does add that unique touch to your town when you do win one though. I love the Lemon Tree, in fact, it is the first item I look for in a friends town to tap on. While I can’t say go right now and buy it, it is an item I think all towns should have. The fact that it is a reward certainly puts a smile on my face whenever I see it glowing in my town. Thanks for reading!

Happy Tapping!

Mike S




Tapped Out Wiki

Simpsons Wiki


33 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Lemons, the famous Springfield Lemon Tree!

  1. I started playing just before Saint Patrick’s day and I only won my lemon tree a month or so ago! But boy did it feel good when I finally won it 🙂


  2. Erik Martinez 09/24/2013 — 03:14

    Doesn’t the snake rocks count as a decoration? They generate income since whacking day.


  3. Are you sure it can be stored? I feel like I tried to once during a major redesign and I got the “sorry hoarder” message, but I could be wrong.


    1. I stand corrected. You are absolutely correct. I tried mine in a rush when I created the post and must have tapped the wrong item to store. Thank you, will edit the post.


      1. I got this initially and then won it in a 5th day prize box. unfortunately you can’t have two lemon trees, can’t sell one, and can’t store the one that is currently in the game. I feel I got jipped with that 5th day reward. I can’t do anything with it, it just sits in my inventory


        1. You can try and put a ticket in with EA and see if they’ll do anything.


  4. esteban2808 09/24/2013 — 01:26

    Nah I didn’t buy any boxes.


  5. I’ve been playing since August of 2012 and not received one! Going to go buy some boxes.


    1. Wow, really? That’s crazy. I assumed since all mine came quickly that everyone’s would. Looks like they want you to work for it or pay for it.


    2. My son is the same. He’s level 48 and still hasn’t received a lemon tree yet


  6. Anybody know what to do with 2 trees? I have one in my town and got another one and it just sits in my storage? Can’t sell it or plant it.


    1. There’s supposed to be a fix that was already released but a lot if people still have 2. There’s really nothing you can do except wait for EA to remove it.


      1. Thanks
        Great job on the site!!
        I started on the old site last January. Glad you guys have kept it going adds to the game.


  7. It was my first prize in the mystery box.


  8. I started playing a year ago during the Halloween promotion last year. I’ve been playing daily only missing a day once or twice so I’ve gotten a free mystery box every 5 days for a year. I’ve never purchased a mystery box with donuts. I received SVT within a few weeks of starting but it took until last month, roughly 70 mystery boxes, to finally get a lemon tree. I’m not saying you should buy boxes in order to get the lemon tree but it did take me an unreasonably long time before I got lucky. Maybe that’s all it is is bad luck. I’ve also been playing the long shot 99:1 dog at the race track ever since the odds and payouts changed and have yet to get a win so maybe it’s just me.


    1. Wow that is a long time. See I don’t have patience like that. As soon as I first headed of the lemon tree I immediately bought boxes until I got it. And I always play the 9:1 dig I think it is, the 3rd choice. I just won last night and haven’t win in 6 months.


  9. esteban2808 09/23/2013 — 21:20

    It took me 5 months to get it.


    1. Wow, really? I’m sure you did not buy any boxes? Still that’s the longest I’ve heard.


      1. Nah didn’t buy any boxes (maybe the odd one when I started).


  10. I love my lemon tree! I don’t collect it, I leave it for my neighbors to tap as a sign of friendship bc I collect from my town multiple times and want to leave something more than a kwiki-mart to tap on 🙂


  11. Mcgarnacle82 09/23/2013 — 18:30

    I still think the next expansion should be Shelbyville. Then you could travel in Ned’s RV to Shelbyville (after building the town) to get your lemon tree back from those Shelbyville jerks. Plus they could introduce the Shelbyville citizens. 🙂


  12. There’s been an update and homer and Lisa are talking about Halloween!!!! I can’t start the mission for another hour tho as Lisa is busy in KL boo!


  13. Update!!!


  14. Just received an update. It looks like halloween! Lisa kicks it off by searching for spoilers on tapped out forums!


  15. Looks like Halloween is starting early! Just had a task to make Lisa check the tapped out forum to see what’s happening this year!


  16. I think there are other decorations that produce income (Christmas Tree, Snake Rocks, logs, stumps, Mausoleums, etc) but they are no longer available


    1. You’re correct but they have to be bought or earned and yes are no longer available. Maybe I should word it better.


  17. When I first started playing, it never occurred to me to go online to find neighbors. Instead, I created like six accounts to be my own and complete the “I choo-choo-choose you” quests. On literally every single account I’ve ever had, I got the lemon tree on the first or second weekly reward mystery box.

    So I would definitely recommend just being patient rather than spending donuts. Because, even though the odds seem really high of receiving one, it’s not worth the risk that you’ll just get a tree or a picket fence! That’s my opinion, at least.


  18. Now I wait for a turnip field even though that is in Shelbyville. Wait that gives me an idea.

    EA I want a Shelbyville expansion now.


    1. Ha ha I was thinking about that the whole time I was writing and researching this. Wouldn’t that be great?!


    2. Then we could play football against them and they can beat us nearly half the time.


    3. I’d love to see a Shelbyville (or Capitol City) expansion similar to Krustyland!


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