Repost: Halloween 2012/2013

Hello everyone and I posted this post a long time ago and I wanted to repost it just before the Halloween event arrives. I will be doing a post on the collection of posts about Halloween but until now enjoy my repost on Halloween 2012/2013:

Hello everyone and this post is about something that people have been asking for in the comment section recently quite a lot, Now since we are coming up to Halloween and with rumors and spoilers speculating more and more each day, I thought it would be right to post a few of last years stuff so that android players and other players who did not experience the Halloween update can know what could be coming and how much they might need.

I’m going to start off with listing the prices of last years Halloween event as that is the most asked question with people wanting to save up donuts for the event. Here is a list of how much items cost on the Halloween event:

Characters And Costumes:

  • The Raven – 30 Donuts.
  • Burns Monster – 300 Candy.
  • House of Evil with Talking Krusty Doll – 100 Candy.
  • Springfield Subatomic Supercollider and Black Hole – 100 Candy.
  • Mayan Calender and Mayan God – Free.
  • Cauldron and Witch Marge Costume – 90 Donuts.
  • Raygun and Kang – 100 Donuts.
  • Zombies – When Springfield Cemetery is built.
  • Pet Zombies – Springfield Pet Cemetery is built.
  • Mayan Homer Costume – Unlocked when The player answers the trivia question the Mayan God gives.
  • Devil Flanders Costume – Unlocked “The Black Hole Pt. 4” is completed.

Tapped_Out_Kang_New_Character (1)

That is the price of the characters and their costumes. Some characters arrived with buildings and the buildings will be listed separate below without the characters. The zombies and Pet Zombies were only limited time characters and disappeared after the event. Sometimes characters were seen changing into Zombies, This is because In the game, once zombies have come out of the cemeteries, they walk around your Springfield. When they meet a character, they turn that character into a zombie. Once tapping on the zombie character, they return back to normal…until another zombie comes along and turns the character into a zombie again. However, Halloween characters, such as Kang, do not get turned into zombies. Some of the children of tapped out were able to change into trick or treat costumes but this was not a costume for a character as it was just similar to the zombies. All images will be listed at the end of the post. Here is the buildings of the Halloween event:

Buildings and Facades:

  • Springfield Cemetery – Free
  • Springfield Pet Cemetery – 10 Candy
  • Springfield Subatomic Supercollider – 100 Candy
  • House of Evil – 100 Candy
  • Bad Dream House – 150 Candy
  • Mausoleum – 60 Donuts
  • Heck House – 300 Candy (Facade for First Church of Springfield)

As you are probably noticing now there are items that are purchased by using candy and this is the currency you had to pay for some Halloween items, Candy could have been earned from Killing Zombies, Egging and TP-ing Friends towns, and cleaning up mess friends left in your Springfield, Collecting from Halloween buildings and Sending characters on limited Halloween tasks. There may have been more ways of obtaining candy but I think they are the main ones. There were some items that were available for purchase by using game money and that was decorations and the Halloween decorations can be seen below:



  • Mayan Calender – Free
  • Jack-o-Lantern – $135
  • Dead Tree – $270
  • Spooky Tree – $325
  • Pumpkin Patch – $420
  • Cauldron – 90 Donuts
  • Ray Gun – 100 Donuts

And I think that’s about everything covered and I’m not sure about the Black hole being in the characters collection but If I have made any mistakes please let me know as it was a long time ago and I have forgotten most of it any way. Now I’m going to show a few images of the characters during the update as Zombies, Halloween Costumes, Ect. I have edited the pictures into one big picture, So click on the image to enlarge if you can’t see it very well in the post.


Above is just a small example of characters that were transformed into zombies. Here are ALL of the images on the Halloween event when the children of Springfield turned into their Trick-Or-Treat costumes.


And it looks like I have covered everything cost wise on last years Halloween event, If I have missed anything out or I have made a mistake please tell me in the comment section below. It looks like we could be expecting Level 35 on Thursday or another update If EA are releasing fortnightly updates. Halloween will be on its way soon and I can’t wait! Flinster42 will be back this weekend to post some stuff about what we could see during Halloween and part one can be found here. Thanks again – Nathan. Here is a trailer of last years Halloween update:



6 thoughts on “Repost: Halloween 2012/2013

  1. Tommyboy1018. Daily player


  2. Robert Walker 09/28/2013 — 01:18

    Just a thought all this talk about Springfield for Halloween. What about Krustyland. Every amusement park does something for Halloween.


    1. You’re not alone friend. I’m hoping for a big update that includes Krustyland. We have 6 Flags Great Adventure about an hour away and Krustyland was the first thing I thought about.


  3. Not sure where to post this, but here seems a good spot since it’s dealing with Halloween.

    Did anybody consider that EA may have been dropping hints in addition to making jokes about the alternate identities of Lamezino, spAndex and JoshJeerer?

    They titled their little teaser “Feeding the Trolls”. What if it was a clue that the Halloween Event may center around or feature Trolls? Trolls aren’t exactly unknown to the Simpsons or the town of Springfield (Treehouse of Horror XI –

    Hadn’t seen anyone else mention the possibility, so thought I’d see if anyone else thinks there might be something we missed while we laughing at Lamezino. If this has already been covered and I missed it, I apologize.


    1. Very smart insight, it’s certainly a possibility


  4. So fun to see the character pictures! Especially love Martin dressed as Calliope! I didn’t start playing TSTO until February of this year, so I’m especially excited for the Halloween update! Treehouse of Horror never fails to amuse and entertain, so I know this will be great!


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