What have you done with your Three-Eyed Sushi?

As you know, we have just had the update of the first episode tie-in update of season 25. This brought two new items the Three-Eyed Sushi and the Hi-glow Waste Barrels. If you have been playing since yesterday when the update arrived you should have finished or almost have finished the tasks and it adds up to a 24 hours. Many people don’t have premium items as they are a non-premium player but at the end of the update players get a little reward of the Three-Eyed Sushi. So what have you done with your Three-Eyed Sushi. Now this is going to be interesting since we have not had an update in a while that included an item only for Squidport.

As you can see below there is my Three-Eyed Sushi and I have placed it on the front entrance of my Squidport for everyone to see. It’s not decorated in a certain way but I think that’s where It will stay for now.


Looks like Edna and Willie are all ready looking forward to their first bite of sushi on Squidport, with Abe and the raven just hiding behind the item. So what have you done with your Three-Eyed Sushi. Link your images in the comment section below and they could be updated to the post? This will be really interesting to see what you have done with your Three-Eyed Sushi. Thanks again – Nathan.

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21 thoughts on “What have you done with your Three-Eyed Sushi?

  1. solangeles0 09/28/2013 — 11:20

    Why am I blocked from placing my third eye sushi? Homers quest is finished and I have the place in inventory but its not allowing me- do I need the squidport?
    Btw I’m level 16


    1. The Sushibar can only be placed on the Squidporttiles 😦 so yes, you need SqP (one tile)


      1. Level 15 also.


  2. Hey guys im kinda confused right now
    Because its not letting me put down the three eyed sushi and yes i have got it in my inventory but whenever i put it down the shaded bit always is red instead of green even when i put it in a totaly clear space . Does anyone like now how to solve this?


    1. And you are placing it on your Squidport and have reached Level 15? It can only go on the boardwalk and not where the entrance is. If you’ve met the requirements it should allow you to place it.


  3. I took advantage of the fact that the Patio Table can be placed on the boardwalk:
    Three-Eyed Sushi


  4. dscommando661 09/28/2013 — 07:15

    I put my 3 eyed sushi in a food area of the squidport with the fried dough stand and lemonade stand.


  5. Peter (neoclassic70) 09/28/2013 — 06:36

    Perfect size and location on Squidport…


  6. Made a nice open air eatery at the end of my Squidpoort. I do need to bring the planking out another layer for it not to be so tight; by end of next week I’ll have the three planks to do it.

    Three-Eyed Sushi


  7. Ugh! They won’t give me the three eyes sushi! I bought a glow barrel, I’m on the current level, homer is packing, no sushi


    1. It is a three part quest line:

      1. Homer waits for the mailman – 12 hrs
      2. Homer packs for the convention – 4 hrs
      3. Make Homer re-pack for the convention – 4 hrs

      When Homer finishes repacking there will be some dialogue, after that the 3 Eyed Sushi should be in your Inventory.


  8. This what I did with my sushi place. Just kept it simple.


  9. That is where I had ended up putting it as well. Right in the entrance way. Except good ol Blinky is facing away from the water, so he can’t see his own kind swimming freely. 🙂


    1. Love your videos bro!


  10. This is making me continue to build more boardwalks. I was generally pleased with the design. Luckily, I have the time and games dollars to build more…


  11. selmascousin 09/27/2013 — 18:42

    Hmmm….. I got the barrels, but the three eyed sushi is no where to be found.


    1. If you finished the Conventional Wisdom Quest (3pts) it should be in your inventorybox. I searched the decorations and building menus before I remembered it said “in your inventory” LOL


  12. Haha!! Raven being beaten as a Halloween character?! NEVERMORE!!!


    1. I agree. Nothing anywhere, ever can beat the Raven as a Halloween addition. It may not be a functional character but come on, it’s the Raven.


  13. Lol! Your Raven looks to be lurking in the shadows, waiting for a scrap to fall.


    1. he knows that Halloween is coming and is scared he might be out beaten as a halloween character 😛


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