Trick Or Treat

Hello everybody and on my last post about preparing for Halloween there seemed to be a lot of people asking for Halloween friends. Instead of piling all your details onto that post I thought that I would make a post especially for adding friends for this Halloween update. Many people will be logging into tapped out on October 1st and this may be an event where you need friends. Last year we were able to receive the currency of candy by TP-ing our friends towns and this year It might be the same.

If you have all ready reached the limit of 100 friends I would think about searching for those friends who have not been active for a while. If you have posted your information on the recent post then I would suggest you re-comment onto this post.

So here is what you need to do to get some friends this Halloween, I would suggest putting these points in your comments when wanting to add friends or wanting people to add you:

1. Your origin ID

2. Generally, where you are in the world

3. Information about your town

4. Daily Player or Not?

WARNING: Please do not give out your password or email to anyone who asks you!

Maybe you want to make a deal with someone and just have one friend. Which you both decide to visit each others towns daily during the Halloween event. I would suggest have a number of friends just to be safe.

Make sure you get your Halloween friends ready. Thanks again – Nathan.



242 thoughts on “Trick Or Treat

  1. Daily player
    Level 35


  2. TwinsFanFL
    Multiple Daily Player
    I won’t smash your gremlins


  3. rainman1004 10/18/2013 — 06:56



  4. I’d : theclich


  5. theclich


  6. xoashley13.
    Please add
    Daily player


    1. No period at the end of my orgin name!


  7. lewisg94
    Multiple Daily Player


  8. Add me please.


  9. Add me
    Daily player
    Level cap
    Ohio- USA

    Id- Rebeccajd45


  10. Lou_Sanous
    level 35
    visit friends every day


    1. Soyelektor
      Daily player
      Add me


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