Walkthrough: Level 29 (Part One)

It has been quite some time since I posted my last walk-through and I thought that I would get back on the road and try to finish the rest of the walk-through’s. Our last walk-through saw the end of Level 28 with Fat Tony and we will continue from there with the arrival of Agnes Skinner. Agnes Skinner arrives in New Springfield with the level 29 update to make Seymour’s life miserable. I guess that Skinner is not enjoying New Springfield, First Bart, then Agnes and now Chalmers!

To start Level 29 you will have to have Skinner and Luigi free to kick off the Walk-through:

1. Principaling Around Everything is going wonderfully in New Springfield and Seymour Skinner has a spring in his step, something that Luigi notices:


Skinner: Who wouldn’t smile in this wonderful, new Springfield? Nothing could ruin it.

Bart: Hey Seymour, your office is full of anteaters. Also ants. Also you need to tell the cafeteria to order more honey because your office is full of that too. Heh heh.

Skinner: Delightful! I needed some busy work for Willie. When he has nothing to do, he keeps inviting me to play board games. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to relax and take in the avian grandeur of our fair town.

Luigi: And I will-a-romance the air with a-beautiful sounds of the accordion, the bagpipe of Italy.

Skinner: Terrific. Hopefully, there aren’t any trees near your restaurant.

You are now promoted to “Make Skinner Go Bird Watching” and “Make Luigi Play the Accordion”. It takes 24 hours and 12 hours. You are rewarded $1120 and 260 XP. Keep Milhouse free for the next part of the walk-through.

2. Hey Milhouse — Eureka! Looks like Milhouse is missing his parents and this may be a clue from EA that we could be seeing his parents in an update very soon. As Milhouse is now turning into an Orphan, Bart has an idea that doesn’t help Milhouse out at all:


Milhouse: For dinner last night, I sucked on pasta shells until they got soft in my mouth.

Bart: Hmm, Springfielders do tend to appear when we build a new building. That gives me an idea…

Milhouse: To help me not to be an orphan?

Bart: No, to really prank Skinner! We need to bring back the one thing that can get inside his head and ruin his happiness. His mother.

Milhouse: Okay. But if we’re going to build Skinner’s house, we’re going to need a lot more pillows.

You then unlock the Skinner House and it costs $85,500 and It takes 24 hours until you unlock Agnes Skinner. You are rewarded with $100 and 10 XP. Keep Skinner free as the build finishes.



3. There are Skinners and Winners Pt. 1 Skinner has noticed his house is in New Springfield which only means one thing:


Agnes: Thought you’d gotten rid of me, did you. Now put on an apron and tidy up. Turns out limbo is pretty dusty.

Skinner: But Mother…

Agnes: No buts, Seymour. Get to work! When I get back from Bingo tonight, the table top better be clean enough for me to see my disapproving face in it!

And Agnes goes off to spend 4 hours hustling at bingo. Keep Skinner free as she finishes.

4. There are Skinners and Winners Pt. 2 Agnes is all ready to start making changes to Skinners life and he is not happy:


Agnes: You’re darn tooting. There are a lot of naughty pictures in the Wikipedia.

Seymour: I don’t have time to fight you right now – I have to get to work… where no one can tell me what I can and can’t look at, because we don’t have any computers.

Skinner heads off to monitor the halls, It takes 24 hours and has a reward of $520 and 110 XP. Keep Agnes and Comic Book Guy free as he finishes.

5. The Odd-Looking Couple:


Skinner: Mother, it’s the Harold to your Maude.

Agnes: Comic Book Guy! I can’t believe there’s enough room in this tiny town for your fat behind.

Comic Book Guy: Agnes, is that you skin, or did the Magna Carta loan you its dried up parchment?

Agnes: Don’t wait up for me, Seymour. And don’t come into my room in the morning without knocking first.

In a joint task, Agnes and Comic Book Guy go on a date for two hours. When finished you are rewarded with $320 and 64 XP. Keep Skinner and Agnes free for the next part of the walk-through.

6. There are Winners and Skinners Pt. 3:


Skinner: I was planning to do one of the many exciting activities I often do, like bird watching or going to the Kwiki-E-Mart or stargazing, if that’s an option for me yet.

Agnes: I guess this new Springfield is just like the old one – full of you disappointing me.

Skinner: *sigh* Fine, Mother. I’ll stay.

Agnes: Pfft, Momma’s boy.

Agnes and Skinner both do silhouette night for 12 hours. You are rewarded with $520 and 110 XP. Keep Martin, Lisa, Milhouse, Bart, Ralph, Nelson, Skinner and Edna free for the next part of the walk-through.

7. Mad with Municipally Funded Power:


Milhouse: I got one too.

Lisa: It looks like the whole school did.

Skinner: And with the whole school in detention, both Mrs. Krabappel and I will have to stay late to supervise you. Very late.

Edna: You monster! You can’t do this tonight!

Skinner: I’m not. I’m doing this for the next several nights.

Skinner successfully avoids another night with his mother by making Martin, Lisa, Milhouse, Bart, Ralph, and Nelson all have to serve detention 3 times each at 6 hours a time. And his also has Enda beside him as they both host detention twice at 12 hours a piece. Keep Agnes free as he finishes. You will be rewarded with $5830 and 1400 XP.

8. There are Skinners and Winner Pt. 4 Agnes is as unhappy with the “stay late in detention” Agnes-avoidance strategy as Mrs. Krabappel and the kids are:


Principal Skinner: It’s called a “school”, Mother, and it’s my job.

Agnes: Well, I need your help with my crossword. What’s a five-letter word for “someone who fails”? I tried “Seymour”, but it doesn’t fit.

Principal Skinner: *sigh* L-O-S-E-R

Agnes: Thanks. I knew you’d be an expert.

Agnes spends the next 8 hours doing crossword puzzles. When the task is finished you will be rewarded with $375 and 80 XP. Keep Bart free as she finishes.

The walk-through will continue with more torture and misery for Skinner.



4 thoughts on “Walkthrough: Level 29 (Part One)

  1. I have both Luigi and skinner free and nothing is happening. Btw’ I am level 30 now, so I don’t know what to do.


    1. You may have reached the XP level but not the questprogress. Unlocking requires the minimum XP level of AND that your questprogress is complete for the game to trigger the build. Do the tasks in the book and it will come.


  2. hi, i’m having trouble with level 29! the reason i’m having trouble is because when i built skinners home agnes appeared but NOTHING happened! i have been having this problem since june! could someone help me?


    1. ow, that’s along time for nothing to initiate. Have you completed all of the other quests up to that point? Maybe try storing the Skinner house and replacing it? I’ll keep looking for a solution but try everything you can. Tap on your characters, check the random tasks to make sure they’re not level tasks, etc. Skinner should get the bubble after his mother arrives.


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