A Friendly Neighbour

Hi guys.
Just doing a little promoting in this little post. Not the kind, asking for money but, the kind to help fellow helpers.
It has come to my attention a fellow helper and follower of tstotopix has his own site. Although the project was started a while ago and doesn’t contain a lot of information at this point in time, everyone’s support will help him gain confidence and will to continue with the great work. And to top this off, he’s facing the challenge solo.

The site is based on characters in the game along with their tasks. Its a informative read so i suggest everyone to jump on at least once a week to see what he’s added.

The link is http://tstocharacters.wordpress.com/ so check it out.




13 thoughts on “A Friendly Neighbour

  1. Excellent Mickus you are a truly good neighbor, we can still have hope of a better world


    1. Always happy to help others. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


  2. I actually really like what he’s doing and find reading about the limited time characters that I’ve missed an interesting read.

    His site has been added to my bookmarks.

    I shouldn’t say this as I’m entering the competition to be a site moderator but doesn’t thecoon250 show a high level of Simpsons understanding to be your new moderator along with his interesting character posts?


    1. He is in the competition but we have had a great response tge on other writers as well. Also, cause he’s doing his site solo it may be hard but he is in the competition though.


  3. Thank you so much Mickus! This means so much to me! I’ve nearly recieved 500 hits just from you promoting my website! I really appreciate it, and again thank you SOOO much! ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. No worries. Always happy to help if the info is good and relevant.


      1. Also I have taken your advice and will be writing about Homer shortly! Thank you again!


  4. Great idea for a TSTO site with an overview of each character. Good place to go for specific info. I know it’s hard work to keep a site going on your own, do wish him luck.


  5. Added to my wordpress app


  6. Is this the same as tsto topix extra or an entirely new site?


    1. No a new site. He’s thinking of stopping cause he’s had no hits but i like his work. Maybe if he gets some hits he’ll start making more posts.


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