Jacques’s Art Showcase (Part Five)

Hey guys sorry part five took so long due to the recent updates but I thought I would quickly get it out before we are jammed packed with Halloween content. So here is part five and the final addition of Jacques’s Art Showcase until further notice, I’ll hand it other to Jacques with the results of last weeks post:

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone, Jacques’s Art Showcase will be taking a short break after this one because of personal reasons so I won’t be setting a challenge this week. This is going to be a short post just revealing the winners of my last post. We have one winner who took 1st place and 2nd place with there amazing neighbourhood. But here in full detail our last weeks Decorators of the Week:

In third place we have Minicha (Em) with her massive housing estate that reminded me of Cypress Creek:pizap.com13804719825661

In second and first we have aabend380 with her two amazing neighbourhoods. In second place we had her White House beach neighbourhood and in first place we have her upmarket mansion neighbourhood. Well Done! pizap.com13804733352971pizap.com13804735578512

Thanks for supporting this series! I’ll be back around Mid-October with a Halloween themed design competition!


Thanks Jacques and well done to the winners. Jacques will be back Mid-October like he said with a new series of posts. I hope you like the transformation with the pictures. Thanks again, Nathan.


6 thoughts on “Jacques’s Art Showcase (Part Five)

  1. Hey – When are the new authors being announced?


    1. Deadline is oct 4th, so after that


  2. Very well done. 😀


  3. *taking a bow*
    Thanks for selecting my neighborhoods – must have been a really tough choice! I’ve seen some pretty amazing pictures in your last post, never expected to be in the top three, let alone with two entries 🙂


    1. Your town looks amazing! Well done!


    2. Your neighbourhood of mansions was love at first sight. I could see you were Decorator of the Week already!


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