We come in Pieces!

Hello everyone since Halloween is on its way VERY SOON I thought that I would get out last years walk-through for space alien Kang. Kang was unlocked when the Ray Gun was built and he costed 150 donuts but later got decreased to 100 donuts. His walk-through can be seen below:

When Kang flies over your Springfield in his spaceship (after completing “The Black Hole Pt. 4”) and Cletus points out the ‘alien craft menacing our skies’, Professor Frink mentions that they must construct the Frink Ray Gun immediately. Once the player has purchased and placed the ray gun you can then start to fire at the spaceship and unlocked Kang. When the ray gun is placed:

Kang: Those meddling humans have built the ray gun. We must try to destroy it before they use it!

Kang attempts to destroy the ray gun by using his spaceship weapons by firing at it. When you tap the ray gun it shoots out into the air. After one shot Kang is all ready in danger:

Kang: Stop it! Our craft can only take two more hits like that!

Kang then continues to fire at the ray gun from his spaceship and the player starts to fire the ray gun back at Kang. When the spaceship starts to wobble you are only needed one final hit and the spaceship and Kang crash into the ray gun, destroying it and the ship.

Kang: Ouch. Ouch. OUCH! I think I twisted a tentacle.

Frink: Bullseye! I’ve put a new Ray Gun in storage.


We come in Pieces! Pt. 1: Kang and Lisa make an awkward start to their friendship:

Kang: Peaceful greetings, puny human!

Lisa: A real life alien! Welcome to Earth, friend!

Kang: Let us live in friendship, and let us not deploy the beacon that summons the Rigellian invasion fleet!

Lisa: Uh… okay.

Kang: That’s one thing I wish you not to worry about. No one is deploying any beacons!

You then make Kang “Deploy the Beacon” It takes 12 hours.


We come in Pieces! Pt. 2:

Lisa: Mr. Alien

Kang: Please, call me Kang the Enslaver of Worlds! How can I help, friend human?

Lisa: There’s a zombie outbreak in Springfield. Do you have any advanced technology that could help.

Kang: Of course! Let me just get it over here.

You then make Kang activate the beacon and It takes 10 minuets.

We come in Pieces! Pt. 3:

Lisa: Uh, stil waiting for help with the zombies.

Kang: Sprinkle these crystals on your fellow humans. It will, uh, make them zombie-proof!

Lisa: This appears to be common table salt.

Kang: Don’t be idiotic! What would be the point of salting humans?

You then make Kang Make Kang Properly Season Humans which takes 6 hours.


We come in Pieces! Pt. 4:

Kang: Bwa-ha-ha! Ha-ha-ha-haaaaa!

Lisa: What’s so funny?

Kang: The Rigellian fleet will be here in moments! You are about to become dinner!

Lisa: Seriously? You’d fly all the way across the galaxy just to eat us?

Kang: Of course! In all universe, there is no food as well-marbled as the American human!

You are then promoted to make Kang 8-hour evil laugh.

We come in Pieces! Pt. 5:

Lisa: Excuse me? Your beacon is bleeping.

Kang: Huh. It appears my Message of Summoning didn’t go through to the invasion fleet.

Homer: Yeah, reception kinda stinks here in New Springfield. I’m working on it.

Kang: Please, sit patiently while I resend the message that signals you doom…

Homer: No way! Come on, fellow puny humans — get him!

And you have reached the last task of “We come in pieces!”, Your final task will be to make Kang Run from Puny Humans.


We have reached the end of Kang’s walk-through and hopefully we may see him return this Halloween. Kang is just one of many great characters that Halloween had to offer and his tasks may have been short but I’ll never regret the day I bought him. I will try to get another walk-through from last years Halloween up soon before the update. Thanks again, Nathan.



3 thoughts on “We come in Pieces!

  1. so does this year’s ray gun and space ship work the same way? before i spent the donuts .. i wasn’t around for Halloween last year ..


    1. it does 🙂


  2. toxicshark965 09/30/2013 — 17:34

    costed??/….lmao….just razzing ya…nice post seeing as i came aboard after the event


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