Hurry Hurry Hurry

Speeding things up with Donuts

Yes it is tempting to speed up things in the game using Donuts but sometimes you accidentally speed things up. Activating the “Confirm Donut Spend” button usually helps with that.

Go to the buildingmenu – Info-button – you should now be in the Options, where you can turn on the CDS.

Well. This post will be about speeding things up on purpose. Timing is important so you don’t waste the Donuts. Personally, my limit is 2 or 4 Donuts per rush and I never, ever rush anything below 4 hours.

 Every started 4 hour interval will cost you 2 Donuts
Timing is everything. Keep an eye on how much time remains and decide if it is worth it (consult the important times below for maximum gain).

As you can see, it does not matter if you speed up 3 hours and 59 minutes or just a few seconds, it will still cost you 2 Donuts.

Again, timing is Everything! See Hank Scorpios task? If you wait just 20 minutes you will save Two Donuts!

The same principal applys to buildings. Speeding up a building to collect rent is a really, really expensive method to get $. The only time I use Donuts for freemiumbuildings is to rush the buildtime.

When do you rush things?
I can only speak for myself so others might not do the same. I speed it up when I know what’s comming next and my timing for the Quest is off. This is how I use the Walkthroughs 🙂

Example: it is 11pm and I’m about to start a 4h quest which will be followed by a 12h quest. If I have the Donuts, than yes I will rush it. If it’s a 1h task followed by a 12h I would stay awake and suffer the next morning but that’s just me 🙂

Those +1/2 day builds can be hard to time, so I’ve rushed the last hours on some just to be able to continue the Questline on times more suitable for me. (Start a 36h build at two in the afternoon and figure out when it will be done :-()

When do you not rush things?
Collecting $ and regular tasks. Chosen by yourself or randomly given. If the timing’s off, store the character/building to reset rather than waste Donuts.
When it is too expensive. Do you speed up ONE T1£€ or buy Squeaky Voice Teen?!

Rushing through entire Quests will only result in more downtime between levels but for bloggers it provides useful information, fast! For the normal Tapper, my recommondation is to use the speed up alternetive solely when the overall timing needs adjusting – and only if you’re impatient and can afford it.

Important times to look out for:
3.59 – 2 Donuts
7.59 – 4 Donuts
11.59 – 6 Donuts
15.59 – 8 Donuts
19.59 – 10 Donuts
23.59 – 12 Donuts
(27.59-31.59-35.59-39.59-43.59 etc
14Do-16Do-18Do-20Do-22Do etc) Do’h!

Hope this was helpful. Happy Tapping


13 thoughts on “Hurry Hurry Hurry

  1. Nice article 🙂

    I personally never rush anything. Okay, I rushed to get Miss Springfield and then they extended whacking days, grrr, and I rushed one random task once when they decided for fun to reset my confirmation button. Otherwise, I think playing the game a little slower makes it more enjoyable, but I’m in the US and I’m not writing a blog.


    1. Yeah. I calculated Whacky and if I didnt hit the target in time, after whacking like crazy, I rushed ’em. That is why I loathe Whack, not the insane tapping but the fact that I wasted Donuts just because I trusted the (original) timeline…


  2. Bubbiesmommy 10/01/2013 — 00:21

    I’m keeping everyone on hour long tasks now and will do an 8 hour task while I sleep. Then wait for the update when i wake up so I wont rush them =)


  3. In terms of timing those 36hrs or longer task, I’ve developed a simple system. Since we work with a 24hr clock, that’s evenly broken in two, a 12hr task will happen at the same hour mark but on the opposite AM/PM from when it started.

    For example, a 12hr task started at 2am will be done at 2pm. Using this with a 36hr task, you break it into a 12hr and a 24hr frames, so a job started at 2am on Mon will be done at 2pm on Tues.

    The longer tasks (like the 2.5 day, or longer, tiles) take more brain power to time, but they really are exceptions in the game. I’ve just adopted the approach of “they’ll be done when they’re done.”


    1. I do that when its possible. But an update usually hits me on awkward times, as Im not in the US. The tasks seemed timed primarly for the American clocks so the rest of the Tappers either fall behind or adjust by rushing.


  4. Rayph Wiggum 09/30/2013 — 17:49

    “Donuts. Personally, my limit is 2 or 4 Donuts per rush and I never, ever rush anything below 4 hours.”

    If you never rush anything below 4 hours, then how are you rushing anything for 2 Donuts?


    1. LOL I meant I dont rush tasks that are shorter than 4h. 😀


  5. toxicshark965 09/30/2013 — 17:29

    Ive planted corn that will harvest on christmas eve… should plant NOW for new years eve harvest!!!!


  6. So we only need to divide the time by 2?


    1. In theory, yes. In reality the 4 hour intervals are set so if 6 or 2 hours remains you dont pay 3 or 1 Donut, you pay 4 or 2. For the best gain see the Important Times.


  7. I’ve been wanting a post on this for a long time. And now that I bought donuts, it is very helpful. Especially the donut countdown clock. Nice work. Thank you.


  8. Hurry… Hurry… Hurry…
    Now if I can only rush the next 24 hrs to start our Halloween event!


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