Happy Halloween from Topix!

Just wanted to drop a quick Happy Halloween to all of our readers, friends and neighboreenos. Whether today is big in your part of the world it sure is huge to our virtual Simpson family and that’s what brings us all together. Don’t forget to login today and get your free Wailing Wall!
There’s t-minus 7 days left in the huge 2013 Halloween Event and we’re fast approaching our last Community Prize which should put the nail on the proverbial Goo coffin but we hope you all enjoyed the first major event for us to cover and look forward to many more.
Happy Birthday Nathan!
Happy Tapping!
Mike S.


Happy Tapping!


The Halloween Present

Happy Halloween!

As we guessed the Halloween present is the Wailing Wall, worth 50 Donuts and gives 2.25% bonus and generates 6 ghosts every 12 hours.
This is the dialouge.


I think it’s a great gift! Yes, I already have it and I’m not sure where to place the new one but I love it!

Before I forget. Happy Birthday Nathan!

Happy Halloween Tapping

How much bonus % do the Halloween premium items provide?

Most premium decorations (and a few buildings) provide a bonus % to earnings of $ and XP. How much of a bonus % do the Halloween 2013 items provide? See below.

Item Cost (donuts) Bonus Bonus per donut
Ghost Zapper 60 2.25% 0.0375%
Freakmobile 35 0.75% 0.0214%
Ancient Burial Ground 40 2.00% 0.0500%
Wailing Wall 50 2.25% 0.0450%
Spooky Wall 1 0.05% 0.0500%
Ray Gun 150 3.75% 0.0250%
Cauldron 75 2.25% 0.0300%

The buildings from last year (Cemetery, Pet Cemetery, House of Evil, Bad Dream House and Mausoleum) don’t provide any bonus %.

The Ancient Burial Ground and the Spooky Wall give the best bonus % per donut spent. And while the Ray Gun costs the most number of donuts, the Freakmobile gives the worst bonus %. It looks pretty cool though.

What’s up with the Oct 30th in-game update?

Everyone should have received a modest update to the game files today. As many have speculated, it was to prepare for a special prize to be awarded tomorrow, on Halloween. As long as you log in to your game between 7am Oct 31st GMT and 7am Nov 1st GMT, you will get the characters’ dialog and have the item placed in your inventory.

Spoiler Alert!

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Moonshine River Update 2012

Hello tappers!

A lot of people have been asking about certain items that they are seeing in friends towns, these items or characters that you are seeing in your friends towns are limited time items that were only available once. To stop all this confusion, I have decided to re-visit all the old updates that were limited time.

The first limited time update was the Moonshine River update also known as the second content update in the game. The Moonshine River update was the first episode tie-in update for the game and it arrived September 28, 2012 before the episode aired. The Duff Racer was the only thing added to the game; it was added to celebrate the Season 24 premiere “Moonshine River” on September 30, 2012.

When you logged in on September 28, you unlocked the Duff Racer along with a in-game message and a set of dialogue between Homer and Lisa:


Notice: Here’s a Duff Racer from the Springfield Grand Prix to celebrate the Season 24 premiere this Sunday!

Homer: Ooh, a race car. I want to drive it!

Lisa: Sorry Dad, but it doesn’t drive. It’s just a decoration.

Homer: Can I open the Redesign Menu and move it around with my finger so it looks like it’s driving?

Lisa: I guess.

Homer: Woo-hoo!

The item was then stored in your inventory and you could place it anywhere apart from the river and road.

The Episode:

Lisa tells Bart that he has never had a real relationship that has lasted long. Seeing that Lisa is right, he decides to visit his past girlfriends. When visiting all his past girlfriends that has featured in the show, they all reject him; Jenny, Darcy, Gina Vendetti and Nikki McKenna. Bart and Milhouse go to see Mary Spuckler, Cletus Spuckler’s daughter.

Bart finds out that Mary is now in New York. Bart then asks the family if they can go to New York, and after some thinking, they decide to go. Bart finds Mary and as they walk around the city together, Mary sings a song for Bart while playing the guitar. She then admits her love for Bart. However, before the two get a chance to kiss, Cletus suddenly arrives, saying he will bring Mary back home with him.

While Cletus and the family are left occupied, Mary tells Bart that she is leaving them again.  After kissing Bart, Mary says goodbye and leaves on a train.

The Duff Racer In The Episode (Image):


NOTE: I have removed the opinion section of Nathan’s post as this is a previous content update and should be just a reference post for those who missed it or wanted more info on it. – Mike S.

That is the complete review of the Moonshine River Update and I will continue looking at updates from the past if the feedback on this post is good. I hope you have enjoyed re-visiting this update.

Thanks again, Nathan.


What have you done with your NoiseLand Video Arcade?

Hello Tappers!

Level 36 gave us the building “NoiseLand Video Arcade” along with Dolph Starbeam. NoiseLand Video Arcade is a great building that can be easily placed anywhere in your town. This building could be placed in your downtown Springfield, or maybe it could be on a street corner at the edge of your town, you could even have your arcade next to the school. Whatever you have done with your NoiseLand Video Arcade we would like to see them.

So submit your images into the comment section by using Dropbox, Flickr, or any other social media site that can be used for picture uploads. We will post all photos that have been submitted into the gallery slideshow below. Don’t worry if you have not reached level 36 as this may be a chance to grab some ideas and inspiration.

I have started my NoiseLand Video Arcade in a simple and peaceful part of my town, with it having a parking lot area across the road and some stolen bumper cars to make my arcade look more effective:


I can’t wait to see what you have done with your arcade as there are so many different ways you could decorate it! All photos will be uploaded to the gallery slide show section below with your name and caption for you photo.

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Thanksgiving Parade

Hello Tappers. Last week I did a speculation post about what we can expect after Halloween. I was mainly talking about Level 36 and Episode Tie-Ins but I was also talking about a possible thanksgiving update that could replace the Halloween event. As promised I’m giving you the complete guide from last years Thanksgiving event and everything you need to know.

The Thanksgiving update was the fifth content update in the game and was released on November 8, 2012. This update removed the Halloween features from the game and changed the Halloween rewards for characters and buildings to cash and XP. The Thanksgiving update was only small that would take seconds to complete. It was like a smaller version of an episode tie-in update.

We could expect a Thanksgiving update on November 7th, 2013 due to the Halloween event coming to an end.

The Thanksgiving update only brought decorations, no characters, no buildings, just decorations. These limited time decorations became a great feature to my town as at first I had nowhere to place them, However with a few updates I had the perfect place to place my thanksgiving parade balloons.

All of the balloons required Level 5 and could be bought multiple times. There were a total of five balloons all together and a reasonable price since they are a decoration. Here are the five balloons that came with the update:



Name: Itchy Balloon

Cost: 40 donuts

Bonus: 2.00% bonus money and XP to all jobs



Name: Scratchy Balloon

Cost: $1000

Bonus: Improves vanity rating

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EA Announces TSTO revenue has passed $100 million!

Included in EA’s press release today about their latest quarterly earnings was this:

“The Simpsons™: Tapped Out eclipsed $100 million* in life-to-date digital net revenue, and has been in the top 20 iPhone grossing games in the U.S. for all but 12 days, since launching in August 2012.”

For those who enjoy reading the torturous language in corporate press releases, it can be found here. For a more readable article about the results (and some interesting comments) there’s a good article on GameSpot’s site here.

If anyone is in doubt that this is a moneymaker for EA, this report should dispel those thoughts. That’s a lot of donuts!


Who’s That Girl In The Toughies Character Collection & How do I get her?

Hello everyone,

Due to the Level 36 update a lot of attention has been brought to the Toughies character collection. One major question that has continuously been asked as a result is, who is that girl I see in the collection and how do I get her?


Well, her name is Shauna and she was a limited time character during the Valentine’s Day event. Shauna was a premium character who cost 90 donuts and had a 9-part quest line called “Chasing Shauna”.


Shauna was the third character to be unlocked in the character collection and is an unvoiced character in the game. She may return as a character as we have seen with two limited time characters, Kang and Fat Tony.

Shauna In The Simpsons:

Shauna is Jimbo’s former girlfriend and is known in Springfield as “Sleazy Girl”. Her first appearance on the show was in “The Good, the Sad and the Drugly” when she was asking JimboDolph and Kearney to impress her by throwing a duck’s baby into the air. As Bart tries to save the ducks, Shauna tells the boys “either the ducks suffer or Bart does”.

She later becomes Jimbo’s girlfriend before she dumps him after a fight with Lisa in her latest appearance in “Beware My Cheating Bart” where she plays a big part in the episode. She becomes smitten with Bart when he keeps standing up for her after being assigned, by Jimbo, to watch her while he and his friends do other activities that do not interest her. They date for a short time but they soon break up after Shauna starts realizing that she is better without either Jimbo or Bart.

Shauna In Tapped Out:



Return Of Shauna:

Due to limited time characters making a return to Tapped Out, this could mean the return of Shauna. She could be easily introduced in next years Valentine’s Day update as they have done with the returning items from the 2012 Halloween event. I hope we do see the return of Shauna as It would be nice for the people who missed out on her previously.

I will be posting the quest line that she came with during the Valentine’s Day event in the near future so stay tuned.

Thanks again!


Rebel Without A Pause

Hello Tappers! Here we are with the premium walk-through of level 36, featuring Jimbo Jones. Jimbo Jones has become a great addition to my town and I hope you enjoy reading his walk-through as this may help your decision on buying Jimbo.

1. Rebel Without A Pause Pt. 1 Jimbo has arrived and he is not happy with the cafeteria food as he goes to complain:


Jimbo: The New Yorker was right. School sucks.

Bart: Hey, at least it’s almost lunchtime, right?

Jimbo: If I have to eat another serving of Mystery Meat Surprise, I’m gonna hurl.

Jimbo: And don’t get me started on the lunch ladies and their policy of not dating students.

For the next 8 hours Jimbo Complain’s about the Cafeteria Food.

2. Rebel Without A Pause Pt. 2:

Screenshot_2013-10-23-14-45-16 (2)

Jimbo: Well I’m not going to eat this stuff… which leaves me only one other choice.

Jimbo: Heads up, one helping of Mystery Meat Surprise, with a side of hurl!

Lisa: Incoming!

Sherri: Why does it burn my skin?

Skinner: What’s all this ruckus? Lunch is supposed to be a time for quiet reflection and eating.

Skinner: *gasp* Children covered in meat? Food not on plates? Forks pulled back, primed to launch? Why, this is a…

Skinner: Food fight!

You are then promoted to make Jimbo Incite a food fight. The task takes 4 hours. After task is complete:


Skinner: This has Jimbo Jones written all over it. In mustard no less!

Ralph: Principal Skinner, my lunch ended up on the outside and my homework on the inside.

3. Rebel Without A Pause Pt. 3 Jimbo finds a new hobby while cutting class:


Jimbo: Cutting class on a day like this really makes you appreciate the little things – like cutting class.

Jimbo: Ah, the birds, the trees, the sun on my face, makes me want to become a better man…Hey look, a frog to kick!

This has to be one of my favorite tasks for Jimbo as you are promoted to make Jimbo Hacky Sack a Frog for 12 hours. Keep Lisa free when the task is complete.


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