Treehouse of Horrors 2013: Quick Overview Part 1

Hey friends!

Wow!!! Where do I begin? I will do my best attempt to give you a basic Overview of the update but there is a LOT going on at once. Let me start by saying “YES” this is 110% a social event. Only this time there is an extra level of social. Much like Whacking Day, you have the ability to release content into your friends’ towns only this time instead of snakes, it’s ghosts and gremlins. Also there is a whole other level of social to this update that takes ALL accounts into account (wait, does that make sense?!) Anyway allow me to “try” and break down what I have discovered so far.


From the minute you open your game you will notice a difference. There is a haze of spooky smog over the entire town that appears will be the norm until November 7th. It’s not night and it’s not day, it appears as if it’s sundown in Springfield with a fog. We are also introduced to our 7th official splash screen.


You begin right away with an unprovoked chat between Homer, Bart, Lisa and Marge about the Simpson House being haunted and although Homer writes it off, Marge  requests the advice of a professional which will prompt you to build(for cash) the Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop. We will have detailed walkthroughs of everything in this update but after that and a bit of dialogue you will receive the Treehouse of Horror XXIV Guide which will look exactly like this:


What this means that, instead of tapping snakes, you will have to tap ghosts, gremlins and possessed Springfieldians (if that’s a word). Also the more ghosts, gremlins and “what-I-just-said-above” the more prizes you will be awarded. There are 10 possible prizes as a result of tapping these items. There is a menu available to show you what you can be awarded and for how much GOO is required. You can also purchase Gremlins  in 2 different amounts with donuts. There are:

Gremlin Trio & Gaggle of Gremlins

The trio is 2 donuts and obviously gives you 3 Gremlins

The Gaggle of Gremlins are 10 donuts and give you 20 gremlins


You will notice Gremlins in your town from time to time. When you see one running, tap it. It will then die and show you the friend that placed the Gremlin in your town. There are some guidelines for you in placing Gremlins in your friends towns:

When you enter your friends menu, you will see an extra row under the username. It signifies how much Goo your friend has acquired. If your friend has not acquired any Goo then you can only visit their town as usual, with smog, and tap on three buildings. However if your friend has acquired Goo in any form, it will appear as a number in the friends menu.


For those friends who have acquired Goo, when you enter their town you are given 3 options that are different from the normal visit of friends.  You will have the opportunity to instead of tapping on a $ or cash sign, tap on buildings with a ghost image on them and essentially haunt those buildings. When your friend goes into their game their building that you tapped on will be swarmed with ghosts for them to tap and it will show your ID when they’re done so they know who has visited and haunted their buildings. This will give your friends Goo for their own personal prizes.

Also for the friends that have acquired Goo after you haunt 3 buildings, you will be able to tap and collect 5 ghosts.  As you can see in the upper left hand corner of the following picture.


The third option for visiting friends who have accumulated Goo is once you have haunted 3 buildings and tapped on 5 ghosts is the ability to set free the Gremlins  you have either bought with donuts or have acquired by tapping spirits. This icon appears in the upper right corner of the above picture. There is an added bonus awarded to you for every Gremlin that lasts 4 hours in your friends town without getting squished or drunk.


And when one of the released Gremlins make it 4 hours or more in your friends town, you will receive a tally of how much Goo your Gremlins have earned you.


Any and all Goo that you acquire goes to your final goal of obtaining one of 10 Personal Prizes. Those of you who were around for Whacking Day know that this was the exact method with which we obtain the prizes for that event by whacking snakes. Without listing each one individually in this overview I will just show you a picture of all of the prizes. Each one will be covered in full detail in separate posts here at Topix. Here are the 10 Personal Prizes:


But as an added twist this for this event, EA is also tallying the TOTAL number of Goo collected for EVERY account and if a certain goal is met we also can win additional prizes. These are referred to as Community Prizes. They are 5 additional prizes that can ONLY be won if the entire Tapped Out community as a whole meet the goals.


As you can see the current goal is 5 billion Goo. Do we win all of the prizes at that goal or just one is currently unknown but the first number constantly changes to reflect the continuous amount of Goo that is being collected worldwide.

AAANNNNNDDDD as an extra EXTRA bonus with this event, the Simpson House has been given an additional content menu as well.  Once you tap on the Simpson House you will see this:


And upon tapping the GO button it will be revealed that there are 4 more DAILY rewards that are possible.


Also just about all of the 2012 Halloween update content is available again or purchase to those who haven’t yet acquired it.  They are as follows:

Halloween Spooky Tree

Springfield Cemetery

Pet Cemetery

Pumpkin Patch


The Raven

Bad Dreams House

Devil Flanders

Talking Krusty Doll

Burns Monster


House of Evil

Heck House

Dead Tree

Due to the fact that it’s late here where I am I will have to continue this Overview in the morning. I hope you all understand why we do not rush to have ALL of the update content out right away, because we too are players and take the time to play and enjoy the game FIRST. Then we focus on the posts and we do it as soon as we all possibly can. This update is so large it will take a few posts to cover it all. BUT the main thing I ask all of you is to take the time to play the game for yourself and enjoy it for yourself and then go hunting for answers. For me, 99 times out of 100 my questions or problems are answered by simply…playing the game myself. Take your time Tappers, enjoy the update. We will continue the posting soon.

Happy Tapping!

Mike S.


135 thoughts on “Treehouse of Horrors 2013: Quick Overview Part 1

  1. Does anyone know if buying the House of Evil would help my consumerism rating on the conform-o-meter? I can’t justify spending 45 doughnuts on it unless I can store one of my zillion Kwik-E-Marts… Thanks! 🙂


    1. The House of Evil does add 10 points to Consumerism.


      1. Excellent! Thank you !


  2. Did anyone notice the bipartisanship tombstone on the splash screen?
    Can anyone tell me what hey mean by this?


    1. It’s a reference to American politics.


  3. Anybody else noticed Maude or the fire ghost?


    1. Maude is a character you unlock. Or do you mean she’s one of the ghosts that you tap?


      1. In She part of the quest chain?


        1. Maude Flanders? Yes, she is unlocked at Part 4 of the main event quest: The Ghost in the Machine-based App and she will then become a permanent character with her own tasks. And she is free!


        1. Her haunt springfield task is cool as hell.


    2. Alunited1961 10/04/2013 — 08:32

      Maude Flanders ghost is the funniest ever, Ned’s not to go past 1st base hilarious


  4. PLEASE ADD ME: gviggo
    Play several times a day. Visit daily, not only during events


  5. ok thanks Mike! Thank you and everyone @ TSTOTOPIX! So happy to see this site, the wonderful ppl and insights to the game continued! Wish i had that dog last year but better late than never! Keep up the great work and congrats on the ever rising hits to TSTOTOPIX!!!


  6. i do not know if this post is the correct one but i just have to say this Halloween is much better than last year plus i absolutely love that Zombie dog makes me lmao


    1. The Zombie dog is one of the pets that had to squished last year from the Pet Cemetery.


  7. Guess I’m a little late to the party!
    Thanks for the informative posts; I haven’t played whacking day so this being my first time, i was a little lost!


  8. i am quite certain that it is not sundown in the game but instead night time with a full moon. That is exactly what it looks like outside with a full moon and partially overcast night. the moon causes the weird moving shadows through the clouds. thoughts?


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