The first Church of Lard Lad. First Community Prize Walkthrough.

Hi Guys.

As I mentioned briefly in my milestone post of 5 billion Goo, you need Homer free to kick off the quest line. If you want to see the post, please click here.

Thanks to Flinster too for sending the pictures for the second and third parts to the walkthrough to me, so I could get this out to you quickly. Thanks Flinster.

As soon as you log in you will receive the First Church of Lard Lad which will be in you inventory. Make sure Homer is free, he will kick off the Walkthrough.


Place the building in your Springfield and then go find Homer.

Part 1

Now make Homer join the First Church of Lard Lad. This will take 4 hours.

Part 2

Religious Elder: Don’t be silly, we’re a perfectly respectable religion. Now here, put on your jelly-filled underwear.

Religious Elder: Bow down before Lard Lad, only begotten son of Lard Dad sent to Earth to crush sinners with his holy donut.

Homer: Oh Holy Donut, fill our blood with Sprinkles of Power. That we may join you in your heaven, currently located on the International Space Station.

Now make Homer worship Lard Lad donut. Upon finishing the quest,

I ate it.

Religious Elder: But it’s made of styrofoam.

Homer: I see that now. I’m burping up packing peanuts.

Part 3


Now make Homer wear the lead donut around his neck.


So that’s where the quest leaves us. Again a special thanks to Flinster for the part 2 and 3 pictures. Let’s keep tapping hard so we can get the Clawing Zombie.



26 thoughts on “The first Church of Lard Lad. First Community Prize Walkthrough.

  1. Too bad the First Church of Lard Lad doesn’t work as a regular Lard Lad.
    I mean, for the quests.


  2. Hey guys, here’s an interesting topics for discussion: Why is the Freak Show Tent so useless? Seriously, it doesn’t generate money, it doesn’t have any sound, and it has a one-time only task. So really, what is the point of having it?


    1. It gives 10 (much needed) points toward Consumerism, and you can place it on Squidport if you want. That’s enough for me.


    2. Sorry, it seems I was wrong. Freak Tent appears to be Vanity (I got wrong info from Reddit.) I believe it can be placed on Squidport however. I’ve seen pictures.


      1. Yep, looks great at Squidport…


    3. Well I think it’s a decoration, not a building. So it’s there to look cool–which is what it accomplishes! And considering its affordable, I love it.

      I think it will make a cool attraction for Squidport or any entertainment district.


  3. Kodos…does he start flying around after Homer completes his task with ultra house?


  4. Homer has so many other quest (tasks) in the works as it is ,like Strongman, king dolphin ,and the main Ghost in the Machine Quest ,he is spread rather thin and the First Church of Lard will have to get in line ! But Thanks for the walkthrough !!! : o )


    1. No worries. I suggest you do the main quest line first then the short ones (for homer). Do this one before homer strongman as it is quite short.


    2. Mr. Lemming 10/08/2013 — 21:20

      That’s got to be my biggest complaint about the event. It’s basically Homer that does EVERYTHING, other characters might initiate the quests but it’s almost always “Send Homer to an early grave” or “Send Homer to spend a night in the Haunted Attic” or something… Why no love for the other characters in the Simpson family EA?


      1. Try to think positive. Lisa has a major role too. In THOH it tends to always be directed at Homer but less that half of task are actually for Homer


  5. Homer is a busy bee – he’s switching between the Strongman and Lard quests at the moment. Luckily had finished the Techno house and main quest (Apu and Ned are on that) before these two started or I’d have even more of his tasks queuing. They do tend to come thick and fast – certainly no chance of getting bored with this event! πŸ™‚


  6. Homer is doing a lot of things!?! This makes it tough….
    …The Ghost in the Machine Pt 8
    …The Lard Of the Rings


    1. If you break it down homer has
      Ghost in the machine-based app 6/15 parts
      Pumpkin house 1/1 part
      Ancient burial ground 0/2
      Vacuum tool 0/1
      We come in pieces (Kang and Victorian UFO) 0/5
      Ultrahouse 1/1
      King snorky 3/3
      Twirl n hurl 0/1
      Burns coffin1/6
      Hex in the city 1/5
      Homer strongman 5/5
      The first church of lard lad 3/3
      It seems over wheel mining because he’s in 8 out of 12 quests. In those quests only 21/ 48 parts. Of which 6 of them have 3 or less parts involving homer. πŸ˜ƒ


      1. Hi Mickus, can I recommend doing a post with just the outline of all the quests, i.e. not a full walk-through?

        It would simply be what character needs to be free to start the dialogue and which character performs the task and for how long for each of the quests you listed.

        If not, is there another place I could find this information?



        1. Actually, I was thinking of doing that last night. But thanks for the input. You know what they say, great minds think alike.


  7. Jayden Ross 10/08/2013 — 11:44

    Same thing here with Homer. His quests are really starting to clutter my task bar hahaha. I’m not complaining though, TSTO Halloween has been brilliant so far. Right as I was starting to lose a little bit of interest in the game, too.


  8. Oh no, not another task for Homer!! I have them queued up. He’s going to need to do a lot of relaxing in the pool once THOH is over!


    1. Hahahaha. Don’t worry. It seems that it has calmed down for me and will for you too. Focus on the main quest first. Thats the main thing.


  9. No problem. Am here to help


    1. Anyone else notice you can actually tap up to 7 ghosts instead of the 5 it says? It takes a moment for the GOO to pop out and you can tap up to 2 more ghosts real quickly if they’re close. Up to an extra 200 GOO a day if you have 100 friends


      1. elenacraciun88 10/08/2013 — 18:28

        I noticed that too. I can’t wait to reach 10000 goo so I’m trying my best to collect as much as I can from all of my 94 friends. After I noticed the ghost tapping glitch I became a bit greedy. I carefully tap 4 ghosts and then wait for a group of at least two ghosts to be on the screen to tap them both. A few times I managed to have 4 ghosts really close together and tapped all 4. Another thing I noticed by accident is that if you tap a haunted house in their springfield you receive 2 GOO, unlike when u tap a building with no ghosts, when you get a goo and money.


      2. Yes and even possible to get 8 if your fast and lucky.


      3. It’s nice to get 2 GOO when tapping a friend’s haunted building…but then..your friend gets ZERO GOO (so it seems) I always try to share the GOOdness,


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