Ultrahouse 2/ Kodos Intro (UPDATED)

Upon collecting 4000 Goo you will have enough to win the 6th Personal Prize, the Ultrahouse 2.  As with most of the prizes unlocking, it will place it in your Inventory. Once you place it in your Springfield another mini-quest will activate, only with this prize, there are 2 possible quests. One is for anyone and the other comes with a premium offering for Kodos. Update: I was just made aware that those of you who do not have the Ray Gun prior have different circumstances and have added an extra walkthrough at the bottom of the post.  Here’s the breakdown on this item.

Unlock Message


Item Info

Requirement: 4000 Goo and Reach Level 5

Placement: Springfield only, cannot be placed on the boardwalk.

Build Time: Instant upon retrieving from Inventory

Income: $135, 15 XP every 8 hours

Size: 8 X 8

Building Action Message: “Ignoring the First Rule of Robotics”


Although in the game it is called Ultrahouse 2, its episode reference is the Ultrahouse 3000In fact, the one in the game is a direct sequel to the Ultrahouse 3000 as you will see in the walkthrough below. However the Ultrahouse 3000 appeared in the Treehouse of Horrors XII which was Season 13, Episode 1 of 2001, the 12th installment of the THOH series. In this episode Marge was convinced by a salesbot that she would never have to do housework again if she purchased a Ultrahouse upgrade to the Simpson home. The Ultrahouse was able to be either built from scratch or added as an upgrade to an existing home and was the future of housing. It had the ability to do chores, acted as a butler/valet by opening doors, preparing baths and giving massages, could cook meals and act as family doctor as well as be a personal A.I. companion when non one else was home.

This was all said and good for the Simpsons until the house, which had the voice of Pierce Brosnan, became infatuated with Marge. In an attempt to win Marge and get rid of Homer the house tried to kill him by dumping him in the dining room table’s garbage disposal. Long story short, they pulled its main circuit and it ended up beating itself to death with a lamp after the circuit ended up in Selma’s cleavage.

Ultrahouse 2 Walkthrough

Immediately upon placing the Ultrahouse 2  you will receive an automatic prompt from Frink. Don’t fret if you do not have Professor Frink, he is not required as a “physical” character for this.


Frink: “Welcome to the latest in modern dwellings from Frinklin Homes, the Ultrahouse 2.”

“Controlled by an artificial intelligence designed to guarantee your every comfort, with the mood lighting and the climate control and the witty reparTAY!”


Homer: “Forget it. Last time we bought an Ultrahouse, it fell in love with my wife and tried to murder me. And it kept recording over my shows.”

Frink: “This Ultrahouse has been completely reprogrammed. I can assure you, it has zero interest in women.”


Ultrahouse: “Hello, Homer. My you’re an adorable chubby. How’d you like to have a drink with me?”

Marge: “The Ultrahouse 2 is gay?!”


Homer: “Now Marge, be tolerant. If an alternatively-oriented robotic dwelling wants to show me a good time, I say let it-him.”

At this point you will see Kodos in a spacecraft start to fly around your town.


And back to the conversation at hand:


Cletus: “I reckon it’s the hillbilly’s job to point out the alien craft menacing our skies?”


Frink: “I have positively identified this flying object as an unidentifiable flying object.”

You will now be prompted to Make Homer Share a Romantic Evening with the Ultrahouse 2 for 24 hours ($600, 150 XP)

Upon completion of the task:


Bart: “So how’d your date with the Ultrahouse go, Dad?”


Homer: “Nice, but then he proposed a criss-cross where he murders Marge for me and I kill a bisexual garage in Shelbyville for him.”


Bart: “Pfft.Men.”

Walkthrough For Those That Do Not Have The Ray Gun Prior


And with that you will have completed the Ultrahouse 2 mini-quest. Very short quest but very funny especially if you have seen the episode pertaining to the Ultrahouse 3000. The original house wanted Marge and the new one wants HomerClassic Simpsons!!

After this quest if you have the Ray Gun or are willing and able to buy it you will then begin the Kodos quest. You will not unlock the Kodos quest without having the Ultrahouse 2. I will cover the Kodos quest in my next post. Hope this helps!!

Happy tapping!

Mike S.


40 thoughts on “Ultrahouse 2/ Kodos Intro (UPDATED)

  1. Hi! I’ve made everything and even the dialogue between Cletus and fink appeared after homer had the romantic thing with ultra house but I can’t find the ray gun in the store (neither the ghost zapper) would you know why?


  2. I lost kang, When i gained kodos. Im missing him completly. What can i do?

    Second glitch:
    I stored the victorian UFO and the crashed UFO’s and then kodos started flying my toen again. I didnt store the Ray gun so i shot kodos again. In the hope i get kang back. Unfortunally the UFO crashed again. Now i got there crashed UFO’s. Two of kodos and one of Kang.

    How can i get kang back?anyone experience the Same problems?


  3. I’m confused over all of this. Was Kang once a premium character? We got him for free this year and his tasks are all at the premium rate.


  4. Please ignore my previous post. I like kudos flying around my town. If I buy the ray gun but don’t shoot her down will he remain flying over my town after the event?


    • I don’t know for sure but my gut tells me that buying the ray gun is a permanent purchase and as long as you do not shoot her down she’s gonna fly around as they are a combo. No one has ever tested it out.


  5. I had the ray gun and crash site from last year. Now that I have Kodos, I have two crash sites and a raygun besides. Is that what is happening for everyone?


    • Jared – if you don’t want two lying around, you can put away the one from last year’s and no character will get put away. I put the old one in my inventory, the new one where the old one was, and the laser from my inventory back where the laser had been. A lot of work to put everything back the way it should be! But I really don’t want two identical crashed UFOs.


  6. I’m hesitant to get the ray gun for right now, as last year it was 150 donuts, but then dropped to 100 at some point during the month. If it does this again this year, I’d feel silly for wasting the extra donuts.


    • As long as you don’t wait too long and the event ends. I doubt it will be reduced again. Maybe not enough people bought it last year so they did it to test what people are willing to pay. But now there are plenty of people playing who are willing to pay anything.


  7. I am definitely going to buy the Ray Gun, but was wondering if there was even a slight chance (or what you think the chances are) that EA will discount the price towards the end of the event (as I understand they did last year). I can wait if there is some hope of a discount. Thanks and I love your site and all of the work you all put in.


    • Hard to say. I doubt they will, but there’s a chance since they did last year. We’re only a week into this event with 4 more weeks to go, and seems like people are well enough along with earning GOO. There may be more surprises to come. I hope so!


  8. If you buy the ray gun this year will you get both the crashed ufo & the ray gun like last year or just the ray gun?
    Any info would be great as it will determine if I buy it or not as its kind of a 2 for 1!


    • That would, as always be up to you. If you like it or not 🙂 I wanted it so I got it. 150 donuts are a lot and last year it went on sale, so if you’re unsure wait untill the end of october.


  9. I thought Kodos was female. But when it told me ray gun was available it mentioned it as a him. Maybe its a transexual and can’t decide what it wants to be lol.


    • Tapped Out writer screwed up.

      The show’s writers have made the same mistake a few times. But Kang introduced her as “my sister” the first time they were on the show, so yes, Kodos is definitely female.


      • That’s how I’ve always referred to Kodos but sites that have show info say that “Kodos has been referred to as male and female” which gives people the impression that it’s either but she is Kang’s sister plain and simple.


  10. what do i do kodos did not appear when i placed the ultra house yesterday. i tried storing and replacing the ultra house but it did nothing!


  11. Mine didn’t include Kodos or Cletus and I’ve already been prompted for Homer to share a romantic night with Ultrahouse 2. Does that mean I won’t get Kodos?


  12. Hey Mike I’m not sure if you realise but there’s an issue with the comments in a few of the different tabs. e.g. the add me one

    It’s showing up old comments from around August. The only reason I noticed is because I had 18 friend requests in the past twelve hours. I went and had a look and my comment from August was one of the most recent ones. Just thought I’d let you guys know.


  13. Forgive my English translated from google … need to do this mission however my homer is trapped outside the map, anyone know if there is already forecast to correct the error of the characters disappearing? without following the schedule with homer … lose extra characters and the development of the story besides losing all grace!


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