9,000,000,000 Goo! We are on our way!

Hi guys.

So earlier today or late last night, depending on where home is in the world for you we hit our big 9 billion goo for the community prizes. That’s fantastic! Although I did get the picture straight away, this post has been delayed due to the fact that I had to work. So better later than never, I say.

Because this has been more of an estimate, I have decided that from here on out, community goo milestones will be posted for every 5 billion instead of 1. But don’t worry though. To make it more accurate, instead of doing it per billion, I will do it at a specific time. 12 am my time I will get on, take a photo and work out our average needed by rounding back a day. In other words, showing how much we need with time to spare. This will make it much more accurate.

Some of you are worried about personal prizes too. So in addition to the community prizes I will do another post for personal prizes each day. From today, it will be a tight squeeze but you need to be gathering 400 goo or over each day to make all 10 personal prizes. Ok, now for the averages for today. Again, I’ve added a comparison of how much we are down on yesterday’s total.

  • Prize 1
    First Church of Lard Lad – Cleared and Received
  • Prize 2
    Clawing Zombie – 40,000,000 Goo
    (down 36,923,077)
  • Prize 3
    Ghost Bomb – 240,000,000 Goo (down 29,230,769 )
  • Prize 4
    Frog Prince – 440,000,000
    461,538,462 Goo (down 21,538,462)
  • Prize 5
    King Homer Skyscraper and King Homer – 640,000,000 Goo (down 13,846,154)

So they are the statistics for today’s and with 25 full days to go we can do it. Let’s work together to claim them all.



5 thoughts on “9,000,000,000 Goo! We are on our way!

  1. phineasfool 10/13/2013 — 02:53

    10 billion has been reached and it looks like only 13 billion for the ghost bomb


  2. Ghost Bomb community prize is 13,000,000… Only 3,000,000 to go šŸ˜‰


  3. Update… just logged out and in and got the 2nd prize!


  4. The numbers just went to 10,000,000,000 goo… it says prizes will be awarded soon.


  5. esteban2808 10/12/2013 — 21:38

    If you haven’t started yet I wouldn’t worry that 400 goo a day would be difficult. You can easily get over 500 by visiting friends then there is your own town to get it from and ghost generators you can buy. If you are starting now you should have now problem getting all the prizes.


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