Hex in the City: The Gingerbread House and Suzanne the Witch

The 10th and final Personal Prize is won by collecting either 10,000 Goo or by using 335 Donuts. The prize is the Gingerbread House which ultimately unlocks Suzanne the Witch when the house is placed. It will also unlock a 5 part quest line which is kicked off by, you know who, Homer. Here’s my breakdown of this combo.

Unlock Message


You collected 10000 GOO and won a new personal prize! Homer is very proud.

Suzanne and her gingerbread get-up comes from Treehouse of Horror XI, which was the very first episode of Season 12 (November 1, 2000). In the second short titled, Scary Tales Can Come True, the Simpsons find themselves as peasants living in a pumpkin house. Homer gets fired as the village oaf and vowing he will not let his kids starve, he throws them out in to the woods. IN a comical take on Grimm’s Fairy Tales, the kids end up at a gingerbread house where the witch invites them in pretending to  be nice. She is anything but and Lisa ends up in chains as a slave as Suzanne tries to fatten Bart up in an attempt to eat him. Homer ends up saving the kids but not after being transformed into a part-chicken, part-fish by the witch’s evil spells. The witch ends up being cooked in her own oven.

As is the case with almost all of the Personal Prizes, once you win the item it will be placed in your Inventory. Immediately upon placing the house you will unlock Suzanne and trigger a quest line. Here is that quest line:

Hex in the City Pt. 1


Homer: “Hm. Warty nose. Squinty eyes. Out-of-date clothes. She must be a game developer.”

Bart: “Dad, it’s that witch from the Enchanted Forest. She eats little children!”


Suzanne: “Oh, not any more. I spent six months at a rehab center for fairy tale eating disorders, and I’m totally cured.”

“Met a lot of nice bridge trolls there.”


Homer: “You say you’re cured, but there’s only one way to be sure. Bart, try to get the witch to eat you.”

You will now be prompted to: Make Homer Tempt the Witch with a Succulent Bart, Make Bart Be Tempting AND Make Suzanne the Witch Be Tempted for 4 hours ($525, 135 XP)

Upon completion:


Homer: “Aha! I knew it! There are bite marks on Bart’s arm.”

Bart: “Dad, you did that.”

Homer: “Well, you really know how to make yourself look delicious.”


Suzanne gets the next prompt so keep her available.

Hex in the City Pt. 2

After tapping Suzanne


Marge: “Suzanne, what do you do for a living now that you’re out of the fairy tale business?”

Suzanne: “I’m a magical nanny! My friend Sherry Bobbins suggested it. She used to eat kids too.”


Homer: “A nanny sounds great, but I’m not sure we can afford it. As it is we pay the babysitter by doing her homework.”

Suzanne: “Oh, magical nannies don’t take money. Just some trifle or other…that is the most dear and precious thing to your heart! *evil cackling*”

Homer: “Boy, that cackling would sure cheer up the house. You’re hired.”

You will now be prompted to Make Suzanne Nanny for the Simpsons for 24 hours ($600, 150 XP)

Again Suzanne gets the task bubble to continue.

Hex in the City Pt. 3

After tapping Suzanne


Bart: “Dad, I wanted a BOOKie, not a nanny.”


Suzanne: “Don’t worry, Bart, we’ll have a wonderful time. Let’s start by cleaning up your room. It’ll be magically fun!”

You will now be prompted to Make Suzanne Magically Tidy Up Bart’s Room for 60 minutes ($70, 17 XP)

Upon completion:


Suzanne: “Oh my god, I’ve never seen such filth. It took my darkest magic to clean it up. ”

“Still, now Bart’s room is tidy and…what? It’s filthy again?! How did you do that so fast?”


Bart: “There is a darker power in the world than your magic. Ten year old boys.”


Once again Suzanne gets the prompt to continue the next quest. Keep her free.

Hex in the City Pt. 4

After tapping Suzanne


Suzanne: “That Bart is driving me crazy. Why did I ever take a job as his magical nanny? I’ve got to go home and rest.”

You will now receive the task to Make Suzanne Rest in her Gingerbread House with a Migraine for 8 hours ($275, 70 XP)


Suzanne gets the prompt bubble for the final part of this quest.

Hex in the City Pt. 5

After tapping Suzanne


Lisa: “Mom, Dad! Suzanne is trying to shove Bart into the oven.”

Bart: “Now, Lisa, she’s a professional. If she needs to give Bart a time out, let her.”


Suzanne: “I just couldn’t take it!! The kid is driving me crazy! Six months of rehab ruined.”


Homer: “I’m afraid we’ll have to fire you.”

“We’ll write you a letter of reference, but it’ll be one of those wishy-washy ones that doesn’t really say anything.”


Suzanne: “Fine, I’ll go. But first you must pay me the thing most precious to your heart: your first-born son!”


Homer: “Well…he’s A thing that’s precious to my heart.”

“But here’s THE thing.”


Suzanne: “I gotta admit, it’s a pretty nice bowling ball.”

You will now be prompted to Make Suzanne Go Bowling at Barney’s Bowlerama for 12 hours ($600, 150 XP)

And with that you will have successfully completed the Hex in the City side-quest. Short and sweet and pretty darn funny if you ask me. While I was hoping for more visual tasks in this quest and just about all of the other one’s it still ends up being an incredible event and lot’s of awesome content. Now all we have to do is tap, tap, tap and win the remaining Community Prizes. 

Hope this helps!

Mike S.



28 thoughts on “Hex in the City: The Gingerbread House and Suzanne the Witch

  1. And what do i do if indont have barneys bowlarama


    1. Nothing, you’re quest line will be 1 part shorter. You just won’t get the dialogue and task for it.


  2. Has anyone else lost Lisa? Can’t find her anywhere.


    1. There is a glitch that makes characters disappear. We’ve covered it in a post: https://tstotopix.me/2013/10/05/major-glitch-characters-going-missing-off-the-map/


  3. Vincentpizza 10/12/2013 — 13:14

    For some strange reason i have a quest for bart to do but he is not in my town. When i click on the quest to go to bart it shows him for less than a second and he disappears. Is anyone else having the same problem with one of their characters?


    1. It is a huge glitch that came with the update. We’ve reported on it in a few posts. EA is supposed to release a fix for it.


      1. Vincentpizza 10/12/2013 — 17:59

        Thanks Mike S.!!!!!!!


  4. Could you please write a post about the last year buildings/costumes if they are worth buying? Thanks!


    1. It’s comming 🙂 While you wait, cemetarys and mausoleums can be found here https://tstotopix.me/2013/10/03/generating-ghosts/


      1. Ok, thanks! 🙂


  5. I have a doubt I’m Brazilian and do not speak or understand English, so always tell the translation of google, to complete the final prize is a bonus with donuts, because usually the translation here is not very clear …

    1 has a bonus of donuts?
    2 if you are how many donuts?

    from already thank you and I am still without any news homer patch fix please let me know thank you!


    1. Not sure what you’re asking but for this post the final prize is 10,000 Too OR you can buy it with donuts. Once you win all 10 prizes you will then have a bonus chance to win up to 3 donuts for every 2,000 Too that you collect. Hope this makes it through translation for you.


      1. Hope this is right:
        Não sei se o que está pedindo, mas para este post, o prêmio final é 10.000 Goo OR você pode comprá-lo com donuts. Uma vez que você ganhar todos os prêmios de 10 você terá então um bónus poderá ganhar até 3 rosquinhas para cada 2.000 Goo que você coletar. Espero que isto torna através da tradução para você.


  6. Do you need Barney ‘s Bowlarama to complete the questline?


    1. You know that’s a great question. No premium items have been required thus far but I have everything so I’m not sure how it goes without the Bowlerama. I’d like to know myself now.


      1. On my non-premium account I think it literally just ended with Homer saying “well… He’s A thing close to my heart.”

        It definitely never prompted me to send her bowling, though. Hope that helps!


  7. SofaQueenNo2 10/12/2013 — 01:57

    Where does this quest end when a player does not have Barney’s Bowl-er-ama? Never got the prompt for Suzanne to rest with a migraine in the gingerbread house for 8hrs.


    1. I was just asked the same question and I honestly do not know…. Yet. But I will figure it out.


      1. I didn’t get any prompt at all after resting from a migrane, and I don’t have the Bowl-a-Rama. The quest just ends there.


  8. Bubbiesmommy 10/12/2013 — 01:18

    I just finished this questline this morning. About to start church of lard lad then I will be done with all the halloween quests. guess I will just collect goo unless they give us more Halloween quests soon. =)


  9. I curious if anyone else noticed the “Fat in The Hat Quests” tombstone on the game’s splash screen?

    Makes me wonder if the “Hex in the City” quest and some of the other items, which seem oddly disconnected, were replacements for something from the THOH episode.?


    1. The “fat in the hat” was an episode in this years THOH the “Hex in the City” is an old one and featured the Gypsy and the fortuneteller store. Funny, I dont have the Fat in the Hat tombstone on my splashscreen…


      1. I have ‘the fat in the hat quests’, ‘last year’s Halloween candy’ and a few others


  10. Nice use of the Valentines day decorations with the gingerbread house, Mike. Looks cool like that. I wish they would have given us some candy canes or something to decorate around the gingerbread house with. 🙂


    1. Mmmmm… Candycanes! Putting it on the wishlist for xmas decorations!


  11. What happens if you do not have the bowlarama?


    1. You dont get the prompt for the last quest 🙂


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