Missing Goo!

Hi guys.

As of late, there seems to be a glitch regarding to the amount of goo you receive after collecting all 10 prizes. There have been many reports from people saying that the amount of goo in the task bar (bonus donuts quest) is not the same as the goo that you have collected in total.

For example, to be able to collect the first bonus donuts prize, which you can receive after collecting all of your personal prizes, you should have collected 12,000 Goo in total. The difference between this and the Whacking day whack boxes though, is this time the free donuts come as a quest. Instead of getting a 1 out of 3 chance to win donuts, this time it’s the same as the bonus level where you have a 1 in 3 chance of winning 3 donuts. And if you don’t win 3 (instead 1 or 2) the first time, you can pay $50,000 for a second and again for a third chance.

So how do you fix the glitch and get back your missing goo?
Sadly, until EA fix this problem there’s not much you can do however, there is a way to prevent it from happening again.

It seems that when you are in a friend’s town, your game doesn’t recognize that you have collected the required goo to complete the quest until you return to your own town. So, if your goo tally says 11,990 and you leave your town and collect 110 goo in your friends’ towns, your tally will be 12,100 (10,000 for the prizes and 2,000 for the bonus donuts and 100 towards your next bonus). You will lose your extra 100 goo towards your next bonus. This is because when you return to your town, you will receive your final prize or donuts and a new quest will appear, resetting and starting the process again.

How can I prevent it from happening?
Quite simply, the best way is too keep an eye on your tally. Work out how much goo you have lost already and add that to your tally.

For example, if you returned to your town and received your final prize at 10,100, make sure you are in your town at 12,100 to prevent losing any more goo.

Finally, for people who haven’t received the Gingerbread House yet, make sure you return to your town as soon as you get 10,000 goo. This will ensure that you don’t lose any goo.

It is a bad glitch and really annoying but as I said, there’s not much we can do but to tap as much as we can.



14 thoughts on “Missing Goo!

  1. schattenRaub 10/29/2013 — 22:13

    Today I lost 2000 Goo 😦
    The bonus quest just resetted to 0/2000 Goos when I hit the 2000/2000. The window with the three choices never came up. Anyone else here with the same problem?


  2. Pete Street 10/25/2013 — 09:27

    Wish I’d seen this earlier – I’m 781 Goo down!


    1. schattenRaub 10/27/2013 — 03:04

      That’s what I’m thinking too :/
      This topic should be stickied for the time of the event, so that more people know of this.


  3. lfarr4787561 10/18/2013 — 19:13

    I’m already missing over 700 goo! I really hope they fix this soon.


  4. Wish I had learned this about a little earlier, guess I should have paid more attend to both the post here and the goo counters. I have over a hundred goo difference. I sure hope EA will reconcile the two counters.


  5. i did it! what a fantastic incentive! you increase the community goo plus attain donuts from reaching every 2000 goo!! i got my goo total to exactly 10,000 in my home town then placed the gingerbread house afterwich i went to friends and then returned. at that point the message to receive donuts after every 2000 goo came and the count starts immediately. i hope this helps others that are close to meeting the 10,000 goo goal for the witch!


  6. hi all! just to clarify this even tho i still have approx 1400 to go for the witch, i have to hit the mark at 10,000 without going over to receive the bonus accurately?


    1. Thank you Mrfy!!


  7. This is also true for when you log into your game and it gives you the tally for what your Gremlins have collected. I have seen my Gremlins collect up to 200 Goo overnight. And if you are, say, a dozen Goo from your next bonus, and you launch your game, you could stand to “lose” a massive amount of Goo. I have learned to keep an eye on that candy icon and collect just enough to put me over the top.


  8. See, that’s what I was experiencing… Makes you feel a little crazy.. Thank you Mickus for putting into black and white.


  9. I hope they do fix this as i’m 112 goo missing at present. Will be making sure I’m back in my own Springfield when I get close instead of carrying on tapping.

    Just to let you know the writing at the start says first 10 prices, instead of saying prizes.


  10. Reposting from Help & Discussion. (If that’s OK)

    Best way to minimize the difference seems to be – make sure you’re in your own town when the counter is about to hit the 2k bonus. Only tap for enough goo to reach 2k before tapping more. Wait for the bonus message to come up.

    Loss seems to happen:
    – when you hit the bonus while in other towns – none of the goo over the bonus gets counted.
    – if you get the gremlins message when returning to your town. Only the goo needed to hit the bonus is counted – anything over is lost.
    – you’ve tapped too many gremlins, ghosts, haunted houses in your own town that haven’t ‘collected’ as the bonus is reached. Again – anything over the bonus doesn’t get included.

    I’ve lost out each time the bonus is reached and these seem to be the reasons. Only 50 out at this time – I know others have a bigger difference. It’s annoying but they’re giving us free donuts, it’s not as if we’ve had to pay for them. 🙂


  11. I had the same problem
    The one with the goo icon above the xp bar is 10886 but the task bar one is 636/2000.


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