Should I Spend My Donuts On Booberella?

Hello everyone,
After a long break due to computer issues, I am ready to get back on track and start posting again. We have a couple of premium items this year but the main one that people are wanting to purchase is the latest character, Booberella. Now as always by the end of this post you should have a better understanding of this character and hopefully this will help you decide whether to buy her or not.

We will start with a bit of character history on Booberella along with some game information and then we will finish the post with her pros and cons along with a summary of the post.

Her walk-through can be found here.

Character History:

Now there is a big clue in her name that tells you a lot about Booberella and that is the fact that she has big boobs! She is known across Springfield for having such big breasts but apart from her breasts she is also known as an actress and that is why she is listed as a B-List Celebrity in Tapped Out. Booberella hosts late-night monster movies in which she is seen in outfits that show lots of cleavage. Booberella looks like the female version of Count Dracula and has occasionally been seen dating Duffman.

Game Info:


Name: Booberella

Cost: 100 donuts

Level Unlock: 5

 Premium Rate Earned: Yes

# of Outside Jobs: 2 of 6

Character Collection: B-List Celebrities

Voiced Character: No

Building Unlocked: None

Task List: 

Name Reward Time Requires
Milk Cletus Cow $105, XP 26 60m Cletus’s Farm
Work at The Dungeon $175, XP 40 2h Android’s Dungeon
Host a Children’s Show $260, XP 70 4h Channel 6
Sell Peanuts From Her Street Cart $420, XP 105 8h Peanut Cart
Burn at the Stake $600, XP 150 12h
Serve Time for Unlicensed Peanut Vending $1000, XP 225 24h Springfield Penitentiary

Pros and Cons:


  • Booberella is a limited time character and you could regret her when she is gone.
  • Booberella can be unlocked and purchased after reaching the early stage of level 5.
  • She earns 50% extra income on all jobs like most premium characters and has a great set of animations including ‘Burn at the Stake’.
  • She completes B-List Celebrities and with being a limited time character that would be hard to complete after she is gone, unless she makes a return.
  • And it would be rude of me to leave out the fact you get to see her giant boobs!


  • Booberella costs a whopping 100 donuts and is the most expensive stand-alone character ever to enter the game.
  • She has no voice and I think people would love to hear her famous catchphrase.
  • She comes with no building and for 100 donuts you would expect her to come with a building or even a decoration at least!
  • Her tasks do lack a bit as there are plenty other great tasks she could have in the game, I mean what was EA thinking, ‘Sell Peanuts’.


I think this is a very difficult decision on buying Booberella but if you are a constant donut buyer like myself I would suggest you should buy Booberella to make sure you don’t regret her when she is gone. However If you are low on donuts I would think of saving your donuts for something else as she is a waste of time in my opinion.

However a character is a character and with her being limited time you shouldn’t miss out on her. Thanks again, Nathan and its nice to be back.

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32 thoughts on “Should I Spend My Donuts On Booberella?

  1. After the level36 update, I seem to have lost booberella. Any one else run into this. I tried making the buildings and decoration opaque, but i still can not find her.


    1. Check out this post here. You may need to contact EA.


  2. Add me




  3. add touchwood12, play daily


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  5. Please post a screencap of her selling peanuts. It will really help my decision whether to buy her. I think I’ll buy her if that task could make squidport look busy. I didn’t buy the non-earning boardwalk performers.


    1. My pictorial WT includes a shot of her selling peanuts. Not on Sqp in the pic but Ive moved it since 🙂
      You can still buy the boardwalkers if you want to but theres no hurry


      1. Thank you very much, minicha! This is greatly appreciated. 🙂


  6. Nathan you must be pretty young. 🙂
    Look up Elvira.


    1. Funny you should mention that. I told Nathan to make sure to include that she is a parody of Elvira. I loved Elvira.


      1. I loved her too.


  7. Sherri & Terri were more expensive and are a stand alone character. Just wanted to put that out there. Thanks for the info, Booberella is now in my town!


    1. Booberella is a far better buy than Sherri & Terri in my opinion. They’re more well-known but not better in the game.


      1. They both can be considered buying a set of twins 😀


  8. esteban2808 10/12/2013 — 21:34

    Terri and sherri are basically one character and they cost 150 so she isn’t the most expensive stand alone character.


  9. 100 donuts is now the highest I will pay for a stand alone character, and only for limited time characters (Sheri and Teri may be billed as two characters but they’re really just one, and that’s why I won’t buy them). I can respect 85 or even 90 for a stand alone but above that they need to have something else added in, such as a building or something else special.


  10. The Phantom Tapper 10/12/2013 — 18:40

    So, if I read the summary correctly, the answers to the question this article addresses are yes, no, and then yes. Definitive conclusions would be in order if you are going to bother writing these advice columns.

    My own opinion is that Booberella is a rip-off. Her outdoor tasks are boring and her storyline is poorly conceived and written.

    And to add to your history of the character, Booberella is a parody of real life media personality Elvira, who herself is a parody of horror movie host Vampira, who may be best known for starring in Ed Wood’s Plan 9 from Outer Space.


    1. DanishTapper 10/12/2013 — 20:44

      The thing is that there is no definitive answer to the question adressed in these columns. The whole point of them are to outline the pros and cons (in the eyes of the poster), and then let us players decide for ourselves.
      Whether or not someone decides to buy a certain character/building/decoration depends heavily on their donut-budget, I would think, and the writers of this blog cater to more players by doing it this way.
      The issues you have with a (possible) Booberella purchase are also somewhat described in the cons list.


      1. The Phantom Tapper 10/13/2013 — 20:03

        Well, the first “yes” I refer to is essentially nathanrushton’s pointless confirmation to completists that they should buy Booberella as they do everything else the game offers them. The “no” is to people who don’t spend much on the game and therefore have to be selective in their premium purchases, and that is solid advice. The final “yes” undercuts that solid advice and the point of this column by concluding that every character in the game is worth buying and that everybody should buy them, especially her since she is a limited time offer. Who needs pros and cons if “a character is a character?” Seriously, in one paragraph he describes her as a waste of time, and in the next warns that we shouldn’t miss out on her. It’s like having your GPS tell you to go left and right at the same time, which is less than helpful, to say the least.


        1. Look I apologize for the tone of the post. It needs to be redone and as soon as I can get to it I will. Sorry guys.


  11. I wish this post would have been around a couple of weeks ago which was when I gave in and bought donuts to get Boobarella. I was disappointed with the price and with her lack of outdoor tasks, but overall don’t totally regret my purchase. Though I did also just buy witch Marge, not sure but I think that one was a good buy to get the speeding up crops function.


    1. I adore Witch Marge. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t snag her last Halloween! As far as I can see, the only downside is that we don’t get her s/l from last year, but they dropped her price by 15 donuts, so it all comes out in the wash. Her 4 hour, 8 hour and 12 hour tasks are all useful and have awesome animations. Plus,she trick or treats, but I lost her once doing that. All in all, I’ve very satisfied that I snagged her this year.


  12. No disrespect, but you really should edit your posts, or at least have someone else read them before putting them online. Your writing takes away your credibility, because you write like you’re a teenager. And if you are one, now’s the time to learn how to write properly.


    1. Sorry if you are having trouble reading the post but I re-read the post over and over before I even post it. I have spell check and grammar check and everything seems to be fine. Please let me know on the mistakes 🙂


  13. I think of buying Marge the witch,but I really need a post from you great guys.You helped me in a lot of desicions and I hope you can help me with this decision,too 🙂


    1. Its on its way, there is just so much to cover 🙂


      1. I know,nathanrushton.Just have your time.


  14. I too think she isn’t worth it for 100 donuts but I only bought her because of her being a limited character. I am also thinking of getting the ray gun but at 150 (atm) its a little pricey for me.


    1. Wait a little longer for the ray gun because last year half way through the Halloween update we saw the ray gun go from 150 donuts to 100 donuts and this might happen again.


  15. Like the music that comes with this website


  16. I think that booberella is a spoof of the gothic actress Elvira.


    1. Thanks, will add it to the post 🙂


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